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The Advantages of Weyrmates

Writers: Heather, Suzee
Date Posted: 11th May 2017

Characters: D'ale, W'ser
Description: D'ale and W'ser talk
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 12, day 1 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: K'ran, K'reyel, Saibra, Yanley, Sasima

W'ser sat waded through the smokey alehouse room to a familiar figure,
and sat down on his left. Tapping his fingers on the polished bar to
get the bartendar's attention, W'ser was soon sipping on a mug of ale.

"Ready for Cyan to have a full-time Wingleader yet?" he asked D'ale,
knowing the Wingsecond had taken on the bulk of Wing responsibilities
since K'ran took over as Weyrleader at River Bluff.

"You have no idea," D'ale smiled at the Weyrdragonhealer. "You know,
when U'kaiah offered me the job as his 'second I had no idea it would
become my job so frequently."

"And now you're doing such a good job they're not even scrambling to
fill the position." W'ser grinned a little.

D'ale shook his head. "I can't fault either U'kaiah or K'ran. Both of
them became Weyrleaders so," he shrugged. "I'm thinking I'll just have
to train a younger bronzerider or hope that K'reyel can find someone
who wants to fly in the cold instead of one of the warmer climes."

"True enough," W'ser nodded. "Or, you could paint Torerath bronze, win
a senior gold flight, and become a Weyrleader like U'kaiah and K'ran."

"I'm afraid I don't have that kind of ambition my friend," he grinned
and slapped W'ser on the shoulder. "Nor would I want K'reyel's job, no
matter how lovely our Weyrwoman may be. There was a time though..." He
let his voice trail off knowing W'ser knew him well enough to remember
how he could charm the ladies when he had a mind to.

W'ser laughed, "Are you telling me Yanley has tamed that out of you?"

"Tamed? Me?" D'ale's laughter filled the room and a few heads turned.
"I have to say rather, that she is amazing all on her own and a Lady
born. What we have together is greater and better than any slap and
tickle I might find elsewhere. There is no need for her to tame my
desires when all I desire is Yanley."

The Weyr's dragonhealer studied D'ale's face for a moment, "Whoa, you
even just waxed poetic. You have it bad for the Lady."

"Guilty as charged," he smiled. "And I am a Harper at heart, am I not?
Maybe that is what she sees in me?" He thought about the first time
he'd met her here in this very room. "I was playing my gitar and
singing here the first time I met her."

"Yeah?" W'ser had never heard all of the details. "What was she doing here?"

"At the time she was living with her sister Benani up at the hold," he
replied. "She came here just to get away for a little bit."

"Love at first sight was it?" the brownrider asked.

"Not really," he looked down at his empty glass and signaled the
drudge to pour another. "Perhaps lust but then I didn't know who she
was. Yanley is quite a beautiful woman."

W'ser lifted his mug to his lips, "No comment," he smiled as he took a
drink. "Well, I'm glad that all worked out for you. It left some women
around the Weyr for the rest of us."

D'ale chuckled. "You have a rather lovely one warming your furs if I'm
not mistaken. Or have you seen the error of your ways?"

"Sasima is great, I have no complaints, she puts up with me after
all." W'ser had never expected to weyrmate until he'd met her.

"And there we have it. The reason we can't complain." He held up his
glass. "To Yanley and Sasima, who keep us warm on cold nights and
happy during the days. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Last updated on the May 17th 2017

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