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Brand New Day. [2/2]

Writers: Leigh M-F.
Date Posted: 16th February 2017

Characters: A'kua, Ilyssia
Description: At long last.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 10, day 13 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: Genna, Firelloa (ONPC), Shastia (NPC), Bailan (NPC).

“I’ve never been in love,” the Candidate whispered. “I loved Ma, I love my friends, and when I thought this girl at the hold wanted me for somethin’ other than sex, I wanted her too. But bein’ _in_ love- I don’t know what that’s like. But if it means wantin’ to share all our experiences, wantin’ to protect ya even though ya can take care of yourself- if it means wantin’ to spend the rest of my life with ya, if it means I’m happiest when I’m with ya, then that- that’s it. If that’s what it means and feels like, then I love ya, Lys.

“I didn’t want to at first; I thought, with your age, tryin’ to court ya would make me like my stupid whorin’ sire or all the stupid men back in Bex. If I did court ya and it fell through, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. It means too much to me. But the idea of ya choosin’ someone else, lovin’ someone else, hurts more than I can say. Yet I don’t know if I’ll be a good weyrmate; I didn’t have great role models growin’ up. And even though I want to leave it behind, the past and that hold will always be part of me. Still, if there’s even the barest chance ya feel anywhere near the same, I want to try to make ya happy, ‘cause ya- you’re everythin’ I’ve been looking for: Trust, safety, and respect, and peace. So please- please, Lys, choose _me_. Love _me_, ‘cause I must’ve chosen ya when we met, and I didn’t even realize it.”

“Luka- You idiot. I chose you first,” Lys choked, shoved his hands aside, and launched herself into his lap with such force, she was vaguely surprised she didn’t topple the chair. Her arms wound about his neck, her lips pressed against his, and the rest of the world ceased to exist because they became completely lost in each other. Pulses synced, breaths mingled, and when Aluka’s arms closed on her back, Lys felt as though she could die happy at that moment.

They were both breathless when Lys drew her head back slightly and opened her eyes. Aluka looked as though he’d been brained by a Guard’s quarterstaff. “Is that a yes?” he asked a bit stupidly.

“Of course it is,” Ilyssia told him, grinning fit to split her face. “I love you and I want to be with you.”

“Even though I’m not sure?”

“You will be,” Lys said confidently, and kissed him again.

When they parted another time, Aluka’s cheeks were about as red as his hair, and he cleared his throat nervously. “It, uh- It m-might be a good idea if ya moved,” he said.

Ilyssia giggled. “Maybe,” she said, twitching her hips and making the Candidate flinch and bite his lip. “But I’m pretty comfortable where I am.” She moved to kiss him once more, but stopped when his fingertips grazed her mouth.

“Lys, please. Don’t let me embarrass myself,” Aluka said seriously.

Ilyssia returned to her own chair. That gave her new beau the space needed to adjust the hem of his tunic, put his face in his hands, and take a few steadying breaths.

When he raised his head, his cheeks were still flushed, but his gaze was clear. “So what now?”

The greenrider smiled, and took his hands back in hers, giving them a squeeze. “Now we talk about our future.”


They had, and the future had become the present.

“So are you going to sit there staring at me like a moron for the rest of the day, or are you going to come inside and unpack?” Ilyssia playfully drawled from where she was waiting on the ledge next to Gwynnyth.

A’kua snapped out of the recollection and grinned at her. “Comin’, dear,” he teased, and dismounted. Together, they quickly had Zei’s harness unstrapped and it, the trunk of belongings, and the gitar taken inside and put away.

Ilyssia stepped into A’kua’s arms once they were done, rising on her toes to give him a swift kiss. “So, my brave, handsome bronzerider, whatever should we do with ourselves?” she kidded, smiling brightly.

“I think, now that I’m settled in, we should invite Firelloa up for lunch, write to Genna and tell her what’s been goin’ on, and then thoroughly enjoy ourselves, my gorgeous, courageous greenrider,” A’kua replied.

“My kind of plan,” Ilyssia said happily.

“I know, that’s why I thought of it,” A’kua replied, and kissed her again. “Ready for the first day of the rest of our lives?”

“Been ready,” the greenrider said confidently. “Let’s do this.”

“Ancients, yes.”

Last updated on the March 2nd 2017

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