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A Toast (1)

Writers: Devin, AL
Date Posted: 22nd November 2008

Characters: Lerra, Jerroll, Daren
Description: Daren welcomes the Silver Sail's crew to the Hold.
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Date: month 12, day 10 of Turn 4

When the crew arrived, Daren met them personally. Edele, however, was nowhere to be seen. He greeted Jerroll warmly, though his gaze darted about between those who had joined him. He was rather surprised to see at least two women among them, one of them with the knots of a healer. "Welcome, Jerroll, to Esper Bay. All of my hold is at your service - but where's your captain?"

"Right where she ought to be," Lerra remarked, stepping forward so that her rank as captain was clearly visible. "Greetings Daren, on behalf of the Silver Sails and her crew. For your hospitality, we are most grateful."

The surprise upon Daren's face didn't last long. It was quickly replaced with a smile and he held his hand out to her. "It is I who am most grateful, grateful for saving my wife. That is a debt which I can never repay."

Jerroll's eyes scanned the room. "Speaking of your wife, where is she?"

"Taking a well deserved bath and dressing. You are my guests of honour this evening. It's not every day a holder has his wife brought back from the dead." Daren opened his arms wide, as if embracing the entire crew. "Come, let us get some drinks. Dinner isn't for a few more candlemarks, but we can enjoy a bit of something before then."

"Drinks sound marvelous," Lerra agreed with a knowing smile. "Please, lead the way." She shot Jerroll a glance in passing that indicated a reminder to keep his eyes open. Not that he needed it -- he hadn't been her first mate for this long for no reason, after all.

"Yes, we brought along plenty to share," Jerroll said. He felt a little coil of nervousness in his stomach. They knew nothing about this man -- and that included Edele. Could she have been trying to get away from him when her ship wreaked?

Daren turned and led them into the hall proper. They navigated the hallways until they came to the dining hall. It was empty save for a few drudges waiting to serve them. Daren motioned to the tables. "Sit, please sit. My hold is your hold."

"You are too kind a host," Lerra replied, moving to stand behind one of the chairs at the table, but not yet sitting. "I do hope that Edele will be down shortly. This celebration would ring just a tad bit hollow without the one who is the reason for it all, don't you agree?" She regarded Daren with shrewd eyes behind the smiling mask that she wore, watching the expression on the man's face.

"Actually, I'm rather surprised that she's not down here as of yet." Daren looked up toward the door and frowned, but it didn't linger long. "I'm sure she'll be here soon. I shall go fetch her if she isn't here in a few minutes."

"Good idea," Jerroll said. He motioned and the crew placed several bottles on the table. "Drinks, anyone?"

Just as the drinks were getting poured, the door open and Edele finally appeared. She was much changed from the simple dress that she had worn on board. She had been given gown of deep sapphire hue that came just off the shoulder, the sleeves falling to her elbow, then flaring. The bodice was form fitting, the skirt full. Compared to the garments she had been wearing, Edele felt over dressed, like she was going to a gather. She had been allowed to bathe and her hair was swept back and up, the style accentuating her dark eyes. She sighed softly to herself as she moved forward to join the group. She was no Lady Holder, but she had certainly been made to feel like one - and she wasn't quite sure she felt comfortable with it.

Jerroll stared. He managed to only do it for a few seconds, but it was still a stare. His cook, dressed like a Lady Holder! "I see our guest of honor has arrived." He smiled warmly.

Last updated on the November 22nd 2008

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