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This Is Not A Drill

Writers: Emma, Heather
Date Posted: 14th February 2017

Characters: K'reyel, Saibra
Description: The Weyrleaders discuss some emergency drills for Dragonsfall.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 10, day 1 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: Cyradis, Lenala, G'nir, D'ale, Yanley

"It's me," K'reyel called out as he knocked on the office door. "Got time for me to run an idea past you?"

"Yeah, come on in." Saibra said to her Weyrleader as she placed aside the invitation they'd received from one of the Lord's who was marrying off his heir.

The Weyrleader came in, "I've been thinking," he began. "I want to test our readiness for unexpected things."

He had her attention for sure with that opening line. "Unexpected things... Like last Turn when the electricity went out and none of the Weyr had heat except for burning wood?"

"That, and unexpected bad weather," agreed K'reyel. "Or even accidents during fall unbalancing the wings. Or an illness taking riders out of action."

"I think that sounds like a great idea. We should consult with Yanley, I am sure there are procedures that have been put into place here at Dragonsfall for emergencies. This could be a good test to see how many dragonriders and weyrfolk know what to do. With the way people transfer in and out of the Weyr it's safe to assume people have come here thinking things might be done as they were at a different Weyr." Saibra had to admit that she needed to brief herself on emergency procedures for Dragonsfall since she'd only been there going on two Turns and in that time the Weyrleader and Headwoman had both changed.

"And D'ale. G'nir too, just to make sure they can help us out with whatever we plan." K'reyel pulled out a chair. "We might need Teseada too, if we need to have to get people to stay in one place. "

Saibra tried not to let the mention of the former Dragonsfall Weyrleader annoy her, but she hadn't forgotten the man's spiteful words on the day that he'd been packing up his office. "Should we alert the Weyrleaders at Dolphin Cove and River Bluff that we're planning on doing this? If one of their riders was to be visiting here while we set this into motion it could cause panic."

He nodded. "Makes sense, if they copy the idea from us, we might appreciate the heads up in return."

The Dragonsfall Weyrwoman made a note to invite Lenala and Cyradis over for a chat. "I guess then we just need to decide which emergency drill we want to run first."

"I like the idea of a simulated illness first, I'm sure Taren would be able to suggest something that we could tell people they had that would make flying impossible." K'reyel imagined enough people told they had some sort of stomach ailment to ground them, then a ropes drill with unbalanced wings. "If we had the weyrlingmaster and his staff ready for a ropes drill with off balance wings, it'd be interesting to see how the wings would cope, and perhaps we'd see a few future leaders shine through."

Saibra nodded as she wrote, "In one of these drills you should one of the sick ones unable to fly. The Wings are use to flying without their Weyrwoman because of clutching and hatching, but a missing Weyrleader is a little more rare."

"And Erdenth would be able to help enforce a grounding, so long as the dragons are told to listen to him."

"Sounds like a plan. If you'll meet with G'nir and the others here at the Weyr, I will get in contact with the other Weyrwomen and then you and I can nail down a solid date."

"I'll get the ball rolling, and hopefully we can come up with a good test of how prepared we are for the unexpected."

Last updated on the March 2nd 2017

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