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Unexpected Connections

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 3rd April 2018

Characters: J'ackt, Timassa
Description: An unexpected connection
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 4, day 4 of Turn 9

The letter was difficult to write and not because his penmanship was
horrible. Reaching out to the stranger that looked so much like his
mother was emotionally difficult, but he had to know things that only
she knew.

I would like to speak to you when you are available. You said you
would come if I asked. I'm asking.


He gave the letter to the wingrider who was heading towards Far Island
and hurried away, removing the temptation of changing his mind.

When Timassa read the note, she half smiled. It might be late in the
evening for her but he was more than eleven hours ahead, so it would
be mid morning of the next day. She'd had her bath and a couple of
drinks with friends. She had been about to hit the furs with one of
them but put a hand in the middle of his chest. "Sorry J'lor," she
said to the yummy brownrider. "Gonna have to take a raincheck."

It wasn't but fifteen minutes later that she and Saryolth were hailing
the watchdragon and began to spiral into the weyrbowl. **Please let
Zith know we're here.**

}: You may come to Mine's weyr. :{ The bronze stepped out on the
ledge. }: I am here. He is expecting you. :{

Soon they were gliding toward the ledge of the weyr and Saryolth
touched down with a dainty flirt of her tail. Timassa simply snorted
at her flirtatious lifemate and slid off.

"J'ackt?" She called out as she walked toward the entrance. "You
wanted to see me?"

He looked up briefly, but wasn't able to look at her very long; she
looked far too much like his mother. He remained sitting at the table.
"Yeah. Thanks for coming." He cleared his throat. "I've got some juice
if you want any."

"That's okay," she said. "Any water?"

He rose, retrieving a cup and pouring her a cup of water. Setting it
on the table, he sat back down and took a moment before speaking.
"I've got questions."

"I thought you might," she nodded with acceptance. "What would you
like to know?"

J'ackt took a breath. "Is there anyone else? Are you all that's left
of Mam's family?"

"No," she half smiled. "You have a grandmother and great grandmother
who would like to meet you when you're ready. I'm afraid I don't know
much about my father's family. They were Holders in the north."

A grandmother. And a great-grandmother. And they were still living. He
leaned back in his chair, taking that in. "So they know about Mam,
then." He then blinked, his brow setting. "My grandfather was a
Holder? "

"Well," she smiled. "He started out that way, but later he was a
bronze rider and Weyrleader."

"A bronzerider." Zith gave an audible, smug snort immediately after
'Weyrleader' was spoken. J'ackt narrowed his eyes towards the ledge.
**Don't even think it.**

}:I already have been. Eventually, my rider. Eventually. :{

J'ackt turned his attention back to Timassa, flicking his gaze over
her for a moment. "What are they like?"

"My mother, your grandmother is Sockita. She's a lower caverns worker
as was her mother Pelita. Her mother, my great grandmother had been a
greenrider." She smiled "Pelita is mostly giving advice these days, to
anyone who will listen and most of the ones who don't want to. Ma is
warm and loving and will make any kind of treat she knows you like the
moment she knows you're coming. She loved my father very much."

He was silent for a long time, visibly thinking and turning the new
information over in his mind. "And they want to meet me."

"When you're ready," she yawned. "Sorry," she chuckled. "It's after
midnight for me."

J'ackt sat up. "Shaffit, you didn't have to come so late for you.
Sorry. It could have waited."

"Don't worry about it," she smiled. "Think I could crash here for a bit?"

He shifted a bit and glanced at his bed. "Yeah. Sure. Zith needs a
bath anyways." He rose. " Uh, you can use my bathing chamber too if
you want."

"Thanks," she said with another yawn and walked toward the back where
she suspected the pool to be. "I'll only stay long enough to take the
edge off."

He shrugged. "Take as long as you need." He paused. "I want to meet them."

She began undressing as she walked toward the pool and sank into the
warm water with a sigh of pleasure.

"Shaffit!" J'ackt's eyes widened as she began taking off her clothes
and he immediately slapped a hand over his eyes and spun away from
her. Fardles, he did _not_ want to see that. Ever. She was too like
his mam and the thought of. Shards, no. No, no no. Hurrying towards the
ledge, he rubbed at his eyes and tried to scrub away the images from
his mind.

Last updated on the April 10th 2018

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