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Half way home

Writers: Bree, Mikel
Date Posted: 8th February 2007

Characters: Lerra, Bhervehan
Description: Lerra meets Bherevhan before he boards her ship to travel to the Vintner Hall.
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Date: month 1, day 6 of Turn 4

One of the advantages of being older and walking with a stick is that people occasionally treat you differently. Bhervehan was reasonably certain that if he were he younger he would be standing out on the windswept pier right now.

Instead, he was seated in the Port Master's office waiting for the captain of the ship that would take him the rest of the way to Vintnerhall. His daughter, Winda, was on the pier with the deck hands of the ship, making sure all was handled and stowed properly. She worried so.

The Port Master assured that it should be smooth sailing along the coast, but he was making no promises about the Azov Seaway once they entered it. Then he left the office, saying that he had things to attend to, but he was sure Captain Lerra should be along soon.

It wasn't long before the door opened again, revealing a tall, thin woman with short white hair and cooly intelligent blue eyes. "Master Bhervehan, I presume?"

"Yes. Master Lerra?"

The woman extended a hand in greeting. "That's me. I hope your trip hasn't been too troublesome so far."

Getting to his feet, he shook hand. Noticing her strong grip, he suddenly felt more assured about the second leg of his journey. "So far it has been a pleasant trip, hopefully the remainder will be the same. As long as the weather holds, I guess."

"Even if it doesn't, we'll get you there safely." Lerra grinned. "And as quickly as we can. I think you'll find we're a good bit faster than your average ship."

"Faster? Safely as well, I hope."

"So smooth you'll think you're in your own bed." Lerra nodded towards the door. "Your daughter has seen to your belongings, and we have private quarters prepared for you." She decided not to tell him how rare this was--or how well Fielton had paid to have his guest brought quickly and in the utmost of comfort.

"If I know my daughter, she has also offered a cask of my beer to your First. I will try not to get in your way during the voyage."

Lerra smiled again. "I'm sure the gift was much appreciated. Do you need anything or anyone else, or may I show you to my ship?"

"Please, I am more than ready to go."

Last updated on the February 9th 2007

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