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A chance meeting

Writers: Eimi, Emma
Date Posted: 27th January 2018

Characters: Devren, Danrina
Description: Devren assists a damsel in distress..
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Date: month 3, day 2 of Turn 9

"Excuse me, miss! Miss!" Devren ran up behind the young woman,
holding out cloth handkerchief. "I believe you dropped this."

"Why, yes, yes I did. Thank you for that," she gave the man, who
wasn't bad looking, a smile. "I'd have missed that later."

"Then I'm happy to return it to you," he said, placing the cloth in
her hand. "It looks like a very fine one, too."

"Oh yes, it one I was going to embroider, It's intended as a gift."
she smiled again. "Perhaps you could help me balance out this stack of
things, that might make it easier for me to carry them."

"Of course! Forgive me! Where are my manners?" He reached out to
take her load from her.

"I don't think I've seen you around here before," she said as she
handed over some of the shirts and handkerchiefs she was carrying. "Or
maybe I've been hiding away with these for too long."

"Well, I don't have reason to journey up to the Hold very often
outside of Threadfall. I usually can be found down by the docks or in
my shop. I'm a cloth merchant," he clarified for her.

"Well maybe I'll have to come down and visit you then, next time I
need some supplies." A wealthy merchant might be the right sort of man
for her, assuming he didn't already have a wife. "Your wife doesn't
mind that you're always at the docks?"

"Oh, no. I go to the docks for business only, and I am a widower."
Devren hurried on before the awkward apologizes could come. "You
would be more than welcome. I have plenty of ribbon, lace, cloth of
all kinds, string... Everything a young lady might need for
embroidering or sewing."

"Crochet hooks?" she asked.

"Yes, indeed, we have those! Bone and wood of different sizes. And
yarn or thread of all colors." There was a hint of pride in the
merchants voice. He was pleased that he could provide such a variety
for the needs of the ladies of the Hold.

"Well perhaps I'll have to pay you a visit in the next sevenday or so,
just to check out your stock."

"You would be welcome! My name is Devren, by the way." He wondered
if perhaps she had heard of his shop. It would be nice if some of the
ladies had been talking about it.

"And I'm Danrina," she said by way of introduction.

"Well met." He wondered if the reason their paths had never crossed
before might be that she was not originally from Sunstone. "How long
have you lived at the Hold?"

"About seven months or so," she said. "I'm from Golden Dreams, my
father is the Holder there." She might not want to marry any of his
choices of husband, but if name dropping would catch her the man of
her choice, then she'd use it.

"Oh, my. Then life here must be... very different for you!" A
Holder's daughter, eh? She might like the finer things. He would
have to pay close attention to some of the stock available on ships in
the future if she did decide to become a regular.

"It is, but it is also kind of freeing, there are less expectations of
me here." And if that wasn't a hint, she didn't know what was.

Devren, however, was not looking for hints in her words. He took them
at face value. "I can imagine. Sunstone is a good place to start

"Well that's what I came to find out." Officially she was a little old
to be a fosterling, but so many ladies of wealthy birth wanted to
find similar husbands, so it was Sunstone, or accept the man her
father chose.

"Do you have family here?" he asked curiously, wondering if that was
what had brought her to this particular Hold.

"My mother has a cousin here," it was a happy coincidence that gave
her presence legitimacy. "I'm staying with her and her husband."

"That must be a comfort. When I came here I knew no one. But so many
people have come in to Sunstone over the turns with no ties, just
dreams. I have found the people here very welcoming." Not ever Hold
welcomed strangers with open arms, and Devren had considered himself
lucky. "I'm sure you will find what you are looking for here."

"Maybe I will," she gave him a smile. "Especially if everyone is so

He returned her smile. "If there is ever anything you ever need,
please don't hesitate to ask."

"Well now I know where you are," she said.

Last updated on the February 1st 2018

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