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Realization of Family

Writers: Emma, Miriah
Date Posted: 2nd December 2017

Characters: Teseada, Ninaine
Description: Ninaine asks Teseada for a favor.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 26 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: N'call

Kneeling beside the sedated Luneth, Ninaine leaned against her neck,
her hand gently stroking over her hide. A pinched, worried look was
evident on her face, but it wasn't surprising considering the
condition of the green. Her wings were swathed in bandages, secured to
her sides to ensure that she wouldn't move them. Sedating her had been
a mercy, for she had struggled upon waking up, ripping bandages and
tearing necessary stitches. But even the dragon didn't know that worst
part and Ninaine had been careful not to think about it when Luneth
was awake.

The sound of footsteps pulled her away from the darker news that the
Healers had given her and she opened her eyes, turning towards the
sound. "Teseada." She didn't rise, but straightened just a little bit.
"Thank you for coming."

The goldrider took a moment to take in the state of the wounded green,
the bandaging did not look good, and the fact that she'd needed
sedation to calm her, beyond the mental help that a gold could

"How is she? How are you?"

Ninaine's gaze went back to her dragon and she blinked rapidly to
stall the moisture that immediately built up in them. "She's in quite
a bit of pain." She gently stroked the sleeping Luneth, her brow
furrowing. "The worst wasn't the threadscore, though that was bad
enough. You can numb that with fellis. The dislocation and the
breaks..." her voice trailed off for a moment. "The Dragonhealers say
that she may never fly again. If she does, it'll only be for short
distances at most, but it's certain that we'll never fly Thread

She cleared her throat and looked back at Teseada. "I just bumped my
head." Her smile was weak. "I'll be fine. But I did want to ask you a

At least the dragon would live, that was the main thing. To see a
young rider like Ninaine who had come so far become dragonless would
be a nightmare beyond belief. "Anything we can do to help. I know
Onnyth is helping try to keep her calm when she's awake, but if there
is something that I can do for you."

"I know and tell her that I appreciate her help." Ninaine chewed on
her lower lip. "There is, actually. I'll be here until she's better,
so if you could maybe help with Callaine? It's not as though I don't
think she's fine with Yanley, and I know you're busy, but maybe have a
few more play dates?" Her brow furrowed. "And, maybe with N'call too?"
she sighed. "I know he'll understand me being here, but I can't ask
him to stay in the infirmary with me, not when he has duties of his
own. But he cares about you and would you mind letting him lean on you
a bit when I'm not there?"

"Tecall will be thrilled to have the company, and they are siblings,
even if they are too small to know that properly yet. She's welcome
with me any time you need her to be." Teseada meant it sincerely.
"N'call is welcome too, any time I have her he can just come in to see
them. If it helps you and Luneth get through this."

"Thank you." Relief flowed through her and she relaxed, if only a
little. "I don't know how to tell Luneth that she won't be flying
Thread again, Teseada. She was good at it. She liked it." Her brow
furrowed. "I don't know what we can do now."

Teseada thought for a moment. "You might want to talk to the
Weyrlingmaster. They always need good people and dragons to teach the
young ones."

Ninaine arched her brows and couldn't help the sarcasm that came to
her. "Me? Teaching them how not to let your dragon maul the staff? Or
how to not screw up an initial bond? I'm probably the last person they
want on staff."

"You're a good mother to Callaine, and some of them are young enough
to still need that mothering," Teseada said gently.

She didn't _feel_ like she was a good mother to her daughter, but the
suggestion was a nice one. But mother the other Candidates? She
hadn't had a good experience being a Candidate or a Weyrling at all,
though she knew most of that was her own fault. "They won't want me,
Teseada. Not after what all Luneth and I did. And I'm not sure that
I'd be really good at teaching, either. I'm not weyrbred and Luneth
and I aren' You know that. Shards, everyone knows that."
She suddenly scrubbed at her eyes, unable to avoid a sinking void in
her belly. "I'm really not good at much."

"You two will find your place." Teseada said the words, knowing that
it would be hard for the greenrider.

"We'll have to, won't we?" She gave a quick breath, trying to muster
some sort of control again. "Thank you."

"Anything, and I mean it, Anything I can do to help."

Ninaine chewed on her lower lip for just a moment. " there
anyway we can arrange to have fish brought to Luneth? She hasn't eaten
since her injury and fish is her favorite, though she'll take wherry
or herdbeast. I didn't want to trouble anyone, but when she wakes up,
I'd like her to at least have her favorite food."

"Leave that one to me, I'll round up some candidates and if you let me
know when, I'll get them sent up with a a couple of buckets full to
start with."

"That would be so helpful. Thank you." Ninaine was finally able to
give a genuine relieved smile. She would have never expected to have
the support that others were providing; it made it all the more clear
to her in a way that never had been before, that the weyrfolk really
were her family. They'd done more for her than her own blood.

Last updated on the December 10th 2017

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