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Finding a Sense of Humor

Writers: Miriah, Paula, Yvonne
Date Posted: 26th January 2018

Characters: Rorela, G'nir, Harki
Description: Rorela fulfills her part of the bet, with frustrating results
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 2, day 7 of Turn 9
Notes: Follows "Double Dare"

Rorela held the plate of cookies close to her chest as she walked
around the wall of the Dining Hall. She felt her friends' eyes on her,
but didn't look in their direction, silently cursing the fact that she
agreed to do this dare. She took a deep breath and her eyes sought out
her quarry.

He was there, with other weyrling staff. **Shaffit.** She had to do
this. Sending mental curses through Upinth to the two other green
riders, she strode towards him, calling out. "Oh, G"niiiiiiiirrrrrrr!
I made you coooookies!!!" She batted her lashes at him, making her
smile wide and obvious. As she came to his side, she dropped to her
knees and held the platter up with her hands.

"Rorela?" G'nir looked startled. Then he just looked confused when she
dropped to her knees. "What are you doing? Are you alright?" his
expression turned to one of concern and he got up and reached to help
her up. "Are you..." the was unvoiced *..out of your mind?* There
were cases where dragonriders just cracked under the stress.

She smiled up at him, keeping her eyes wide. "I'm fine,G'nir." She
didn't take his hand and she didn't rise, keeping her grip on the
platter of cookies. "Don't you like the cookies I made for you?"
**Take the damn cookies,** she thought. "I made them all myself."

"I didn't even know you can bake," G'nir said, now he was confused
again. He took the plate and placed it on the table. He eyed it rather
suspiciously. Was he going to get a food poisoning if the tried them?

Now that he was standing, Rorela played it up even further. She leaned
her cheek against his thigh and fluttered her lashes up at him. "Is
there...anything else I can do for you?"

"Rorela!" G'nir was shocked. He took a hold of her elbows and lifted
her up to her feet.

As she was lifted to her feet, for a moment, her toes dangled before
she found herself staring at the much larger man's chest. It was hard
to cover up a grin that threatened to stretch over her mouth. To hide
it, she suddenly wrapped her arms around his chest and buried her face
in the warmth. "Oh, you hot hunk of man flesh! You like me, you really
like me!"

From the next table over, Harki couldn't quite stifle her laughter.
She clapped her hands over her mouth and pretended to be _very_
interested in her cup of klah. **She really did it!** Props to Rorela
for following through

"This is getting weird," G'nir murmured and actually touched her
forehead to see if she was running with fever.

Rorela purposefully rubbed her forehead against his hand and craned
her head back to look at G'nir's face. She fluttered her lashes and
smiles too-sweetly up at him." How else can I provide service? Shall I
get your boots? Fluff your pillows?"

"How about trip to the infirmary?" G'nir suggested with irritated
tone. If this was some sort of prank, he was not amused.

"How about..." Rorela rose to the tips of her toes and whispered into
G'nir's ear, murmuring exactly what she thought was a much better

"While I would normally be quite eager to fulfill that suggestion, you
current state would make it feel like taking an advantage," G'nir
replied stiffly and tried disceetly steer them towards the entrance.

"Fine..." She huffed and spun away from the entrance. "Like I'd object
to you taking advantage. "

"No, you don't," G'nir agreed with that. "If this is some sort of
prank, I don't find it very amusing."

She patted his cheek and sighed. "Some day we'll find your sense of
humor, G'nir."

"Well, it's not today," the Weyrlingmaster grunted.

Rorela's amused gaze turned regretful. "Obviously."

Last updated on the February 1st 2018

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