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Writers: Emma, Suzee
Date Posted: 15th April 2017

Characters: Jielta, Jayzine, Miyon
Description: An unexpected letter.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 11, day 14 of Turn 8

... And so, in closing, Master Clovente has expressed his desire to
court you and I have granted his request. I'm certain you will hear
from him soon in regard to your union which is his fondest wish, and
mine. He will make you a fine husband I am sure.


Jielta stared at the letter. "All I did was inform him about my
apprenticeship," she muttered, loudly.

Miyon looked startled. "Did you say something?" The youngster by now
was used to seeing his sister, or mother reading letters or books, but
they were usually pretty quiet about it.

"Ummm... Its a letter from Papa," she said. "He sends his love. but I
need to show this to Mama."

"A letter from your father?" Jayzine came through the door with a tray
from the dining hall. She carried it over to the table and set it down
then began pulling off plates and utinsels. "Go wash up," she said to
Myon. Little boys hands were always dirty no matter how recently
they'd been in warm water.

"Yes Mama," Miyon said reluctantly. chances are it meant that they
wanted to talk about something that he was going to be thought 'too
little' for, which meant he dragged his feet a little, hoping to hear

"Go," Jielta told him. "I'll read it to you later, you aren't going to
miss out on anything."

"Mama," Jielta said as her brother headed into the bathing chamber. "I
wrote to tell him about my offer of an apprenticeship here, and this
was his response." She passed the letter over, "He didn't say no, but
it's the last paragraph."

Jayzine's eyes narrowed as she quickly perused the letter. But a brow
rose when she got to the last paragraph. Her own opinion of Master
Clovente was a bit out of date of course so she looked questioningly
at her daughter. "Do you even really know Master Clovente?"

"Not really, but he's a lot older. If anything, I'd been expecting him
to write about Journeymen."

Jayzine knew full well the force behind Jielta's fathers will when it
came to him making a decision about her future or anyone elses. She'd
experienced the worst of him first hand and didn't wish that
experience on their daughter. "From what I remember of Master Clovente
he was a nice man. His wife spoke most highly of him before her
unfortunate sickness took her." She paused before saying anything
more. "I'm not going to help him force you into anything sweetheart,"
she added softly.

"But what do you think? Seriously Mama, I'd like your opinion."

"Clovente always impressed me as a very nice and gentle man. I liked
him but he was quite wrapped up in his craft." She took a breath and
then nodded as if acknowledging a decision. "If you liked him Jielta,
he could provide you and your children with a very nice and
comfortable life. It's not a _bad_ idea."

"I don't know what to say to Papa," jielta paused for a moment. "Maybe
I should think about it for a few days before I write back to him."

"Probably a good idea," Jayzine nodded. Her thoughts also went to a
recent conversation with the Weyrleader. "You could think about
suggesting that Clovente visit us here. He _is_ a master wine maker
after all. Perhaps he'll find he likes it."

"Hmmm.... maybe that's an idea. And you could speak to him too, I'd
appreciate that."

"Sure," she agreed though she wasn't quite sure what she'd ask. "We
could just visit like we would have at the Hall.

"I do want to get married some day, it's just I thought I might have
some choice about it all." Jielta bit her lip, and opened her mouth to
continue, but was interrupted by Miyon rushing back in.

"I'm clean," he said, waving his still slightly damp hands into their faces.

"Great," Jayzine smiled at Miyon and began filling his plate. "There
is nothing that says you have to make a quick decision. You can take
your time." She nodded at Jielta. "As much as you need."

"I think I will," her daughter said as she reached for a plate for
herself. "Nothing is going to happen tomorrow."


Last updated on the April 25th 2017

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