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Even Weyrwomen Gossip

Writers: Heather, Paula, Suzee
Date Posted: 9th May 2017

Characters: Cyradis, Saibra, Lenala, Yanley
Description: The three Weyrwoman meet to discuss business... well, mostly business.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 10, day 8 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: Meledei, K'reyel

"The refreshments look wonderful, Yanley." Saibra told her Headwoman
as she entered the council room that joined her office to K'reyel's.

A light layer of snow blanketed the Weyr that day, and more was lazily
drifting down outside. She hoped that Cyradis and Lenala had dressed
for warmth, even with the fire blazing in the hearth, the council room
would occasionally be penetrated by a blast of cold air coming through
the passageways that led out onto the Weyrleaders' ledges.

"Thank you, Saibra," Yanley replied with a smile and stopped to listen.

Vilarth made a loud bugle when she appaeared out of /between/ and got
response from the watch dragon. Bundled up in her furs, Lenala guided
her gold towards the right ledge.

}:Welcome to Dragonsfall, Vilarth.:{ Chioneth said to the other queen.
The Dragonsfall gold was perched near the top of the Star Stones, a
light layer of snow covering her hide. With other queens arriving,
Chioneth wanted to make sure that they knew this was her Weyr and the
bronzes in it belonged to her.

**Silly lizard, they don't want your males.** Saibra only expected
Chioneth to behave this way when she was near rising, and that was
still a few months away.

"It's Lenala and her gold Vilarth," Saibra told Yanley before the
other goldrider appeared. "She's acting Werywoman at River Bluff right

"I've heard of it," Yanley replied.

}: Greetings Chioneth, :{ Vilarth replied. She was making an effort to
be civil. She was very near rising which always made her temper more

She circled to land. Perhaps she was making the circle a little bit
bigger than needed, so she could show of the gold of her hide.

Panitaths clarion call pierced the skies. She announced her presence
along with joy of flight and well being to all in Chioneth's domain.

Cyradis small form slid down the side of her huge lifemate and she
made her way inside to join the other's. "Saibra," she greeted the
Weyrwoman with a wide smile.

Saibra smiled as she went to greet Cyradis, one of the only goldriders
she deemed a friend, "Cyradis," her blue eyes flashed to the River
Bluff goldrider, "Lenala, I'm glad you could both make it. This is my
Headwoman, Yanley, she has a toasty room and some refreshments ready
for us."

"Excellent, I could use a toasty room." She smiled at the Headwoman.
"I've heard good things about your work here," she reached out a hand.

"Thank you, I do my best," Yanley replied and shook the hand. "I'm
pleased to meet you both," she included Lenala.

"I'm always glad to visit Dragonsfall Weyr," Lenala said. "You
actually had some business to deal with, Saibra?" she asked while
shedding her coat.

"Let's catch up first." Saibra said gesturing for the two women to sit
and join her at the table in front of the fire.

"How are things at River Bluff and Dolphin Cove?" she asked.

"They are mostly well at Dolphin Cove," Cyradis responded. "We've had
an uptick in bad tithes but I believe we'll get a handle on the cause
soon enough."

"Things are pretty normal in River Bluff Weyr. Rhosyn's presence is
missed, naturally but nothing out of ordinary is going on, which
helps. We stick to the routine," Lenala replied and took her seat. She
accepted the klah from Yanley with grateful gesture.

"Bad tithes? If you are running out of something, we may be able to
help. Despite the hurricane's damage, there's been good harvest in
River Bluff's territories," Lenala offered Cyradis a sympathic smile
and their aid.

"Oh thank you Lenala," Cyradis smiled with genuine appreciation.
"We're not in any difficulty yet but I will certainly keep your offer
in mind."

She turned to Saibra with a smile. "And how are things here?"

"Things have been, thankfully, quiet. We miss Genna, of course. How is
she doing at River Bluff, Lenala?" Saibra asked.

”She is doing fine, she’s been wonderful help. Thank you for borrowing
her,” Lenala replied.

"Of course," Saibra replied smoothly. At the time of the agreement
she'd thought Dragonsfall would be receiving a goldrider in return,
but by this point, that was water well under the bridge.

"What I called you ladies here for, besides the excellent
conversation," she looked at both Cyradis and Lenala, "is to let you
know that Dragonsfall will be initiating some emergency drills in the
upcoming months. The only people that know about it here are senior
leadership positions. K'reyel and I would like for these drills to be
as surprising as possible, if we hope to truly assess how well our
Weyr is prepared for emergencies. I thought it best to share this with
you both so word didn't spread to Dolphin Cove or River Bluff and you
think we truly in danger."

Cyradis had known Saibra as her second long enough to read her a bit
so she spread her hands in apology. "I'm sorry about Meledei Saibra,"
she said. "She was supposed to come to you and I know you've always
worked well together. It was _her_ choice to go north." She missed the
younger goldrider even though Lanniya was quickly picking up her
duties. Saibra was in a bind and so it wasn't really fair to her.

"But that drill sounds very interesting!"

"I make sure the River Bluff's riders aren't unduly alarmed," Lenala
said calmly. Inside, she just wanted to wail: what about me! At least
you have experienced and capable Second! But she didn't, she just kept
her mouth shurt and smiled prettily. That was what she did best, look

And if her mask cracked a bit when she sipped her klah, no one seemed
to notice...except Yanley. The former Lady Holder and now Headwoman
was keen observer and could sense the political undercurrents. When
the Weyrwomen met, it was always political, even if they didn't
realize it themselves.

"Excellent, we thought it might be possible for one of your riders to
be here on transport, or a visit, and we didn't want you thinking they
were carrying back a plague." Saibra took one of the small sandwiches
from the platter on the table.

"Good thought," she nodded. "I hear you are doing very well for
Riverbluff Lenala, especially considering the circumstances."

"Thank you," Lenala replied modestly. Frankly, she didn't feel like
she was doing well, she felt like she was barely staying afloat.

"Speaking of circumstances, did you hear about Far Island?" Saibra's
eyes lit as she sat forward to share the gossip, and from there the
conversation turned to more casual things. After all, even Weyrwomen
needed a chance to girl talk.

Last updated on the May 17th 2017

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