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A Short Talk.

Writers: Avery, Leigh M-F.
Date Posted: 14th May 2017

Characters: Z'then, A'kua
Description: Z'then would like to catch up, but A'kua's too busy fuming.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 12, day 4 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: G’nir and the weyrlingstaff, Yanley, Cyan Wingleaders, Slif (NPC), Zelltye (NPC), E’zar.

}:A’kua, please stop. I think my headknobs are bleeding,:{ Zeiranth requested. }:And the watchdragon says her rider thinks it’s going to snow. You need to get inside to stay warm and get that looked at.:{

The bronzerider stopped swearing long enough to reply, “Good, I can make a snowball and hold it to my jaw.” He dipped his right hand into the outdoor lake again, hissing at the cold, brought the dripping appendage back to his face, and resumed cursing.

}:Zeiranth!:{ Juvath called. He recognized the other dragon as he spiraled down from the skies, and he alighted by the bronze to let his rider off near the other one.

Z'then slid down and then waved at A'kua. "Hey, what's going -“ he began, then stopped as he actually looked at A'kua. "You good?”

“I’m kneelin’ next to the lake holdin’ a freezin’ cold hand to my skin. I’d say that’s a no,” A’kua grumbled.

}:Be nice, he sounds worried,:{ Zeiranth scolded. }:Hi Juvath,:{ he added.

A’kua sighed and softened his tone slightly. “Some of the blue- and greenriders brought in a few new Candidates. Some Searchin’ happened while they had other errands,” he started. “They got a couple days to acclimate, like usual, and then they got put to work. I got the one who’d apparently never worked a day in his life. Must’ve been some minor lordlin’ foster-boy who probably thought he could coast until the next gold rose and not make any real effort. Zei needed a bath today-"

}:Not really, since I had one after Thread yesterday, but A’kua wanted to give me another and double-check for places that might have needed more oil,:{ Zeiranth told Juvath. }:I would’ve told him if anything had chafed in Fall, seriously.:{

“-so I got saddled with this kid to help out. He complained the entire time, and when I finally told him bein’ a Candidate or weyrlin’s nothin’ _but_ hard work, he took it personally. That’s when I said even if he’d been Searched, he must not be cut out for this if he’s not willin’ to work for it, and it’s not too late to ask for a ride home.” A’kua stood and faced his friend, lowering his hand. The right side of his jaw was cut and swelling, the skin slowly darkening. “And that’s when the trouble started."

Z'then was nodding along to A'kua's story. Juvath liked the idea of additional bathing and started prodding him for a bath. But when it got to the rude Candidate, his expression turned to a frown.

"Did you report him to G'nir or Yanley?" Z'then asked."I can't believe he'd hit you! You're a full rider, and a _bronze_rider.”

“Oh, I reported him to the entire weyrlingstaff, and soon I’ll be hearin’ from my wingleaders, no doubt, because when that bastard hit me, I grabbed his shirt, lifted him, slammed him into the ground, and threatened to hit him right back. Idiot must’ve never been in a real fight before, either, since he started blubberin’ and coverin’ his face when I raised my fist. So now he’s gettin’ strips torn off his hide, and it’ll be decided if he’ll be sent home or made to work this off.” A’kua threw up his hands. “I’m mostly angry because up until he hit me, I didn’t see him as a threat; just a whiny kid. I’ve gotten _soft._ I should’ve _guessed,_” he said savagely.

"We're not supposed to fight, so they might yell at you. But then again, it was self-defense," Z'then mused. "He's just a Candidate, and you're a bronzerider! I wouldn't be surprised if they sent him home."

“He might not learn anythin’ if he’s sent home,” A’kua muttered. “I’ve half a mind to suggest to G’nir he drown the kid in paperwork like he did me.” He made a frustrated gesture. “I just- I should’ve seen it comin’. I thought I’d like not havin’ a reason to be so watchful of folks, but it’s less useful than I hoped."

"You're at a Weyr, you shouldn't have to be watchful," Z'then said.

The redhead’s shoulders sagged. “Aye, I know,” he mumbled, crossing his arms. After a moment, he asked, “This ever happen to you? A non-threat suddenly takin’ you by surprise and becomin’ one?"

"I don't really think about things as threats or not-threats,” Z'then said slowly. "I mean, I've been in a couple fights and all.”

“With who? Aside from Slif, that is.”

"A couple back at the cothold. people who said dumb things - usually to E'zar and then I got dragged in," he said.

A’kua almost envied him those situations. “So you only got in trouble because of your brother, most of the time?"

"I was a good kid, so they say." Z'then shrugged.

“I tried to be a good kid. The hold made that impossible.” A’kua shook his head. “I guess I should talk about this with Zelltye. I’m not- I mean- I’m too angry about this. It’s not reasonable, is it?"

"I mean, I don't get angry easy, not like my brother. We all have different thresholds, maybe yours is higher?”

His friend snorted. “‘I can see how you’d get that impression. I don’t have much to be angry about now. This’s an exception. I’m mad at the kid, aye, but I’m probably mad at myself, too. That’s what I should discuss. I think.”

"But what do you have to be mad about?" Z'then was puzzled.

“The kid landin’ a hit.” A’kua let out a breath. That did feel like the worst part of it. “I should probably make the appointment sooner than later.”

}:He really should. I don’t need another bath, so he can go do it now,:{ Zeiranth insisted to Juvath. }:You’ll back me up on this, right?:{

}:I can try,:{ the brown said. He'd follow Zeiranth's instructions. That was how this worked.

"Maybe I'm not seein' something right here, but I don't understand why it's bad. If you're not thinkin' about fighting and protecting yourself all the time that means you're thinking like a Weyr man, not a scrappy holder boy who has to be ready all the time. And innit that good?”

“It is, I promise.”

}:It’ll make sense eventually. I think,:{ Zeiranth commented to Juvath. }:Look, A’kua, go see a healer to get something for your jaw, then make that appointment. I really don’t need a bath today. Right, Juvath?:{ he added, hoping the other dragon would mimic a human nod.

}:You look fine to me,:{ Juvath confirmed.

}:See, Juvath agrees,:{ Zeiranth said triumphantly, knowing his rider wouldn’t have heard the brown.

“All right, you pest,” A’kua said aloud, shaking his head. “Zei wants me to see a healer about my face and so on. Is there somethin’ you need before I go in?"

"No, nothing. We can always catch up later," Z'then said.

“We’ll do it at lunch,” A’kua said, not wanting to put his friend off too long, especially not after he’d been good enough to listen to him rant and think aloud. He held out his hand for a wrist-clasp. “Thanks, Z’then."

"No problem. Hope you have a short Healers' visit," Z'then added.

Last updated on the May 17th 2017

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