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Making a Run For It

Writers: AL, Devin, Cali
Date Posted: 1st March 2009

Characters: Lerra, Jerroll, Cervil
Description: The Quartermaster gives his report to the Captain after his meeting with a dolphin.
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Date: month 1, day 16 of Turn 5
Notes: Silver Sails

They sat at the long table in the galley. It was a much cleaner and more comfortable since it became Edele's domain. "I think we should anchor nearby for a day or two to make sure we aren't being followed."

Lerra's fingers grasped the cup of wine lightly at the rim, turning it around and around. It was almost empty and she was pondering a refill as she nodded in response to Jerroll. "I would say that's a wise decision." She lifted the glass and eyed it almost mournfully.

Jerroll chuckled as a thought occurred to him. "We can gather a few free supplies, too. There's some fruit in season."

Lerra lifted the glass and downed what little wine was left before nodding. "Sounds like a good use of the time we're here." She eyed the bottle that sat in the middle of the table, then lazily pushed the glass over toward Jerroll. "_Do_ you think anyone was following us?" She hadn't noticed, but then again, Jerroll may have caught something she hadn't.

"No. Just being careful." He touched her glass and lifted his eyebrow, silently asking if she wanted a refill.

Lerra inclined her head. "We've not made it this far by playing fools." She stated dryly.

He took the wine bottle and filled her glass. "And it'll be nice to let the crew relax somewhere where they _can't_ get in trouble with the locals." He pushed the glass toward her, aided by the gentle rocking of the ship.

"They'll be sure to find some other trouble to get into." Lerra caught up the glass and took a slow sip. "They always do."

"Cap'n, Jerroll." Cervil nodded at the two by way of greeting as he entered the galley. He'd looked for Lerra first in her cabin, but this was a logical place for her as well, so it hadn't taken long to find her. "I think we've got a problem."

"That," Lerra set down her wine and turned in her chair to face Cervil. "Is not what I want to hear. What is it?"

He was in report mode now, well as much of a report mode that a dolphineer of ten plus turns fired could be. "A rogue male gave me a report of the ships in the area. There are at least three, possibly up to five Hold ships heading this way. If they stay on course they'll arrive within five hours."

"Shards!" Jerroll cursed roughly. This was exactly what they didn't need.

Lerra's lips pursed with her displeasure. "We're moving out. Cervil, did your dolphin friend happen to mention a good place to anchor where we wouldn't be found?" Not good, not good at all. Lerra hadn't been caught yet and she was going to break that streak.

"No, but they're coming from the east. He mentioned merchant ships to the north, so I'd suggest either trying to mingle with them or head west." Cervil suggested. He knew the Captain would have already thought of the options, but he always voiced his opinions.

Mingling with the merchant ships north could prove useful cover, but then their presence could come into question later and then they would have another situation to deal with. perhaps it was best to stick with one at a time. "What about South of us?" Lerra asked after a moment.

"More islands, smaller than this one," Jerroll said. "We could use them for cover, but the wind would have to stay on our side."

"It's for us now. Let's head south. If it changes, we'll roll with it and hopefully be far enough South that it won't matter." Lerra leveled her sharp gaze upon Cervil, boots clunking on the floor as she stood.

Cervil gave a swift nod, "I'll rally the men." He left quickly, the ship had to be set to right and they needed to make a fast departure.

"Let's go." Lerra strode past Jerroll and after Cervil. "We've got work to do."

Jerroll followed his Captain, hoping that the wind, and luck, would be with them.

Last updated on the March 8th 2009

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