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You Make Me Better

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 31st January 2018

Characters: J'kri, Paetri
Description: J'kri and Paetri discuss a certain bet and spend time together.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 2, day 3 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Harki, Rorela, Ma'din, G'nir, K'reyel
Follows "Double Dare"

Paetri laid her head on J'kri's shoulder as she let her toes trail up
and down his leg with langour. She gave a contented sigh and snuggled
close. She loved this time with him, this warm, comfort that they
shared after a long day. "You're quiet."

"Mmm?" He laughed lightly. "I think I was drifting off there."

She gently poked him in the side. "No sleeping yet." She rolled
slightly to rest her chin lightly on his chest and look at his face.
"You know what I think? The next rest day, I think we should take off,
find a beach, and just spend the entire day there. Just us." She
kissed his chest and then laid her cheek on it. "And... I haven't told
you what Harki and Rorela are up to either. It's going to be very

"Oh? What are they up to?" The pair of greenriders never failed to be
interesting and they'd played an important part in J'kri an Paetri's
early courtship.

Paetri gave an absolutely devilish grin. "I made them make a bet.
Harki has to go up to Ma'din in public, like she assumes Hold women
do, and has to tell him, 'Oh, Ma'din, here's my dough...bake it for
me, baby, bake it!'". Paetri gave an distinctly evil grin as she
looked up at J'kri. "And Rorela has to go to G'nir the same way and
say 'Hellooooo G'nir, I baked you cookies!' And all in public. And if
they don't do it, they have to go up to K'reyel and offer themselves
to him on their knees."

J'kri's eyebrows went higher and higher as she talked. "_How_ on Pern
did you come up with something like that? And why would they agree to

She giggled. "They started it. They have such a wrong idea about Hold
women, so..." She kissed his chest playfully. "It just came to me.
Besides, Rorela needs to get G'nir's attention some how and Ma'din is
just so..." She pursed her lips trying to find the right words.
"Well..he's a..." her voice lowered. "He's a prick and I like thought
of Harki messing with him."

"Ok so what exactly do they think hold women _do_ with their baking?"
J'kri laughed.

"I guess they just think that Hold women are at their men's utter beck
and call." Paetri paused and considered it. "Well, maybe some are,
maybe I would have been, if I'd actually been made an offer. But not
all of them."

"No, not all of them," he agreed. "But how did you get from that to
cookie innuendos?"

"You know...I can't even remember? We did it some how." She peered up
at his face and her eyes were sparkling. "I like spending time with
them. They're There's no one like them at a Hold. And you
and them..." She kissed his chest again, "I feel like you've all made
me into a different, fun, person."

"No, we just helped you come out." He kissed her nose. "This person
was inside you all the time."

"No. When I'm around you, I'm..." She paused, trying to find the right
words. She then rolled, moving to straddle his waist, while warmth
filled her eyes as she looked down at him. "I'm happy. I feel
complete. and Camilth made me whole. Harki and Rorela just
help with that. But you..." She bent to brush her lips over his, "you
make me better."

J'kri kissed her back. "I think you just needed someone who saw you
and loved you for who you really are. And you make me happy, so

She smiled against his kiss and with a wiggle sprawled on top of him
full length. She crossed her arms and rested her chin on her crossed
wrists, "You're warm and you're mine and I'm not letting you up.

"I'd be fine with that but my Wingleader might object." J'kri laughed.

She grinned. "I'm sure I can come up with a good reason why you're
needed right exactly in this spot."

"Like what?" He brushed his fingers along her spine.

She gave a little shiver at the touch, but didn't budge. "Well..." She
sighed. "It's necessary that you keep doing that and I need my
massages. Keeping greenriders happy is important, you know."

"Blueriders too." He moved his fingers up, then down again. "So I
guess it's necessary we both stay right here." Forever just might be
long enough.

Her eyes closed at the caress. "I do love you, J'kri. So much."

"I love you too Paetri. I'm so glad we found each other." He leaned up
to kiss her.

Last updated on the February 1st 2018

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