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New Beginnings

Writers: Len, Paula
Date Posted: 27th October 2017

Characters: E'naer, J'nne, G'nir, F'veas, Jaylene
Description: The Wearling staff at DFW meet their newest candidate and assistant
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 13, day 1 of Turn 8

Jaylene stopped in front of the closed door. Unlike River Buff this office seemed almost embedded into the mountain that made up the Weyr. It was nothing like River Buff **And it won't be anything like River Buff, nothing will**

Putting on a brave face for the two younger men in her care, she said, "I think we've come to the right place." She gave young F'veas' shoulders a squeeze and winked at her brother Jayonne before knocking on the door.

"What if they hate us?" F'veas whispered.

"Ah lovely, no one could hate you or your brave Wenarth." Jaylene placed a kiss on top of his forehead and ruffed his thick black hair that was so like his father P'veas. "It's going to be just fine, just you wait."

"Please enter!" G'nir called. He had received a list of weyrlings from River Bluff Weyr and he and E'naer were trying to make some sense of it. "I think it's inadequate," he grumbled to E'naer.

"Well, under the circumstances, can you blame them if the hide work is bit rushed?" E'naer replied.

"Sir?" Jaylene smiled at the two men as she entered. There were two empty seats and to them she waved for both lads to sit. "G'nir? E'naer?" Both looked like the descriptions she was given. "I am new wingthird Jaylene, from River Buff, and this young man" and she nodded to the younger F'veas "is F'veas, rider of brown Wenarth, two turns old. He'll be your new assistant. And this fella" and she winked at Jayonne "is Journeyman harper Jayonne, who would like to Stand for the upcoming clutch, if you please."

"Ah, Welcome to the Dragonsfall Weyr," G'nir stood up to greet them. "I'm Weyrlingmaster G'nir and this my 'Third, E'naer, my duty to you," he introduced them.
E'naer gave a nod and friendly smile as a greeting.

Jaylene patted F'veas on the shoulder. "This one's been an wonderful assistant for River's Buff's Weyrling staff going on two turns now. He even saved four dragonloads of the lower caverns women and children, his Wenarth was one of our bravest in the face of the tsunami." F'veas' face blushed bright red at the compliments.

"He's welcome to work with us," E'naer said. "Faranth know we need more staft with the sudden influx of people."

"Yes, with that, my brother here would like to Stand, if that's possible. He's worked as a harper to our little ones back at River Buff."

"Has he been standing before?" G'nir asked, from her since she was the one doing all the talking.

"I have, a few turns ago before I stopped in order to devote more time to my Craft," Jayonne said.

"Alright," G'nir made a note of it. "Since you are weyrbred instead of Searched candidate and you've not been Standing here before, you need to petition to the Weyrwoman for the right to Stand. It should be a mere formality," he continued. He preferred to be strict with the protocol. He turned his attention to F'veas. "You, young man, I'll assign to E'naer's gentle care. He'll show you around and tells you what to do."

F'veas nodded and turned a shy face up to E'naer. Jaylene nodded and said, "You have everything under control so I shall leave you to it."

G'nir nodded. "E'naer, why don't you show them around and get them settled in? We can continue this later?" he asked his Wingthird and gestured towards the hides on his desk.

"Yes, sir," E'naer replied and flashed a smile. "Have you met the Headwoman yet?", he asked and started to usher the three of them out of G'nir's office.

Last updated on the October 27th 2017

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