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I Hope You Find Your Lifemate

Writers: Eimi, Len
Date Posted: 28th November 2017

Characters: Kaiafel, J'nne, J'nev
Description: With the help of weyrbrat Kaiafel, Jayonne is introduced to J'nev and his bronze in need of a bath
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 1, day 10 of Turn 9

The ways of the new Weyr were still confusing to Jayonne. He was grateful for the help of Kaiafel, who seemed to be leading him on a merry chase through the halls of Dragonsfall. "Are you sure we're going the right way?" he asked. Before he could get a reply the narrow walkway gave way to the large bathing pool. A tall, but not overly large bronze was waiting by the side of the pool, a young man who looked to be the same age as Jayonne beside him. "Ah, never mind."

"This is J'nev. He's in Cyan Wing," Kaiafel said with a point in the bronzerider's direction.

The bronzerider squinted at the curly haired boy. The way he instantly knew his name and Wing reminded him of the instance in Aileyan's weyr. Well, shards, this was uncomfortable. "Are you boys here to give me a hand with Ankioth?"

Kaiafel nodded, but didn't really meet the bronzerider's eye. "This is Jayonne. He's new."

"Hiya." Jayonne reached out to shake J'nev's hand. He was aware--with his harper's training--that there was some sort of discomfort between the lad and the dragonrider. "Indeed we are here to help wash your handsome bronze." He turned and bowed slightly to the dragon. "What is his name?

J'nev was rather surprised that the candidate assigned to help him seemed to be the same age. "This is Ankioth," he said, laying a hand against the bronze neck. He turned his eyes back on Kaiafel. "Are you here to help, too?"

Usually Kaiafel would jump at the chance to wash a bronze. But his conversation with Aileyan after their last meeting left him feeling a little uncomfortable around this man. He was starting to understand that J'nev was his father's potential rival for the greenrider's attention. He knew where his loyalties lie. "I was just showing him the way," he mumbled, backing up the beach. "I'll see you later, Jayonne."

Jayonne waved good bye to the lad but already the boy was retreating. He raised an amused eyebrow to J'nev but only asked, "So where would you like me to start?"

"I'll take care of his head and neck to start, why don't you start at the base of it," J'nev said, pointing towards Ankioth's shoulder. "Let me know if you see any blemishes. Something got in between his skin and his straps last time we flew Thread and there might still be some irritation. If you see it, don't scrub it, just call me."

"Like this?" Jayonne pointed down to just under the bronze's front leg, where the skin was softer.

J'nev walked over to examine the spot with a serious expression on his face. "Yeah, like that. Poor beast," he said, giving the bronze a loving pat before fishing in his pocket for a small tin of salve to slather over the spot. "Nice catch."

"I've got three...well riding siblings and my da rode, I've seen similar spots on theirs." Jayonne grinned and patted Ankioth's neck before moving to where J'nev had directed him.

"Whose your father?" J'nev asked curiously. He probably didn't know him, but there was always a chance.

"J'ben...he...he died along with his blue in the first year that Thread came back." Jayonne swallowed hard against the unexpected lump in his throat. Before J'nev could possibly feel badly about the question, Jayonne smiled and asked, "And your parents? Are you Weyr-bred or from one of the Holds or Halls?"

"No. No, I didn't know him," J'nev said, turning away so that Jayonne wouldn't see the frown that touched his lips when he heard that he was a blue. "I was Holdbred," he said by way of the second question. The bronzerider really didn't feel like answering too many questions about his own bluerider father.

Jayonne didn't need much of his Harper-trained sensibilities to know that they had veered into a difficult subject for J'nev. He bent his head to his task and worked on the bronze until he was as gleaming as Jayonne could make him. "Well Ankioth, you are a fine looking bronze. I wish you long happy Flights and clean skies whenever you fly thread." He grinned and winked at J'nev.

The wink made J'nev pause. Was Jayonne destined for a blue, too? He pushed down that thought quickly. It was possible he meant nothing by it, or that he was destined to Impress green. Green was just fine, but the bronzerider found blues to be just fickle. "Thank you. And I hope you find your lifemate in this next Clutch."

Jayonne shrugged his shoulders. "What will happen will happen." He gathered up his cleaning brush and other objects and gave J'nev a wave. "Safe skies to you and take good care of that lovely bronze." And with that he was gone.

Last updated on the December 10th 2017

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