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Come to a Hatching?

Writers: Avery, Suzee
Date Posted: 20th January 2018

Characters: K'ran, Jayzine
Description: K'ran offers to take Jayzine to an upcoming hatching.
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 2, day 15 of Turn 9

The Threadfall today was over Emerald Falls Hold, and it was Rapids
who was flying the post-Threadfall sweep to make sure nothing had
gotten through. So K'ran stayed behind to collect the report from his
wingriders, and then assembled it to go report to the head of the
Hold's groundcrew. Only 2 burrows had been found, and they'd been
rapidly cleared by the groundcrew and spotting riders.

He was going to head back out to Rogueth and back to the Weyr, but
then he realized that he hadn't seen Jayzine in a bit, and he had an
important question to ask her.

It had been lovely to play chess with her while he and Rogueth were
still unable to fly actively, and it had been good to drop in on her
again after he could fly. They continued to exchange letters, but he
hadn't seen her in person in a few sevendays.

So he changed direction to walk to the Headwoman's office and knock on
her door.

"K'ran," Jayzine smiled. Which was a rare thing in and of itself. "My
duty to Rogueth," she said and curtsey'd slightly before backing up
to let him in.

"We both thank you. I don't want to bother you for too long,
especially smelling of firestone as I'm sure I do," he added wryly,
choosing not to sit down. He'd left his jacket with Rogueth because it
was warm out. "But there was something I wanted to ask you."

"It is not to worry about," she nodded. Her eyes still smiled at him
though her mouth no longer curved. "I lived a long time in the Weyr.
Firestone smells like a good flight's work, it doesn't offend me."
Her look grew puzzled. "Ask me? Of course, please do."

"Ah yes, but will whoever comes in to ask a favor of you next
appreciate the firestone stench?" he teased.

He grew more serious. "Remember I mentioned Panitath's clutch and the
gold egg? It's been nearly a month since the clutching, so the
Hatching is due any time soon. I thought perhaps you'd like to come
see another gold egg hatched. If you're interested, I'll come get you
for it."

"Yes," she said. Her eyes rounded and she reached out to touch his
arm. "Would you? Tha... that would be wonderful," she stammered. "And
Lanniya is still there isn't she?" Her fondness for the young
goldrider was evident in her face.

"I'd be happy to bring you to the Hatching and safely back
afterwards," K'ran promised.

"Thank you so much I would be very honored, Wingleader." She smiled again

"I hope you'd be up for dancing at the event as well?" he asked.

She thought about it for all of half a second. "Yes," she said. She'd
usually worked very hard at hatching events and never had the time to
spend socializing. "It will be nice to be a guest for a change."

"I imagine it must be so," he said, imaging how hard she must have
worked at all of them. Then he realized that he hadn't
answered her question about Lanniya, and hurried to do that.

"By the way, she'll be leaving Dolphin Cove soon. She's weyrmating
with a young Dragonsfall rider, and Dolphin Cove doesn't need four
queens. I don't know when it will be happening, though, and I'm sure
she'll come visit for Hatchings. So you'll get to see her at this
Hatching," K'ran reassured her.

"Oh that is excellent," she nodded. But the news about Lanniya
concerned her. "Do you know anything about the young man? He's not a
climber is he? She deserves someone who really cares about her. Such a
sweet girl."

He thought it was sweet that Jayzine was so protective. "I knew the
young man's father, he was my Wingsecond when I led Cyan there. I
think they've got that young love for each other. If he's not good for
her, Anaeryth will know and chastise his dragon. And I'm sure she'll
have dozens of friends lining up to protect her."

She nodded mollified by his thoughts. "Well keep your eyes and ears
open. But I'd imagine Lady Yanley will as well." Jayzine knew the
Dragonsfall Headwoman from her days at the Vintner Hall. Benaroy's
children were all known to her. "I'm happy for Lanniya if it's truly

"Me too. She'd had hardships in her past and something like this will
be good for her," the bronzerider said, for a moment thinking
wistfully of Genna up in the North.

She couldn't agree more. Her own miserable experience with what she'd
thought was love was no barometer of how Lanniya's would go. She took
a deep breath. "I can hardly wait to see the hatching."

"I hate to cut catching up short, but I've got to get back to the Weyr
for post-Fall reports. I promise I'll come get you as soon as the
rumbling starts," he reassured.

"Of course," she nodded. "I'll see you soon then." She hugged herself
as she walked away. She was going to be a guest at a hatching instead
of working herself weary.

Last updated on the March 2nd 2018

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