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The Evening Continues

Writers: Avery, Heather
Date Posted: 17th February 2017

Characters: C'rin, Riveenata
Description: The promised party encounter.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 9, day 2 of Turn 8

C'rin scolded himself mentally for feeling a little nervous as he
rolled back the sleeves of his tunic and then surveyed his appearance
in the mirror. It was just a beach party to celebrate the eve of the
Weyrlings first Threadfall, but Riveenata would be there.

}:Other dragons are already on the beach. Can we go now?:{ Dasveth
asked impatiently, flicking his brown tail and stirring up dirt on the

"I'm coming." C'rin chuckled, brushing some of his curly hair back
away from his eyes as he strode out to his dragon and rode the brown
down to the beach.

Riveenata had changed from more practical clothes into something fun.
She wore a loose cream-colored tunic with short sleeves and lacing up
the front, and a dark brown skirt that flared out when she danced. A
simple pair of sandals and an intricately braided leather necklace
completed her outfit. Savith had dropped her off and then winged off
to play in the surf.

She greeted a few people she knew and swiped a meatroll from one of
the food trays that had been spread out. **Better eat it now, before
sand gets kicked all over them.** People got less careful as the night
went on.

C'rin meandered through the people out on the beach because he didn't
want to _look_ as if he were searching for Riveenata, even though he
did a double take every time he caught sight of golden skin or black

}:It's fun chasing a green, isn't it?:{ Dasveth chimed into his thoughts.

Taking a cup of wine from a tray that was being carried about, C'rin
was at least looking more casual by the time he turned and spotted
Riveenata, "Hey."

She turned to face the familiar voice, hair swaying as she did so, and
gave a little smile when she saw him. "Hey there, handsome."

"Been here long?" He asked, as he heard someone start strumming a
gitar in the direction of the bonfire that was being lit.

"Long enough to steal some food, but not since the beginning," she
answered. "Seems a good turnout of lower caverns folk."

"No one wants to pass up music and wine," he commented, a few more
dragons landing to bring in party-goers.

"I doubt it. They don't strike me as the fun loving type. Or if they
do they're probably covered from neck to toe, Faranth forbid a woman
show the world that she has ankles." C'rin grinned, casually reaching
down for Riveenata's hand as they walked through the people gathered.

She laced her fingers through his. "What a scandal. I like showing my
ankles. And wrists. And collarbones." All of which she had on display
right now.

C'rin gave Riveenata's hand a squeeze, "And I like seeing them, so
it's a win-win."

She laughed. "I could show more. Maybe later, though. I don't think
it's the stripping phase of the night." With some groups, it rapidly
hit that phase.

Dancers had begun to move in time with the gitar player's rhythm,
which had been joined by someone on reed pipes, creating a lively,
festive tune. "Care to dance?" He remembered her saying that she
enjoyed dancing. Even though it wasn't something C'rin love to do, it
didn't mean that he couldn't, his mother had taught him.

"Absolutely," she said. She rather hoped he'd like the way her outfit
looked when whirling. Suddenly she wished she'd worn her hair down
rather than in braids.

Setting their drinks in the sand, C'rin pulled Riveenata out to the
make shift dance floor that consisted of nothing but sand and other
dancers. The dance was a lively reel, something he'd learned as a kid,
and he smartly bowed to Riveenata as the dance began.

This one she knew and liked. It wasn't a close intimate dance like the
slower ones, but it was energetic, with a chance for twirling and
brushing teasingly past one's partner. She put effort into moving
prettily for C'rin, showing off.

"You're good at this," she said during a quick lull.

C'rin laughed a little at the compliment, "Just this one dance, I
swear. I'm toast once they start playing something else." He knew the
steps to some of the slower waltzes but they didn't come as naturally
to him as the lively reel. He noted the way dancing had brought a soft
blush to Riveenata's cheeks and put a sparkle into her eyes.

**How is she single and not taken up as some bronzerider's weyrmate?**
He wondered silently.

"I didn't see anyone with Harper knots around. For all you know,
they'll just play the same four songs until everyone leaves because
they're sick of them." Or because they found other things to do.

"Well, I kind of hope they do play something a little slower. That
gives me the opportunity to hold you closer." He grinned.

"I wouldn't say no to that." She smiled back at him and shifted a
little closer anyway. "It's part of a good night, right?"

"It is," C'rin agreed, his hand brushing across the small over back as
he moved around her.

}:Oh just catch her already!:{ Dasveth said impatiently.

The music was slowing to an end. "Want to see what they play next, or
step out for a bit?" Either way, she was sure they could find
something to do.

"Is it bad manners to leave a party after one dance?" He asked.

"It might be. I wasn't thinking of going too far, but catching a bit
of those pastries and sitting a little closer to the fire. Then we can
see if we feel like more dancing," she suggested.

"Why don't you get us that place by the fire and I'll swing by the
refreshment table?" C'rin suggested.

"I'll save us plenty of space," she agreed as she stepped off the
dance floor to go find them space.

A few others had had the idea to cluster around it and chatter. She
nudged over a few chattering weyrlings in order to make some space,
and then occupied herself watching the flames dance and daydreaming.
Sparks popped little glowing pieces that drifted upwards and outward,
and the sky was clear to see the stars. It was really a magical night,
and a good omen, she thought.

C'rin had to squeeze in between Riveenata and another rider, since
many were gravitating toward the fire in the fading light. "You
wouldn't believe the line for refreshment," he said as he handed her a
bubbly and a drink.

"Everyone must be hungry. Thanks," she said, taking the items. She
settling the drink against her crossed legs and held the bubbly in her
left hand, then leaned against him.

It seemed natural to put his arm around Riveenata's shoulder as she
leaned against him, and from across the fire a harper stood up and in
an expressive voice began to tell a story. This really was nice, C'rin
decided, being among the other Weyrlings, dragonriders and weyrfolk
this way.

The story was one about a man who sailed the Sea of Azov, and
Riveenata found herself captivated by the way the man told it. The
band around the fire got larger as it went on, but they'd scored
excellent seats. She was surprised by the time the story was over. It
was well dark now.

"And next I'm going to tell you the story of the lewd sailor."

"Which one?" a bluerider asked.

She nudged C'rin. "I'm gonna get another glass of wine, want one?"

"Sure, but why don't we take it back to your weyr?" He suggested, if
he stayed by the fire listening to many more stories he was going to
be nearly asleep.

"I'm fine with that. You want a lift on Savith? Our ledge isn't the largest."

"Sure," C'rin knew that Dasveth wouldn't mind.

She made sure to score drinks for them, then led him a little farther
down the beach so there was room for Savith to land and take them up
without disturbing the party. Savith cooperatively knelt to make it
easier for them both to mount. }:I'll be careful,:{ she reassured the

As they arrived at her weyr she was glad she'd taken a little time to
rearrange things. Though since it was one of the harder-to-access,
smaller ones, and for a bronze or brownrider it would seem tiny, it
felt like home to her and she hoped he didn't find it terrible.

C'rin liked the small, out-of-the-way weyr where one could have some
privacy from the general foot traffic that some of the lower weyrs
suffered. Thanking Savith for the ride, C'rin gave the green a rub on
the neck before following Riveenata inside.

Savith made room for Dasveth and crooned happily. Her rider was
anticipating this encounter already and she would take pleasure in it.
Just like when she flew and her rider enjoy it. Dasveth was still
young but he was nice. Maybe she would have him win, the green

The two chairs were set to the side next to a table where she'd
accidentally left a pitcher of water. Her bed was messy, the light
blanket crumpled on the top. "We should both fit, even if you are
tall. We'll just have to be very close," she teased.

C'rin curled a hand over Riveenata's hip and pulled her to him,
"That's okay, I was planning on being pretty close anyway."

"Good," she said, letting herself be pulled against him and leaning up
to kiss him.

Last updated on the March 2nd 2017

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