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Check-up Chat

Writers: Avery, Heather
Date Posted: 5th June 2018

Characters: Jadirah, Saibra
Description: Jadirah gives Saibra a standard checkup and takes the opportunity to gossip.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 3, day 13 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Cyradis, R'enh, A'kades

Jadirah liked the habit of visiting Saibra in her own weyr for
checkups. It was a quieter and more private space than the Infirmary
and gave the apprentices less to gossip about. Besides, if the
Weyrwoman had time after the checkup, they could usually catch up on
some of the interesting gossip.

She knocked on the door right at the time of the appointment.

Saibra was already down to just a robe when the knock came at her
door. Knowing who was on the other side brought a smile to the
Weyrwoman's face. She hadn't had any real friends since leaving
Dolphin Cove, where she'd had Cyradis. At Dragonsfall she tended to
just be "The Weyrwoman" but with Jadirah she found she could be

"Hey, come on in," she said, opening the door to Jadirah.

The Healer came right on in and waved at the Weyrwoman. "How are you
feeling today? And how's Chioneth doing?" she asked.

"Chioneth is well, she's actually quite taken with a stray feline that
showed up," Saibra rolled her eyes and shook her head as she made her
way over to the fold out table they'd moved into her quarters. "I've
been feeling good, normal pregnancy stuff, which sounds weird, but I
absolutely love. It makes me feel as if everything with the baby is

"I would have thought dragons would see them as snacks and not things
to be curious about, unless a feline is just too small for her to

Saibra purposefully winked at Jadirah before saying, "It has surprised
me as well. It's the first time she's ever been interested in
something other than herself."

A rumble vibrated through the stone floor, earning a laugh from the Weyrwoman.

Jadirah laughed a little as well. "I'm glad everything you're feeling
so far is normal. At least you have that past experience and I'm not
handholding you through a first time."

"Goodness no, my first time the healer was sour, warty, little old
man." Saibra laid back on the table, "I'd say you're a vast

"I can promise I'm not a little old man," she said with another
chuckle. She quickly checked the physical signs she needed to inspect.
"Blood pressure and heart are good. Looks like you're starting to show
a bit. Any feelings of movement?"

"Not yet," Saibra said, "but I look forward to it. It's been so long
I've practically forgotten what it was like."

"I'm sure it'll be distinctive enough that you notice. Soon we should
be hearing heartbeats. Actually..." She paused and used the listening
tube to see if it was that time yet.

Saibra held her breath, as if that would help Jadirah hear better, and
whispered, "Anything?"

Jadirah's eyes widened as she listened. There was a sound, another one
with it... The mother's heartbeat was strong and referred but... She
beamed at the Weyrwoman. "Oh, yes, I hear a good one."

"Oh good," she exhaled with relief.

"So far, you're both doing great. So tell me, have you and R'enh
talked names yet?"

Saibra shook her head, "Not yet. I haven't wanted to jinx anything, honestly."

"Let me know when you're thinking about them, just because I'm nosy,"
Jadirah confessed. "I think it's going to go great for you, though,
based on what I'm seeing so far."

"I hope so. Until I lost the baby last time I hadn't realized how much
I wanted a third child." Saibra sat up and adjusted the robe she was

"This one's going to go well for you, I'm sure of it." Jadirah grinned
at her. "So how is it, having R'enh here this time?"

"It's a dream, and I'm not even exaggerating." Saibra said. "He's
pretty busy, of course, moving here and becoming a Wingleader, but I'm
glad the position was open for him to take. I think after being a
Weyrleader's second he might have been bored as a regular wingrider

Jadirah nodded. "I can understand, I wouldn't like to be demoted either."

"Now that the examine is over," Saibra said, moving around the weyr,
"come and sit. Tell me all about A'kades going to Dolphin Cove..."

"Oh, I have some thoughts on that," Jadirah began.

Last updated on the July 4th 2018

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