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I'm Alright. I Swear

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 8th May 2017

Characters: Karhal, Loella
Description: Loella and Karhal remember a bad injury
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Date: month 11, day 2 of Turn 8

Coming home was a relief, and as Karhal stretched, he felt the
stitches along his side pull. He winced and straightened, exhaling and
hanging his jacket up carefully. He was more than ready for the
stitches to come out, but the wound was deep and it would take time.
Perhaps Loella could change the bandage for him when she had a moment.


"He's fine, I swear. The Healer is stitching him up right now." The
young journeyman tried to block Loella from pushing past him and going
to where Karhal lay quietly. Another young apprentice was busily
cleaning the trail of blood from where Karhal had entered and watched
the exchange with apparent interest. "I promise, as soon as he's done,
you can seem him."

"What do you think I'm _blind_," Loella growled at the healer. "I can
see his blood everywhere. "I need to be in there," she said trying to
step around the young man.

"It's not a major wound and..." The journeyman tried to cut her off again.

"Loella, I'm alright." Karhal lifted his head, his voice grim, but
most certainly alert. He held still as the healer beside him pulled
another stitch. He laid his head back down. "It's not serious." He
exhaled as the man finished his work and then began to bandage the
long slash along his ribs.

"Let her in." the older healer allowed. "We're almost done."

The journeyman stood aside, visibly relieved.

Loella didn't spare him another look but brushed past him with a dark
mutter about his mothers teaching skills in his youth. Then she
launched herself at her husband but she pulled up short before
touching him. "Ohh Karhal," a hand rose to her mouth and tears welled
in her eyes.

"Loella, it's alright. I've had much worse." He caught her hand with
his while the Healer finished. "I'm alright." He studied her face and
brought her hand to his mouth. "Don't cry."

"I'm not crying," she denied and blinked rapidly while swiping her
eyes, "I'm angry! Who did this to you, I'm going to kill him," she
spat and squeezed his fingers..

His face firmed; he hadn't liked taking a life and it wasn't something
he could be proud of. "It's taken care of, Loella." The healer
finished the bandages, his face also grim as he gave aftercare
instructions to both of them. Karhal nodded and slowly sat up, holding
his hand to his side. "He's not someone you need to worry about now."

Loella nodded sharply then turned her attention to the healer. She
made mental notes and lists in her mind of things she'd need to pick
up from stores or a merchant. There were few things more important
than caring for her family and most especially her husband and
daughter. She thought briefly about the news she'd been wanting to
share and set it aside for this more important duty. Besides, Karhal
was going to explain more fully than that small snippet. "Can he

"He can hear everything you're saying and can answer that." Karhal
replied dryly. "Yes, I can walk."

The Healer didn't dispute his words and just gestured to the Captain.
"He'll be fine as long as he keeps the dressing changed and doesn't
get it wet. He'll have to come back in a few sevendays to get the
stitches checked."

"You!" She looked daggers at her husband. "I haven't even _started_ on
you yet." Her voice promised him a symphony of consequences if he
didn't do exactly as told. He had scared the life out of her and she
fully intended for him to feel _exactly_ how bad an idea that was.

"Thank you," she said with a sharp not and a moderate tone to the healer.

"Let's go then," she added brusquely and motioned Karhal toward the door.

Karhal's brow furrowed at the slight smirk from the Healer, who
quickly wiped his expression and hurried himself with cleaning up the
supplies. He rose carefully from the table and stood, looking down at
his furious wife. Her feathers were definitely ruffled and he needed
to act quickly to soothe them.

Forcing himself to push aside the memory of the sound of the snapping
neck, he cupped Loella's cheeks in his hands. "I'm alright, sweet."

For a moment it worked and then she slapped his hands away from her
and pointed at the door. "Home," she said and tapped her foot.

~~~End Flashback~~~

"Are you alright," Loella surged up out of her chair, tossing her
knitting aside. Concern filled her eyes as she searched his.

"I'm fine. Just pulled the stitches." He hung up his jacket. "I'll be
happy when these things are out."

"I'm sure," she said and moved toward him. "Anything I can do to make
it feel better?"

He shook his head and bent to lightly kiss her brow. "I think the
bandage has to be changed, that's all. It should be mostly healed, but
I may have broken it open this afternoon.." Despite the Healer's
caution, he'd not been taking it easy and been right beside his men
doing what was needed.

"Alright then," she smiled and leaned into the kiss for a moment.
"I'll get the basket of supplies and take a look."

Karhal sat at the table and shrugged off his shirt, hanging it over
one of his shoulders. He looked down at the stitches and grimaced. He
had pulled it open a little, but it wasn't as bad as it could have

She came back with her basket of healing and tapped the inside of his
knee to get him to spread his legs. Setting the basket on the table
she straddled his knee and put his arm up on her shoulder while she
examined the wound. Then she got to work cleaning it and then daubing
a bit of numbweed where it had opened. "It's going to be just fine,"
she smiled into his eyes and put a clean soft pad one before wrapping
the bandage again. Then she leaned in and put her arms around him
tucking her head into his neck. In a very small voice she said
"Karhal, you're going to be a father again."

Karhal held still while she worked, but as she leaned into him, he
wrapped his arms around her. What she said, however, made him go
completely still again. "What?" He blinked and pulled away just enough
to look down at her face. "What was that?"

She looked up at him with twinkling eyes. "Think it will be a boy this time?"

Last updated on the May 17th 2017

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