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Remember THAT night?

Writers: Emma, Mikel
Date Posted: 5th February 2007

Characters: P'veas, F'veas, Finstah
Description: P'veas meets the son he never knew he had
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 2, day 15 of Turn 4

It was a warm day, and the greenrider had stripped to the waist as he finished bathing the dragon in front of him. He gave her hide a final scrub with a soft cloth and sent her off to rinse. As he waded back to the shore, a vaguely familiar voice called his name.

"Patraveas! Is that you?" The girl was just a few turns older than the greenrider. Trotting along side her was a small boy, nine or ten Turns of age.

"It's P'veas now." Shards, she was familiar, but he couldn't place her, nor the small child with her.

"Oh, yes," she said, dismissively. "You no doubt do not remember me, do you?"

"I'm sorry, but..." he said with a faint smile. "You seem familiar, but I can't place your name or where I know you from."

"Typical male, even if you do fly green," she said with a sneer.

"I'm sorry," replied the greenrider again. The green came close to the shore ambling out and eyeing the pair.

"Well, then, let me introduce you to your son."

"Son?" He reached out both mentally and physically to Mavikath, taking comfort from her presence.

"Son," she repeated. "His name is Pastrah."

A child, it was possible he supposed, there was that night about a sevenday before Mavikath had hatched. He remembered kisses, a few glasses of wine, sneaking of to an empty flight room... "Finstah?"

"Well, you do remember," she said with a sneer. A girl likes to think she can be remembered." Looking to the green lingering nearby, she added, "at least as a rarity.' "It wasn't like that, and you know it."

"No? How many girls have been in your bed in the last ten turns?"

"You know what riding green means," he said neutrally, eying the lad with her. He supposed he looked a little like his mother, but had Finstah's hair.

"That I was just a fling, and experiment?"

"I, it was more than that. I didn't know for sure either way, I could have impressed blue. Mavikath here, she helped me know." P'veas looked the woman over, "If I hurt you, I didn't mean to."

"Hurt me? Hurt me!?" she said, her voice rising. "You stand there and tell me that I was the deciding factor that turned you away from women altogether, and that have the gall to tell me that you did not mean to hurt me! What could be more hurtful?"

How had she misinterpreted that?

}:She is mad at you,:{ observed Mavikath.

**No kidding.**

"That wasn't what I meant at all," said P'veas struggling to remain calm.

"Then do you mind telling me exactly HOW you meant it?"

"Finstah, at the time I really didn't know what would happen. Some people said I'd be a greenrider, others a blue. I was confused. You, you came into my life and helped me find that there was something there. But when Maivkath looked into my eyes, then and only then did I know for sure." He looked at her directly. "Had I known you were carrying my child I'd have done anything for you."

"And you never, ever thought to get in touch with me, to see how I was?" she said, choking back a sob.

"I, I had Mavikath, then the pass began." It was lame and he knew it, he could easily have asked a sweeprider to see how she was. Truth was, he impressed and everything else seemed to suddenly fall by the wayside.

"You had Mavikath? Well I had Pastrah," she said, stroking the boy's shoulders affectionately. "Is that really how it is with riders?
Nothing outside your precious Weyr matters?"

"In the first flush of Impression, it's very much like that, " he had to admit.

"And in the over nine turns since?"

"You'd gone, I thought you wouldn't want to know me."

"And so you just decided to forget about me, without even seeing if I would," she said, her voice getting louder. "I was just some slattern, willing to share your bed just for the honor of being with you? Who are you, oh high and mighty greenrider, to decide what I would and would not want?"

This was outside of his experiences, and the greenrider was well and truly out of his depth. "What do you want from me now? After all these turns? And how am I to truly know that he's my son?"

For the first time the boy spoke up, "Momma says I look just like you."

"Look at him, how can you deny your paternity?"

"I suppose he does a bit."

"I suppose he does," she mimiced. "And I suppose you think that because you bedded me that I am such the slut that a slept around the whole Weyr while I was here?"

"I don't think that at all, I just had to ask the question."

"I am sure you are the father," she said, the edge gone from her voice.

"Then..." P'veas studied the boy. "He must be mine."

"He is a very good boy, you can be proud of him."

Mavikath moved slightly closer, turning her great head to see the child. }:He looks like you,:{ she said.

"My green thinks he looks like me," repeated P'veas, as he studied the child himself.

"And I know you'll listen to her," Finstah said, finally relaxing a bit. "So, would you like to say hello to your son?"

"I, yes, I would."

Kneeling beside her son, she said to him, "Pastrah, say hello to your father."

Stepping forward, his small hand extended, the boy approached the greenrider, "Good morning, sir."

"Good morning, Pastrah isn't it?" P'veas took the small hand in his, studying the boy really closely for the first time.

"Yes, sir. Momma says that I was named for you." Learning closer and speaking in a loud child's whisper he continued "I don't think our names sound alike. Momma can be silly, don't you think?"

"You'll find when you grow up a bit that everyone can be silly sometimes."

"Even me?" he asked, honestly surprised?

"Even you," confirmed the greenrider. "And me too," although that was directed at his mother as well.

Glancing over P'veas's shoulder the boy said, "may I...?"

"What?" he asked gently.

"May I see your dragon?"

"I think she'll want to see you."


The green came closer, lowering her head to study the child. }:This is your hatchling?:{ "Yes, Mavikath, this is my son."

Though he did not actually take a step back, it was obvious that the boy flinched as the beast's large head loomed closer.

"She won't hurt you." P'veas smiled. "You can touch her if you like."

Turning to Finstah the boy asked, "May I momma?"

Walking up behind her son, she told him "Yes, but be careful."

"She won't hurt him, or you."

For the first time since she came to the Werylake, Finstah laughed, "I was not worried about her hurting him."

"She's sturdier than she looks."

With that, Pastrah stepped up to the green and stroked her cheek.
"You think she likes me?"

"I think she does." The eyes of the green radiated calmness, and to those who knew her well, curiosity.

}:He is a small version of you.:{ "She says you are a small version of me."

The boy looked at the dragon, then at P'veas before turning to his mother, "what do you think, momma?

"Well?" asked the greenrider.

Reluctantly, she agreed, "Yes, he does. He looks very much as you did on the day you impressed."

"Momma, aren't her eye's pretty?" Turning to P'veas Pastrah asked, "why do her eyes spin like that? Doesn't she get dizzy?"

"It means she's happy, happy to have met you."

"I like her too. Isn't she pretty momma."

Finstah softly sighed. "Yes, she is very pretty, but we should be going now, I am sure P'veas has things he needs to get to."

"I should get her things back to our weyr."

The boy looked to P'veas, slightly confused. Waving his arms around he said "Momma said this was your weyr."

"This is my Weyr," he said. "But Mavikath and I have our own little weyr."

"Can I see it?"

"Some other time maybe."

With a sigh the boy turned away. "That's what grown-ups always say, when they mean no."

"It's up to your Mama."

This was not going at all as Finstah was expecting, but she certainly could not let P'veas know that. "If it is not too much trouble, I know how busy you dragonriders are, and we are not Weyrfolk."

"I'm sure we can work something out."

"I am sure we can," she agreed. "Pastrah is a really good child, you will be proud of him."

"I know I will."

Last updated on the February 9th 2007

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