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A Dull Lesson

Writers: Aaron, Avery, Devin, Estelle, Paula
Date Posted: 17th March 2018

Characters: L'pin, K'don, T'lin, R'fal, Dessa, V'rel
Description: A weyrling lesson is boring for dragonets.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 2, day 26 of Turn 9

Their dragonets had been fed and bathed, the riders had also been fed
and bathed, and now the junior weyrling class was taking their seats
in one of the lecture classrooms. L'pin waited until they'd all filed
in and settled down, mentally tallying them to make sure everyone was
in. Then he smiled and rapped the lectern to call their attention to

"For today's lesson, we're going to be talking about the structure of
the Weyr, the chain of command, and where you fit into it. For those
of you who came to the Weyr from other locations, you might know who
leads the Weyr, just like you knew who your local Lord Holder was. Now
that you're dragonriders, you're going to need to know where you fit
into the weyr," L'pin began.

K'don squirmed in his seat, sitting on his hands. He just knew he was
going to spend most of this class accidentally chewing on his
fingernails and regretting it after all they had touched that day. Not
that it would stop him, anyway. He never could seem to stop.

}:This teaching will be rather dull, won't it?:{ asked Maciath, who
was already wallowing about where he lay.

**You can sleep,** said K'don, jealous of this brown for that.

}:You know all of this already, don't you? Why are they making you
hear it again? Have you not lived here all your life?:{

**There's always something new to learn,** K'don answered, making a
face as he realized he was chewing on his thumb. **I have a new place
in the order now. So, I should listen. It's OK. Sleep.**

Maciath did not have to be told twice.

T'lin couldn't help his mind wandering. He'd been at the Weyr long
enough that he understood hierarchy well.

}:My dam Panitath is at the top and her mate Loseth is below her and
we are are below that. What more is important?:{ Calaroth said. Then
he turned to the dragon next to him. }:Hello would you like to play?:{

}: I will play! :{ Marlath was a little drowsy after his meal, but
there were so many exciting things to do and explore in the Weyr that
he was reluctant to settle down just yet.

** Marlath, you need to sleep. ** R'fal was also uncomfortable in the
lecture room, but for a different reason; he thought he'd left lessons
behind Turns ago, and back then he'd spent most of the class time
fooling around with his cousins and devising new ways to torment
whichever poor journeyman harper had chanced to visit their cothold
that season. However, he didn't think such behaviour would go down
well here. He needed to concentrate, which was difficult with
Marlath's lively voice in the back of his mind. Would there be a class
on how not to be distracted by one's dragon?

Calaroth toddled over and happily pounced on his brown clutchmate.

}: Why do I have to listen to this? I already know what my position is:
on the
top,:{ Santhiath complained.

**You're not on the top of chain of command yet, you're long way from
it, which
is precisely why you need to listen during this lesson,** Dessa replied and
tried to explain it to her.

}: I'm Gold, I command, :{ Santhiath insisted.

**Righ, when you're at Panitath's age, maybe then you will. Now, you're a
hatchling and everyone else outranks you,** Dessa corrected her.

}: They do not! :{ Santhiath was outraged.

Dessa rubbed her temples, she was getting tired of the constant
arguments from
her dragonet. So, she resorted to another tactic. No more reasonable.
**If you
don't shut up, listen and behave, I won't sing to you**, she threw in
her ultimatum.

}:What! You can't do that! That's low! Unfair! :{ Santhiath complained.
Then she
noticed what her clutchmates were doing and got distracted, watching

}: This is fun! :{ Marlath's gleeful voice filled his lifemate's head as he
tussled with the blue. }: Come and play with us? :{

** I can't. I'll get in trouble if I leave! ** R'fal leaned forward in his
chair, trying to look like an earnest student who'd been listening all
and hoped he hadn't missed anything.

Rymeth had been trying to focus on listening through his rider's ears
to learn about the Weyr and how it was organized. He knew some of it
by instinct - that Santhiath was senior in their class, that he had to
listen to her and that he should listen to the bronzes. But learning
which were senior and oversaw who was impotant. He would want to be
respectful to Wingleader bronzes if he was going to be in a wing, yes?

But his studiousness got interrupted when he got knocked over. Ascath
had been watching Calaroth and Marlath play and had pounced the dragon
closest to her, which knocked over that blue, who knocked into Rymeth.
He huffed and tried to move out the way and focus.

Meanwhile, V'rel was doing his best to be attentively listening to
L'pin's lecture. He was weyrbred, so he already knew the intricacies
of the leadership structure and could chart it out on hides as
expected. He poked his hand up to answer questions twice to cover for
people who it looked like weren't paying attention.

L'pin, meanwhile, continued to talk to the weyrling riders went over
how the dragonriders were organized first: the Weyrleaders at the top,
then the Wingleaders over them, each overseeing their own wings. How
the Weyrlingmaster's staff and the retired riders fit into their own

When he was sure they grasped that, he went into the structure of the
Lower Caverns and how the Headwoman oversaw most of the staff, how the
Crafters were organized, and how in the end it all came back to the
Weyrwoman. That part was less directly relevant to the weyrlings, but
it was important for them to know they couldn't just go lording around
journeymen crafters because they were riders, since it was a different
chain of command.

Calaroth only stopped wrestling with Marlath long enough to encourage
his clutchmates to join. }:Play with us!:{

T'lin ducked his head to hide a smile, feeling his blue's happiness
and far more interested in what was going on with the dragonets than
he was with the class. He understood it was important, that some of
his classmates hadn't been at the Weyr long, but it was boring.

Meanwhile, R'fal had been doing his best to focus on the class rather than
Marlath's antics. Most of his knowledge of the Weyr came from harper
and though he'd picked up a bit in the last few sevendays, the hierarchy
of the
Wings and the Lower Caverns was less familiar to him. It was difficult,
because the brown dragonet was having so much fun and saw no reason why he
shouldn't share it with his rider. Perhaps he ought to ask someone about
it...but how to do that without admitting he hadn't been paying as much
attention as he should? He'd have to think about it, and maybe talk it
over with
Marlath later.

Santhiath dropped down to her belly and started to sneak towards the
wresting pair. Being largest of the clutch and having shiny golden
hide, being undetected really wasn't her thing.
Then she leaped and joined the play-tussle with Marlath and Calaroth.

"Right, so much for the listening," Dessa sighed.

Last updated on the April 10th 2018

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