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Come Full Circle (3)

Writers: Heather
Date Posted: 27th October 2017

Characters: Jeyme, Ayeme, Emaye, A'dan
Description: Jeyme remembers the day her daughter was born.
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Date: month 1, day 5 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: D'hol

"Up, mama! Up!" Ayeme squeezed her chubby hands open and closed, her arms lifted toward Jeyme.

There was no way Jeyme could resist the sweet round face of her daughter, "You've got mama wrapped around your finger, you know that?" She bent and scooped Ayeme into her arms.

Ayeme giggled, and repeated, "'engers!" She was still having trouble with that 'f' sound.

Jeyme sighed as she inhaled the scent of her baby's perfectly soft skin, "I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday...."


}:Creloth, my rider says it is time. The healers are on their way.:{ There was an unusual strain in Quinneth's voice as she spoke to the brown.

}:My rider is on his way.:{ The brown replied without hesitation.

"Where is he?" Jeyme growled behind clenched teeth, hands twisting into the bedsheets.

"On his way, I'm sure," Emaye responded in a calm, collected voice. She'd helped many women in the Weyr birth children, and she knew that the anger and frustration came from the insurmountable discomfort and pain Jeyme was experiencing.

"That bastard he-"

"Here I am," A'dan entered the weyr, an excited, expectant look on his face as he came over to Jeyme's side, "the bastard's here."

Jeyme groaned and tossed her head back onto her pillow, "Ugh, I'm going to kill you."

A'dan clasped one of her hand's supportively, "You're doing great."

"How would you know?" she hissed.

The brownrider's eyes darted from Emaye's face to Jeyme's, "Well, I mean... That's what I'm suppose to say isn't it?"

Emaye pulled A'dan down to her side before Jeyme could throttle him, "I have a job for you. Hold her leg, like this, you're going to be a support as we start pushing."

"Yes, ma'am." A'dan said seriously.

Jeyme didn't care where A'dan was, or what he saw, she just wanted to get this baby out. Even as she lay there, vivid memories of Dheymin's birth and the way D'hol had supported her through it kept overwhelming her, causing hot tears to leak from the corners of her eyes.

"Everything is looking good, Jeyme," Emaye said comfortingly, "on the next contraction we're going to start pushing."

There was at least an hour's worth of pushing before the baby's body finally slipped into the healer's waiting hands.

"Congratulations you two, you have a daughter."

Jeyme slumped into the pillows, exhausted, and relieved that the worst was over. When she opened her eyes, she saw A'dan holding their daughter, a shining look of love radiating from his boyishly handsome face.

For the first time, she looked at the brownrider differently. The nine months he'd spent attending healer's visits and helping her around her weyr hadn't effected her feelings toward him one jot. This moment, however, seeing how freely he showed his love for the child they had created, touched her.

A'dan brought the tightly wrapped bundle up to Jeyme, his blue eyes shining, "Someone wants to see her mama."

Jeyme held her arms open and brought the babe in against her chest. The feel of the tiny, warm body against her was amazing, she had forgotten how much she loved this. "She's perfect." Jeyme murmured.

"Do you still want to name her Javeylla?' A'dan knelt by the bed where he could see mother and child.

The greenrider shook her head, and looked up at A'dan with soft eyes,"No, I think Ayeme is better."

It was clear from the look on the brownrider's face that having his name included made him happy, "Thank you, Jeyme."

"No, thank you, A'dan."

**End Flashback**

"Come on, little 'lizard, your foster mother is waiting for you." Jeyme said, slinging Ayeme's bag over her shoulder as they left the weyr.

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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