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Papers and Plans

Writers: Avery, Heather
Date Posted: 7th February 2019

Characters: Chaysea, Irrkali
Description: A new transfer speaks to the Headwoman.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 7, day 27 of Turn 9

Irrkali made her way towards the Headwoman's office, following the
instructions she'd been given. She carried a large number of hides,
both the packet of transfer paperwork and the additional information
K'sedel had given her. When she got to the office, she shifted the
bundle and tucked it under her arm, then knocked firmly on the door.

"Come in," Chaysea called, although there was a touch of strain in her
voice, and her eyes were narrowed at a point just above the doorframe.
"Company...." she growled threateningly. As the door opened a brown
firelizard dive-bombed the "intruder," sending the stack of papers
beneath her arm scattering in all directions.

Irrkali opened the door and then jumped as something flew at her face.
One arm came up in defense - and knocked the bundle she was carrying
out of her arms - and a flutter of hides and notes scattered across
the door's threshold and into the office. She muttered something under
her breath and looked apologetically at the office's occupant as she
stooped to start picking them up.

"Headwoman?" she asked, almost hoping this was not the woman in
question and was instead one of her assistants.

"That's me," Chaysea said as she came around her to desk and bent to
help gather up the papers. "I apologize for that brown terror. He's
been down in the lower caverns playing with some of the felines and
now he thinks he is one, apparently." Company landed on the floor near
the papers and swiveled his little walnut head around, eyeing the
"things" on "his floor" with interest.

"It's all right," Irrkali said, determined to have her best face on to
meet the new Headwoman even if she was a little frustrated.

She figured she might as well introduce herself to the younger woman.
"I'm Irrkali, of green Jeath. We're new transfers."

"I am so sorry," Chaysea apologized again, feeling her cheeks flush a
little with embarrassment.

"It's all right." Irrkali found a couple of the transfer sheets and
handed them over. "Do you want to look at these while I sort the other

Chaysea felt as if the tips of her ears might burst into flame as she
took the papers and retreated back to her desk. As if to make up for
the incident, the Headwoman looked through her map, finding the best
weyr that would be available for the greenrider. "Do you have a
preference as to the location of your weyr?" At this point, Chaysea
was considering kicking someone out of a good one so that she could
give it to Irrkali as an apology.

"I'm going to be working with the weyrlingstaff, so, somewhere with
easy foot access in case weyrlings need to come see me," she said as
she grabbed the last few sheets and straightened up.

"Oh, and I have two children as well. They're both crafters, old
enough that they'd have been sent to the Halls if we were from the
Hold. I know things are crowded at every Weyr with all the extra
people and everywhere handles it differently. Are you putting older
children in with lower caverns workers or crafters in dorms?" she

"Our numbers are up a bit, but they've been equalizing with some of
the River Bluff riders transferring to Dragonsfall, Far Island, or to
another Weyr. There is room in the crafter dormitories for your
children if that is what you would like to do, or I can fit you into a
family size weyr." Chaysea offered.

"I think it would be good to keep them out of my weyr," she said with
a laugh. "I mean, would you want to share with two teenagers?"

Chaysea couldn't really say, she didn't have children, or know if she
would ever have the chance. But she had certainly been around enough
teenage Candidates to say truthfully, "I don't think so. Those teenage
smells and attitudes," she shook her head, but there was a slight grin
tugging at her lips.

"Exactly. Let them stay in the crafter dorms. Their names and ages are
on the paperwork, I think." Irrkali quickly rifled through what she
had collected, and found one extra page of transfer records to hand

The Headwoman took the papers, making sure to place it in a seperate
tray so that she could inform the master crafters that they would have
two new additions. "I think I have a weyr worked out for you," she
said to Irrkali. "It has an extra room in the event that one of your
teenagers needs a night with mom."

"That sounds excellent," Irrkali said. Suddenly, she grinned impishly.
"Maybe you know, where is it in relation to bronzerider K'lvin's

"K'lvin?" Chaysea looked back down at the map and then tapped with her
finger, "He's just here in relation to you."

"Not quite close enough to throw rocks at his ledge," she said with a
mock sigh. "We were clutchmates. Jeath is excited to see Xmrenth

"Oh, I'm sure that will be good for him," Chaysea said, and then
wondered if she'd made too much of a statement saying that.

"Do you know him well?" she asked, leaning forward with interest
despite herself.

Chaysea flushed a little along her neck, "I wouldn't say 'well' but
he's always rather... Gruff? Or maybe.. irritated is the better word?
I'm sure it probably has to do with his retirement, he's not the only
retired rider that can be that way."

She had to laugh, a little. "Well then, it will be good for him to
have me around."

Last updated on the February 26th 2019

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