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What's Wrong at the Dance

Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Date Posted: 24th April 2017

Characters: F'lin, Lanniya
Description: F'lin and Lanniya meet again and it doesn't go well.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 9, day 21 of Turn 8

The final eggs had cracked and the dragons had chosen their riders,
and now all F'lin wanted to do was go home. Lanniya's bright red hair
was unmissable across the Hatching Cavern. He wanted nothing to do
with the goldrider, and yet, here he was, in the Dining Cavern to
celebrate Anaeryth's first Clutch. The weight of his knots felt more
like shackles.

**Let's get this over with.** The feasting was done and the Harpers
were starting to play music that was a little friendlier to dancers as
drudges began clearing tables away. F'lin finished his wine in a gulp,
grimaced, then made his way to where Lanniya was holding court. She
looked more comfortable in her Hatching finery than he'd expected, and
the happy smile on her face caused the wine in his belly to turn to
acid. "Congratulations, Lanniya."

It was a voice that she hadn't expected to hear. Lanniya turned and at
the sight of F'lin her face lit up. "F'lin! You came!" Ignoring any
sort of decorum, she flung her arms around him to give him a tight
hug. "I'm so happy you're here!"

The greeting was a bit much. F'lin awkwardly patted her on the back as
he tried to extract himself, conscious of the eyes on them. "I trust
your move has gone smoothly?"

Oblivious to his discomfort, she tightened her hug before releasing
him. "It's been good. Everyone here has been very nice. Did you see
the hatching? Wasn't it wonderful?" Her smile was still wide,
expression still full of excitement. Her brows rose as the music
changed and she grinned at him, tucking her hand in his arm. "I
haven't seen you in forever. Why haven't you come and visited?" And
why hadn't he said goodbye to her? Turning to excuse herself, she led
F'lin away from the receiving line. "We should dance. Remember our
last dance?"

"I'm-- not really in the mood to dance." F'lin slipped his hand from
Lanniya's grip. "I just wanted to congratulate you before I head back
to River Bluff."

"But.." She blinked, finally taking in that he was not acting right.
"Why not? You don't have to leave right away. It's a party and I
haven't seen you in a long time." Her expression became confused and a
little hurt.

"I just don't feel like dancing," F'lin said stiffly.

She blinked at him and withdrew her hands, looking awkward. She
glanced around and lowered her voice. "Are you mad at me or

Was she joking?! Angry didn't even begin to describe how he felt.
Lanniya hadn't trusted him, but he felt guilty because he would have
stopped her no matter what he'd led her to believe. She was so
_arrogant_ - she could decide who lived and died, while his own father
had drowned and was gone forever. She could fix her family, and he
couldn't. The bronzerider shook his head. A Hatching was not the time
or the place. "I'm glad the Hatching went well. You and Anaeryth ought
to be happy."

She stared at his face, trying to read his thoughts from his
expressions, but she couldn't do it. She didn't understand why he was
so distant or where his affection for her had gone. She still cared
about him. Was he angry that she was transferred, or was he angry that
she hadn't gone to him first? As a last resort, she did the only thing
she could think of. **Seneth? Why is he so mad? What did I do?**

}:You did not trust him. He could not keep you and Anaeryth safe. And
he cannot do what you did,:{ Seneth replied with a hint of reproach.
}:Now you have left the Weyr. It is very complicated.:{

Lanniya blinked at Seneth's tone and then looked down, dropping her
hands immediately, her joy promptly deflating. "I..I'm sorry. I'm
really sorry, F'lin. I..." She bit her lip and blinked rapidly to stem
a sudden sting in her eyes. She just now realized how much she had
most likely hurt both him and his pride and hadn't considered how he
would feel. She hadn't considered how anyone but herself would feel.
"I didn't think about how you would feel..and.." Her gaze lifted and
her eyes glittered with barely controlled moisture. "I do trust you
and I miss you and..." She felt a single tear well up and she scrubbed
at her eyes quickly. "I'm sorry." She backed up, then turned away,
hurrying off the dance floor.

**Scorch it.** F'lin made a half-hearted attempt to stop her, but let
her go. **Had to go and make a goldrider cry on her first Hatching.**
His anger melted into regret, then self-reproach for ruining what
should have been a special day for Lanniya. **Seneth, did you speak
with Lanniya?**

}:She asked why you were angry with her.:{

**And you told her!?**

}:She asked,:{ Seneth replied, a little sheepishly.

**Scorch it.** The bronzerider stepped off the dance floor. If only
dragons could lie, this wouldn't have been a problem. If Lanniya
wasn't so impulsive, they wouldn't have a problem at all. The music
and dancing suddenly seemed hollow and all F'lin wanted to do was go
home. Instead he headed for the table where they kept the wine. He'd
stay for one drink, just so that it didn't look like he was running

And did he ever need that drink.

Last updated on the April 25th 2017

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