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I Won't Have It!

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 15th June 2017

Characters: Karhal, Loella
Description: The guard captain objects
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Date: month 11, day 26 of Turn 8
Notes: Follows "Rallying the Troops"

Karhal waited until the door closed and he heard footsteps diminish
down the walkway before he turned. His stoic demeanor dropped almost
immediately as he spoke through his teeth. "What in the blazes were
you thinking?"

"I'm sorry, she said with complete sincerity. "It just spilled out."

"Spilled out?" Karhal gripped the edge of the table until his knuckles
whitened. He had never completely lost his temper around Loella, but
he was perilously close to doing so. "Are you trying to get swept up
to the Weyr? What in the blazes were you thinking, Loella? My word or
not, if Zathris thinks he needs to use you to keep the Hold safe,
he'll do it because he has to." Karhal's brows snapped down in anger.
"You are with child and we have Karella. It's _my_ job to keep this
family safe and if I have to send you to my parents to do so until we
get this solved, I will!"

She was astonished and her eyes widened. "They can't _make_ me go to
the Weyr!" Then her brows came together and she snapped back at him.
"And _You_ can't make me go live with your parents."

"Don't fecking argue this one with me, Loella." He snapped just as
harshly, for the first time cursing in her presence. "If I feel that
you or our children are in danger because of your slip up, I will do
just that, even if I have to throw you over my shoulder and carry you
kicking and screaming the entire way."

"Don't push me Karhal and there is no need for profanity," she spat
back. "I know you're concerned. You know I don't want anything to do
with dragons. So why are you so angry?"

"There is every reason for it." His lips were thin from tension. "I'm
angry because you've put yourself at risk in this situation. You put
yourself in the position to be used."

"And I said I was sorry," she yelled back at him. Karella began to cry
and Loella was immediately sorry she'd raised her voice. "Shhh
sweetie," she rocked the baby trying to calm her down. But her eyes
were hard when she looked at Karhal. "You've already told Lord Zathris
that he can't use me," she said. "But why don't you? Did you know
there was a hatching in the hold recently? A new little flit. I
didn't even see the possibilities until I heard that conversation, but
why didn't you Karhal? Huh? Why didn't you?"

"I did!" He snapped, his face flushing. "I don't want you involved. In
any way!" The fact that he had even considered it shamed him,
especially considering her condition.

"Well there's a man for you." She fumed. "And just how am I supposed
to close my ears to them? Ask them to keep their voices down?"

"Keep away from them. You're not for the Weyr, you're my wife!"

"Alright," she said. "Then why don't you build me a dragon proof room
where I can stay all day so I don't hear them!" She'd never even
wanted to go to the Weyr anyway. He could be such a runners ass at

"My parents live far enough from the Hold and the Weyr." Karhal bit
back. "And you'll be safe there. So will our children. At least until
this is over with."

She stood there completely devoid of emotion for a moment and then
said in a very dangerously quiet voice. "Karhal, I love you, but I
don't want to go. I don't believe I need to. If you force me to go,
you will regret it for the rest of your life. Our relationship will
not survive."

Karhal's face was hard, his jaw set. "If I believe for one moment that
you are in danger, that's where you will go. I love you enough to keep
you safe, even if you hate me for it." He spun on his heels, opened
the door and left, slamming the door behind him.

"Fine," she yelled at the closed door. Then she growled deep in her
throat and pressed the heal of her hand to her eyebrow. "I don't like
to talk to dragons or hear them and for turns I hid whenever they were
around," she said to her daughter. "He's found me shivering in a
storage room and just when we find a way for it to be useful he wants
to punish me?"

She shook her head. "I won't have it."

Last updated on the June 16th 2017

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