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A Fellow Bronzerider

Writers: Devin, Eimi
Date Posted: 28th January 2018

Characters: D'ren, J'nev
Description: J'nev reaches out to a new face at the Weyr...
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 2, day 24 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentions: G'nir, U'kaiah, K'reyel

J'nev heard footsteps following behind him echoing off the stone of
the corridor. It wasn't unusual for people to be walking in this
direction come meal times, but instinctively, he looked over his
shoulder to see who it might be. He didn't know the man's name, but
he had seen his face.

He paused. "Hey, you're one of the bronzerider's from River Bluff,
aren't you? In Azure Wing?"

"Yes. I am. D'ren, of bronze Menanth." He held out his arm.

Taking the arm in greeting, the other said, "J'nev, rider of bronze
Ankioth. I'm in Cyan. Welcome to Dragonsfall."

"Thank you." Most people here had been welcoming and he appreciated that.

"Where are you from originally? Are you Weyrbred?" J'nev asked,
curious about his story.

"I'm from a small hold in Emerald Falls territory. I apprenticed to
the harpers before I was Searched." D'ren had told a brief version of
his history several times since coming to Dragonsfall. He couldn't
help being a little tired of repeating it, but he knew J'nev was just
trying to be friendly. "I Impressed at Dolphin Cove before
transferring to River Bluff. And well..." He shrugged.

That gave J'nev a little hope that D'ren wasn't one of those horny,
arrogant bronzeriders, like U'kaiah had been. "Was it a hard
adjustment? Hold to Hall to Weyr, I mean."

D'ren considered it. "In some ways. The Hall was busier than the hold,
and the Weyr was overwhelming at first. Wonderful, but overwhelming."
Being surrounded by dragons, knowing he finally had a chance to Stand
at a Hatching, it had been a dream come true. "Were you weyrbred, or
did you come from somewhere else?"

"Hold-bred, but I did spend a bit of time at the Technician's Hall
before I came here." He pointed to the badge marking his craft that
he still wore out of habit. "The Harper Hall was at the Weyr for a
while, wasn't it?"

"It was, but that was after I'd already Impressed." D'ren smiled.
"Funny to think I would have ended up at Dolphin Cove anyway."

"So you were there when they had that fire?" J'nev remembered hearing
about how the Harper Hall had been burnt down by angry Holders at one

"That happened after I'd left the Hall, and around the same time
Dolphin Cove had that terrible Fall... There was _a lot_ going on back
then." If the timing had been different D'ren would have been more
worried about the fire, but with so many dead and injured at the Weyr
it had seemed like just one more tragedy in a sea of them.

"Yeah, I heard about that. And Topaz Seahold was hit by that storm
around that time, too." And now River Bluff. "Makes you wonder, when
it is Dragonsfall's turn."

"Not for a long time I hope. I can't take any more." Sometimes he woke
and forgot where he was. Sometimes he caught a glimpse of Onnyth and
mistook her for Vilarth.

"That's a lot to deal with in one lifetime." And Thread on top of it
all. "But, hey, you're here now and Dragonsfall will take good care
of you. You're in the Weyrleader's Wing?"

"Yes. I hope I'm worthy of the honor."

J'nev didn't know if it was so much of an honor. After all, G'nir had
liked him but he still had to fly under that wherryrider, U'kaiah. It
seemed they just stuck bronzeriders wherever there was a hole at the
time, but he wasn't going to burst the man's bubble. "K'reyel seems
like a competent enough leader, though who knows what will happen in
the next goldrider Flight. Weyrleaders don't seem to last long around

D'ren nodded. "I did hear that. K'reyel is from River Bluff and had
only recently transferred before he became Weyrleader here. And our
most recent Weyrleader was from Dragonsfall."

It did seem that bronzeriders were traded like marks around the Weyrs
of Pern. Even D'ren apparently. "If you Impressed at Dolphin Cove,
how did you end up at River Bluff?"

"I chose to transfer. I had some bad memories at Dolphin Cove and
thought a new Weyr might help." It had, a little.

"Bad luck. You transfer for a new life just to get uprooted again."
He seemed like a nice guy. J'nev hoped this was the last time he
would have his life overturned like that.

D'ren held back sigh. "Hopefully my luck will finally change."

"So do I." And not just for his fellow bronzerider's sake! J'nev
really didn't want any disasters to befall Dragonsfall any time soon.
"Hey, are you heading to the dinning cavern?"


"May I join you?" After all, they both seemed heading in the same
direction, and J'nev had no specific plans.

"Of course." D'ren thought of Menanth prodding him to make new friends
here. A fellow bronzerider around the same age would be a good choice.

Last updated on the February 1st 2018

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