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She'll do us proud

Writers: Emma, Suzee
Date Posted: 27th January 2018

Characters: Teseada, N'call
Description: Onnyth clutches
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 3, day 8 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Ninaine

Onnyth had been getting bigger over the last few days. It was like the
final sevenday before she clutched she doubled in size, and with that,
her mood could worsen. And that led to a very grumpy dragon moving
herself to the sands, and then calling for her rider and her mate.

}:It is time, you and Haloth’s rider alone may come and see.:{

Haloth's call demanded his presence in the hatching cavern. He called
down to inform the lower caverns the clutch was starting so they would
provide the usual refreshments. One never knew how long it was going
to take.

"Tes?" he called as he came in the entrance to the cavern. He didn't
want to rush even though he'd been invited.

Haloth hovered near the large opening ready to guard his mate from
unwanted visitors.

"Over here," came the response. Teseada had sat herself in the lowest
row of the sands, observing as Onnyth began to slowly form a gentle,
yet delicate hollow for her first egg.

"Hey," he smiled as he walked over to her. "I never get tired of
this." He put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a warm sideways

She put her arm around his waist, gently hugging back. "I think she
has many turns of this to come yet." Her voice trailed off as Onnyth
moved, revealing an egg that appeared to have a few distinct stripes
on it. "Look! It's beautiful."

"Oh wow," he breathed.

}:Our egg is lovely,:{ Haloth told his mate.

}:They will _all_ be lovely,:{ stated Onnyth, even as a second egg
began to emerge.

"She is doing so well," Teseada said. "She'll do us proud."

"She always does," N'call said with pride. "They both do."

After what felt like a good while, there were at over a dozen eggs on
the sands. "She's not done," Teseada said, "I'm betting she'll more
than double that amount. What do you say?"

N'call just shook his head. "I'm not taking that bet," he chuckled.
"You have a leg up on me there. But here are some refreshments," he
said and went to the door where he saw a drudge with a tray.

"Well I'll forgive you for not taking it, if there is hot klah and my
favourite cheesy pastries on that tray."

"Well of course there is," he grinned as he brought the tray to her.
"We knew exactly who was going to be in this room," he said as he set
the tray on the bench in front of where they sat.

"I suppose they did, and it was probably very obvious."

He picked up her hand and gallantly kissed it. "But of course, M'lady"
he said. "We provide whatever your heart desires."

Teseada laughed gently. "I have it already, Onnyth, this, Tecall."

"And a new clutch of beautiful eggs," he added. His eyes turned back
to where Onnyth still labored. "Is that the twenty eighth or ninth?"

A moment of counting followed as Teseada pointed to each egg in turn.
"Twenty nine, I'm pretty sure that's right."

"A very nice clutch," he smiled. "You are a wonderful mother yourself
Tes." He was so very proud of their clutch but even more so of their
son. "I don't think I've told you that enough."

"You can tell me that more often, so long as you make sure you tell
Ninaine the same thing. Tecall loves to play with his sister."

"Of course," he said gently. "Nina hears it far more frequently than
you do. I am very glad you've found a way to be friends. I couldn't do
without either of you in my life."

"You're important to me too."

He smiled and kissed her cheek. "We have a nice sized clutch."

"We do," she said with a smile. "We do indeed."

Last updated on the February 1st 2018

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