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You Are Wanted (2/2)

Writers: Eimi, Len, Paula
Date Posted: 9th May 2018

Characters: Uetia, Jaylene, Nerylyn, Kiomo, Lafael
Description: Uetia and Jaylene come to take Lafael to Dragonsfall.
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 5, day 9 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: D'ale, Bryvin
Note: part two of two

Lafael tipped the ashes from the spent cooker with all the enthusiasm
of a small child in trouble. The ashes slipped down the larger,
slightly damp pile, their grey lighter than the rain dampened older
ashes. He blew out at the long strands of hair that had fallen into
his eyes. Really he should get his hair cut, but as with everything in
his life lately, he couldn't work up enough interest to see to it.
Even his clothes reflected his current discard for life.

It had been months now and no word about anything to do with his
ability to possibly hear dragons. He would have thought that maybe
someone would have done something about it by now. All those early
thrills over the possibility of escape from this place and from a life
as an unwanted drudge had been replaced by bitter disappointment. He
should have known not to get his hopes up. How many times had they
been crushed now?

}:Little one, do not be disappointed:{

"Who? What?" Lafael jumped and looked around, his gaze darting around
the storage room. There was no one there. Who had spoken?

}: He is here, :{ Sirjath confirmed to her rider.

}:It is okay little one,:{ Reanth added, }:But we would like to see you.:{

"Wha--where?" Every part of Lafael's body was trembling. He wasn't
sure if it was from excitement or a bit of fear. **Where?**

}:Please come to the courtyard:{ Reanth said.

For a long moment Lafael stood frozen to the spot. When he brought his
hand up to touch his face the tremor was obvious. The first step felt
like he was walking in quicksand. He remembered quicksand, that time
when he was still with the trader and his family and Lafael had been
leading the runners whilst they sat comfortable in their wagon. The
horrible feeling of his legs sinking and the runner--not the
trader--saving his life. He had been unwanted. Just like at the Hold.

}:You are very much wanted:{ Reanth crooned to him.

And with that his feet felt like they were as light as a flit's wings.
He all but flew out of the storage room and down the hallway. The
courtyard wasn't all that far away, if he kept running he would see
the dragons.

And then there they were, two green beauties in the courtyard. Vaguely
his mind registered four other people with them but all he truly saw
were the dragons. One was a typical size for a green, with very large
wings. The other was a brighter almost sea green colour and was very
dainty. Lafael found he was holding his breath looking at them. Both
were beautiful.

He had no recollection of how he got down the stairs, only that one
moment he was looking at the dragons through the upper courtyard
window and the next he was walking towards them.

Uetia stared the boy with open curiosity.

}: He can hear us alright, :{ Sirjath confirmed and crooned encouragingly.

}. You can come closer and pet me if you want, :{ she told the
drudge-boy. }: I specially like having my eyeridges scratched. :{

Kiomo also noticed the boy. "Ah, good, Lafael, this is greenrider
Uetia and Wingthird Jaylene from Dragonsfall. They have come to speak
with you."

"Hello, Lafael, I'm Uegot's little sister," Uetia said.

Lafael never heard them. Instead he walked swiftly up to Sirjath and
placed his hand on her headknob. She was even softer than he thought
she would have been. A small cry of delight escaped his lips.

Jaylene glanced at the others. "I don't think he's heard a word we
said." Her tone was amused. The boy was in a shabbier state than she
would have liked to see. His clothes were dirty and the tunic torn at
the helm, and his hair was in dire need of a cut and a comb. And
already she could sense that he was a green or blue rider in the
making. Her eyes left him and looked around the courtyard, at the
faces crowded in the windows and doors. This wasn't a place for a
child like this. "Does he need to pack anything?" she asked Kiomo.
There was no question of him not coming with them.

"Whoa, Wingthird," Kiomo said, holding his hands up to slow her down.
"The boy is free to leave as he pleases, but we have yet to hear his
opinion on the subject. I can't allow you to _kidnap_ Lafael even if
he can hear dragons. If he wants to go to the Weyr, he can decide for
himself if he has anything that needs packing, though truth be told,
I'm not sure he's ever worn anything but that even though our stores
are available to everyone." He shrugged. "Ask the boy yourself."

Sirjath crooned with pleasure. Since he was not responding to human
speech, Uetia gave her a mental instruction, so it was Sirjath who
asked: }: Would you like to come with us? We can fly you away from
here. Just pack whatever man-things you need. :{

"Really? I can go with you?" The boy's voice was full of wonder, joy
and excitement.

Jaylene gave Kiomo a sideways glance and a cheeky wink. "We would love
you to come with us."

For the first time Lafael noticed the four standing there. He looked
Uetia up and down with wide eyes, then gulped when he saw Jaylene's
wingthird knots. Shyly he made a sideways step to stand alongside
Nerlyn. To Kiomo he asked, "C-could I really go?"

"Don't ask me, ask them," Kiomo shrugged. "We were never holding you
here. You were free to leave any time you had the inclination and the
means to. But if you plan to go, you should probably tell the staff
so they can find someone to cover your duties."

"Don't worry about Uetia, she just looks scary. Inside, she's really
nice and gentle," Nerylyn assured Lafael with a gentle touch and her

Indeed Lafael was staring at Uetia with wide eyes. She was imposing!
But she was everything a rider should be, at least how he would have
thought a greenrider would look. The other woman wasn't much shorter,
though her face was softer and her features more traditionally
beautiful. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Jaylene smiled. **Ask him where he was working, please Reanth**

"At th--at the kitchens," was the boy's reply to the green's silent question.

Jaylene nodded, as much to herself as to the answer. She liked the way
he had naturally taken to speaking to the two greens. There seemed to
be no sense of being overwhelmed like some others with his condition
were. Of course things might change once they were back at the Weyr,
but it was a promising start. **Ask Sirjath to ask Uetia if the boy needs anything packed up
before we go."

Sirjath gave the boy a mental nudge, }: Do you need to take any thing
with you? Like the spare hides you wear? :{

**They are called _clothes_ , ** Uetia corrected her dryly.

"No, no." Lafael shook his head vigorously. "I just want to go, as
soon as you'll take me. How did you know I was here?"

}: The woman about to clutch tipped us, :{ Sirjath replied.

"You need at least warm jacket for the flight. And gloves and possibly
cap or something," Nerylyn said with motherly tones.

"The stores should have old riding gear," Kiomo said, knowing what the
Hold had on offer intimately by now. "A watchrider can return them
when they come."

"I can find them for him, if we get him pried away from the dragons,"
Nerylyn promised and watched the boy, bemused.

"Kiomo and I can find them, since I'm dying for a cup of klah," Jaylene said in a teasing tone.

"I'm sure the Hold of this size has klah some_where_," Uetia replied.

Last updated on the July 4th 2018

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