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If You Need to Talk

Writers: Avery, Miriah
Date Posted: 25th November 2017

Characters: L'pin, J'ackt
Description: L'pin checks on J'ackt
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 1, day 20 of Turn 9

L'pin had been worrying about J'ackt for several sevendays now and it
was becoming clear that the boy wasn't going to reach out to him.
L'pin had been busy with the excitement surrounding the gold egg, and
hadn't had a chance to sit down and find time for J'ackt. But that
wasn't a sufficiently good excuse to make him feel happy about his
perceived failure to look out for the bronzerider. So now he was
making the time.

}:Zith, my rider is stopping by your weyr,:{ Chaneth cheerfully
informed the younger bronze.

}: He is in. :{ Zith replied.

J'ackt was indeed in his weyr, frowning at a block of wood in his
hand. Alun had recommended another way to keep his mind focused,
especially with the recent changes he had experienced. But the block
of wood sat in his hand, stubbornly refusing to give an inkling of
what it was supposed to be.

Lifting a sharpened knife, J'ackt tilted it to the side and began to
slowly scrape off bits of wood. At the knock, his brow furrowed and he
spoke without looking up. "Come in."

L'pin pushed his way into the weyr and smiled at J'ackt. "Zith said
you were in, so I thought I'd drop by and see how you're doing."

At the voice, J'ackt looked up and then set his knife aside. "L'pin."
He waved at a chair, then put the wooden block down as well. "Come on
in." Blowing a strand of hair from his brow, he shrugged. "Could be
worse, could be better, honestly."

L'pin settled onto a chair. "Congratulations on the new Wing."

J'ackt frowned, looking confused. "What new Wing?"

"Oh, didn't they tell you?" L'pin mimed covering his mouth as though
he was hiding something.

J'ackt looked even more confused. "Nooo, no one told me anything about
a new Wing." His considered it for a moment then his brows slowly
lifted and so did the corners of his mouth. "I'm being put in an upper

"I'm sorry I've gone and spoiled the surprise. Do you want me to tell
you and you can fake joy when you hear it?"

An honest smile spread on J'ackt's face, bringing light to his eyes.
"I'm not sorry at all!" He was echoed by Zith, who gave a draconic
bellow of satisfaction. "Is it N'vanik's wing?" He paused and tilted
his head. "It is N'vanik's wing, isn't it?"

"It is," L'pin confirms. "But don't tell him I told you, he might be
disappointed he didn't get to."

J'ackt's smile widened. "I won't say a word." He paused and then
tilted his head. "You know, a turn ago, I wouldn't have been so
excited." He gestured with his thumb towards Zith. "Been a bad
influence on me."

"It's what Zith is born to do. Fly Thread and fly it in a leader's
way. I'm glad you're excited as well."

"I still say I'm no leader, " J'ackt insisted. "But Zith'll be excited
to be in the upper wings just as much."

"He's bronze, he'll think it," L'pin said with a bit of a chuckle.
"You both deserve it."

J'ackt just gave a bit of a shrug. "Thanks. Really didn't do anything special."

"You'll have to let me know what you think of it after you've been
flying there for a bit. Even when I last flew Thread, it was in a
low-altitude wing," L'pin said.

"I actually had a question for you, by the way."

"I'll do that." J'ackt agreed, then sat back. "What is it?"

"I was wondering whatever wound up happening with the information I
found for you about your family. I know it wasn't quite what you were
expecting to find out."

J'ackt went silent for a long moment, and just took a deep breath. "My
mother's sister came to me." He frowned. "I'm still not sure how to
deal with her or even if I want her around." His lips thinned.
"Knowing Jenasom wasn't my father isn't a bad thing, but he was the
only father I knew so it's hard to know what to say or feel about it.
He was a right fecking bastard, no mistake about it, but I don't know
that the rest of the family isn't either." He plucked at his trouser
leg in thought. "I don't know if I want a family. It's not like they
know me and it's not like I know them."

"You have time to consider the issue. You could use it to figure out
if you want to know them first, and then if you do, you can work on
learning them slowly. If you don't want them around in the end, that's
a decision you have the right to make. You don't have to jump into it
at once."

L'pin paused, remembering how Timassa had been when he'd met her.
"Though, are they trying to push you into it?"

"Saidrene wants me to meet K'yne. Timassa just wants to get to know
me, I think. But she's too like my Mam. It's..hard to be around her."
He frowned. "I honestly just don't see the point. I did fine without
them this long."

"You don't have to need them. It sounds like you've always done the
best with what you have, and you're right, they haven't been there
before," L'pin said. "But they are around now that they know about
you, and you have the chance to see if you'd like to get to know them.
Maybe you'd find them to be nice people or role models. Or maybe
they'd disappoint you. That can happen too."

He snorted, then shrugged. "It's different with everyone here I guess.
Most people have that sort of thing around them everyday. It's new to
me, L'pin. I mean, I had my Mam, but she was all I really had until
she died. Da, all he did was teach me to steal and fight. I don't know
how to act around them."

"I suppose the normal platitudes of, "just be yourself" aren't very
comforting," L'pin admitted. After all, J'ackt's circumstances were so

"I'd say just treat them like other adults. Like you treat Cyradis
and N'vanik - or if you don't want to treat them with that much
authority, maybe like you interact with myself or other adults."

J'ackt slowly arched a brow to look pointedly at L'pin, a slight quirk
to his lips. He generally kept to himself and was well known for being
unsocial. "So don't interact with them at all?"

"If that's what you feel best. I would suggest giving them a chance,
but in the end, I don't think it's wise for me or Cyradis or anyone
else to try to push you into forming a bond with them. I can talk all
day about what I'd do in that situation, but I'm not you."

"Well, it's not like they live here, so shouldn't worry, really. I
think I can deal with a visit every turn or something." He rubbed the
bridge of his nose, then shrugged. "Still, I can't escape it either.
And at least I know."

"Knowing is better than uncertainty, I think," L'pin said. "That's
what you wanted in the first place, right?"

He nodded. "Yes. I suppose so. I wasn't expecting to find out anything
to be honest."

"I'm happy we found out something. It means it's less of a mystery to
you. If you ever want to chat about it, you know I'm here," L'pin

J'ackt nodded. "I know. Thanks. I appreciate it."

Last updated on the December 10th 2017

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