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Fire Watching

Writers: Eimi, Miriah
Date Posted: 17th April 2018

Characters: Paetri, Zh'no
Description: Paetri spots a familiar face while on a sweepride
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 4, day 4 of Turn 9

From the smoke rising on the horizon, Paetri figured that the report
of the wildfire in the Western Barrier Range was truthful. Her gaze
squinted behind her goggles and directed Camilth to dip towards the
foothills; the wind was wafting the smoke in their direction, but with
the populated areas near the mines, there was still the risk of it
spreading outward. Even now, she could smell the hint of smoke on the

}: Someone is down there.:{ Camilth observed, eyeing the foothills
with interest.

**Tithe train?** Paetri peered down, but couldn't see past the slight
fogging of her goggles.

}: No. It is Peohth and his rider. :{ Camilth banked at Paetri's
silent suggestion, circling where she had pinpointed the blue.

**Ask them what they are doing down there. They weren't on the sweep
schedule. **

}:We are looking and admiring,:{ Peohth said simply in response to her inquiry.

**Who are you talking to?** Zh'no asked his lifemate as he stood up
from his seat on the blue's foreleg. He shaded his eyes as he scanned
the skies, finally seeing the green in the sky.

}:Camilth and hers.:{

Ah, Paetri! She must be on a sweep, he mused. **Tell them to come
down. The view is great from here.**

Camilth accepted the invitation and with delicate backwings, landed
beside Peohth. She crooned at him as she settled, always willing to
enjoy the affections of her blue peers. Paetri slid down and pulled
her helmet off her head, strands of her long hair falling over her
face as they escaped her braid. "Hello, Zh'no." She pushed the errant
strands away from her face. "I wasn't expecting you here."

"I heard about the fire and I just wanted to see it for myself." He
appreciated the raw power and the beauty even in the destruction.
"Are the settlements safe?"

"They should be, but we've got to keep an eye on the wind. That's why
I'm out here. " She pushed the slightly damp strands away from her
face again. "I'm going to head to the settlements as well and give
them updates. Some of the smaller ones don't have the drummers that
the larger ones do."

Zh'no nodded. "Luckily the fire has reached the top of the hills, and
will spread downhill more slowly. And with the temperature soon
dropping, that should hopefully slow it down a bit. With any luck,
those clouds on the horizon will bring rain."

Paetri turned to look at the horizon and the gathering of clouds. She
lifted her hand and crossed her fingers. "We can hope." She peered at
him. "I wonder what started it. I don't think it's the season for
fires, is it?"

"It's been sevendays since this region has seen rain. Which is nice
for enjoying the summer sun, but dries out the underbrush and makes it
easy to catch on fire. Usually these things either start by
lightning, or by human error." Zh'no hadn't heard which was the case
in this particular blaze. "Luckily the wind is now against it. I
think this one will run out of fuel soon."

"Maybe the Holders should think about cutting fire lines. Some of the
larger holds do, if only for safety." She eyed the smoke considering
the possibilities. "I think it was supposed to be lightning. The
Harpers messaged that there was a series of storms."

"Aye," Zh'no nodded looking off in the distance. He liked a good
lightning storm. The intricacies of nature, no matter how big or
small, always fascinated him. "Well, I'm sure the green-free area
around the Holds will offer them quite a bit of protection. That's
one good thing about the return of Thread."

"Well, if you see anything I might not, have Peohth let Camilth know."
She sighed. "I've got to get finished and head back to give a report.
I think I'll have to swing a bit more southward to double check on
some cotholds there."

"I will," the bluerider promised, though he and his lifemate would not
be out too much longer. As much as he loved being out in nature, he
still had his own duties to perform. "Fly safe."

"You as well." Paetri smiled and patted him companionably on his arm.
"Thanks for the break. We needed it." She turned, and blinked as she
saw Camilth coyly rubbing her chin against Peohth, then smiled. "If I
can pull her away, we'll fly safe."

"Sometimes it's hard to believe he's mine," Zh'no chuckled softly as
he shook his head. The blue was certainly much more socially at ease
than his rider. "Take her and run before Peohth gets any ideas."

"I'm sure she's giving them to him, so it wouldn't be all his fault."
Paetri gave a wry grin. "Fair skies to you, Zh'no. I'll see you
later." She mentally nudged Camilth away from the blue, though it
took some chiding. She'd be glad when the green rose again to take her
mind off of flirting, if only for a sevenday or so.

Last updated on the April 26th 2018

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