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The Welcoming Committee (1/2)

Writers: Avery, Eimi
Date Posted: 31st December 2017

Characters: Kapera, U'kaiah
Description: Kapera extends some Dolphin Cove hospitality to a visiting Weyrleader...
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 2, day 1 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentions: Cyradis
Notes: Part 1 of 2

Kapera had been sitting in her office, looking over the female
Candidate records provided to her and Cyradis by the weyrlingstaff.
The eggs grew harder and the Hatching drew closer, and she was trying
to make sure she knew a few facts about each of them before one of
them became the newest queenrider at Dolphin Cove.

They were going to be getting even more in, as well. She'd received
notice that a few new girl Candidates were due in today, ones with
promise brought over from another Weyr and given a chance to Impress
gold here.

She'd have to read all those hides as well. The goldrider slumped in
her chair and stuck her feet up on the desk as she contemplated
that.She peeked at the candle that marked time in the corner. Wasn't
that supposed to be around now?

Riyanth was perched on the Weyr's rim, watching Rapids Wing drill in
the sky and attempting to draw the attention of the bronzes closest to
her. Her attention was distracted from that pursuit when a bronze came
from /between/ and bugled a greeting to the watchdragon. He seemed
familiar in some way.

}:Kalamath is here,:{ Riyanth told her rider, trying to place where
she knew him from and thinking her rider would know.

**U'kaiah!** Kapera thought in surprise, sitting up in her chair.
**What's he doing here?** she wondered.

Shards, she hadn't seen him since Dragonsfall. Right? He'd been at the
Northern Weyr for some time now. Or maybe she'd seen him at one of the
Windswept Islands Weyrwoman's Hatchings. If the eggs were Hatching she
might have expected to see him, but showing up in the middle of the
sevenday seemed unusual.

}:What are you and your rider doing here?:{

}: Mine is bringing potential pairs for your new Hatchlings. He will
see them settled with the others.:{ the big bronze relayed.

}:Will yours be at the barracks?:{ the gold asked, knowing her rider
wanted to see his.

Kapera put her feet back on the floor and stood up, ready to head to
wherever Riyanth said they were.

}:Soon,:{ Kalamath confirmed. }:Will yours be joining them?:{

}:My rider wants to see your rider, so she is going to head that
way,:{ Riyanth confirmed.

After a few moments delay, the bronze replied, }:Mine says that
Panitath's has agreed to delay their meeting. He can meet you.:{

Kapera took a few minutes to move all of the paperwork off of her desk
and straighten a few things up so the office looked clean, and then
headed towards the barracks to lounge around casually outside and wait
for U'kaiah's meetings to be over.

The bronzerider was happy when he heard that Kapera seemed interested
in seeing him. It had been too long, and it would be nice to see an
old familiar face again. She had been his Weyrwoman for a time at
Dragonsfall, and he had fond memories of the goldrider. He smiled
warmly when he saw her waiting for him as he came out of the barracks.
"Kapera! Are you my welcoming committee then?"

"When Riyanth saw Kalamath come in I knew I wanted to be," she said
breezily. "Do you have time for some good Dolphin Cove hospitality,
some wine and snacks before you head back?" she asked.

"You know, I would, thank you," he said, entwining his fingers behind
his back as he gave a slight bow of thanks. "It would be nice to have a chance to catch up a bit after all this time. A lot seems to has changed for the both of us."

"There is a lot to catch up on indeed," she said, obviously eying his
rank knots on his shoulder. She'd always thought he'd be Dragonsfall's
Weyrleader one day, hopefully with herself, but that hadn't turned out
to be the case. It was a bit disappointing, if she was honest with
herself. But she was genuinely pleased to see him being accomplished.

"Congratulations on the position. I hope the weather there's not too
bad. I must say I prefer this tropical weather," she said, waving her
hand to encompass the weyrbowl and the beach and sea outside.

"It does seem to suit you. Your health seems much improved," he
noted. They had all worried for their Weyrwoman when it seemed the
extreme south's climate was taking a toll on her. It certainly wasn't
for everyone.

"It's nice to not have to worry about breathing," she agreed. "The
climate's great here, the people are very nice and laid back. It's a
very lounging kind of place."

"It is a wonderful Weyr," U'kaiah conceded, having spent a great deal
of time there himself, "though no Weyr will ever compare to
Dragonsfall in my heart."

"I'm sure you'll be back there some day soon. I was surprised you
left, but I well understand that duty must come first," she said.

It wasn't that far of a walk from the barracks back to where the
goldrider offices were, and so they were at their destination shortly.
Kapera unlocked her office and held it open for U'kaiah, then when the
bronzerider was inside, followed him in and shut the door behind them.

Last updated on the January 1st 2018

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