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Facing Fears

Writers: Avery, Heather
Date Posted: 14th May 2017

Characters: Saibra, Z'then
Description: Saibra makes a suggestion to Z'then to help with his fear of heights.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 12, day 4 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: D'ale

Saibra shifted in her padded chair behind her desk as she called for
the rider at the door to come in. Z'then had been with the Wing for a
few months now so she was ready to check in with her newest wingrider
and see how he was doing, especially since she knew he sometimes
struggled with heights.

"Z'then, please have a seat."

The brownrider slunk into the office and took a seat in the chair.
"Hello Weyrwoman, I hope you and Chioneth are well," he said softly,

"I just wanted to check in with you and see how things are going in
the air." She'd been keeping an eye on him during Threadfalls, the
same way Chioneth had been watching Juvath.

"I thought we were doing okay in these last few falls," he said in
response to her question. He had been trying. He had thought they were
going well. But if the Weyrwoman was calling him in - maybe they
weren't going well. Maybe he was a failure as a dragonrider. Could you
even fail out of the Queen's Wing? he wondered. Wasn't that the lowest
you could go?

"But the one we flew joint with River Bluff, the one over the
mountains. Juvath and I struggled some with the changing wind currents
and we found it a little hard to hold place."

Saibra noted the nervous tone in Z'then's voice. She had hoped to come
off as a little more causal, but she had also learned that some riders
were already nervous when it came to talking with their superiors.

"It can be difficult sometimes to transition to different terrain when
flying Threadfall. It took Chioneth and myself a couple of Threadfalls
to get use to seeing nothing but white, snowy ground beneath us while
flying instead of sand and greenery."

"I think we do okay over the plains of places like Amber Hills and
Opal Cove, but the sheer at the mountains...Though I guess the smaller
blues and greens must have it worse," he mused.

"Really?" he asked when she said that, surprised that anything would
be hard for a woman like Saibra. "Do you two find it easier here now?"

"Yes, we've gotten use to it now. It will get easier for you over
time. I wonder if you were in a more fast paced wing if it would help
keep your mind off of the heights?" Of course, being in a different
Wing would mean a higher-altitude, which might be counterproductive.

"Is my flying good enough for a higher wing?" he asked, uncertain if
he was ready.

Saibra considered that, "It's your fear of heights that hinders your
flying, yes? If that were taken away.... To truly know you could practice
with one of the higher-altitude Wings." The Weyrwoman sat forward, "I'm not
trying to get you out of my Wing, Z'then, let me make that clear, as long
as you want to be in Sienna you'll have a place here. But your fear of
heights shouldn't be what determines your Wing placement."

He blinked twice. "Oh," he said, after a moment. "To be honest, Weyrwoman,
I thought I was in trouble and you thought I wasn't good enough to fly at
all," he confessed.

She waved her hand through the air, "Not at all. I just want you to have
options, confidence, that you could fly in whatever Wing you chose."

Confidence came easier to his brother than to him, Z'then thought. But she
seemed like she had faith in him. And Juvath had faith in him. "Which one
would you suggest I do a few practices with?"

"Let's try Cyan Wing," she said, knowing that D'ale would be a good mentor
for Z'then, from one brownrider to another.

"I'll go talk to the Wingleader," Z'then said. What harm could it do to
give it a try? If it didn't work out, it sounded like he had a place with
the queens' still.

He gave Saibra a shy little smile, still stunned he wasn't in trouble.
"I'm just glad to know you aren't kicking me out."

"No, I like having some men in the Wing to balance out all of the
estrogen," she grinned.

"Juvath likes being around the golds," he confessed. "I'm just happy to
serve wherever I can."

"That's the right kind of attitude to have," she replied. A wingrider
willing to serve was valuable asset to the Weyr.

"Thank you ma'am," he said. "Cyan usually does afternoon drills,
right? So I could still do ours?" Though that might tire Juvath.

}:Never,:{ the brown insisted.

"Only if you and Juvath feel up to it, I wouldn't want you two over worked before Threadfall." Saibra knew Chioneth would keep tabs on the brown any way.

"Maybe not for the first one," he said, because he did want to keep them both safe. "Though he's very excited and appreciate this chance."

"I'm glad, I'll check in with you after your first practice with Cyan. Now, go enjoy the rest of your day off." A day without duties was rare for a dragonrider, and Saibra never liked to waste them.

"Yes, ma'am! You and Chioneth enjoy yourselves as well," he added, saluting her and heading off.

Last updated on the May 17th 2017

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