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Getting Settled

Writers: Leigh M-F., Suzee
Date Posted: 14th September 2016

Characters: Porenne, Eionen
Description: While Eionen is still adrift, Porenne tells him where to start on the path to stability
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 7, day 23 of Turn 8

With the matter settled, Eionen stepped out of Vestian’s office. Despite how tired he was, he was already thinking about a to-do list. If he was going to be doing anything professional, he needed to look the part. His flamboyantly-colored clothing, general attitude, and long hair were fine for a traveling entertainer, but not for a teacher with a steady job. He could trade in some of his clothes for more somber gear and keep his favorites, and then-

Lost in thought, he didn’t notice anyone else was close by until he turned away from the door and nearly ran into a petite blonde woman. “Oh! Begging your pardon,” Eionen said hastily, giving her a quick bow. “I’m afraid I didn’t hear you coming."

"It's these quiet shoes," she twinkled up at him. She wiggled the toe of her shoe out from under the hem of her skirt. "Do you know if he's free," she pointed back at the Hallmaster's office down the hall.

Goodness, she was adorable. And that was the kind of thinking that had landed him in his current situation, so Eionen mentally slapped himself and focused instead on the fair lady’s question. “Yes, he should be. But before you see the Hallmaster, might I ask for some information? I’m in need of new clothes and a haircut, and I haven’t been here in years, so I don’t know who to see in these matters anymore."

"Of course," she nodded. "Let me just show you," she turned to walk down the hall and waved him after her with a crook of her finger. "The headwoman's office is right over here.”

She was even cute from behind- Eionen mentally smacked himself another time and followed. “Thank you very much, my lady. It’s truly

As she turned around to smile at the man following her she caught the look in his eyes she'd never have recognized in Turns past but now her eyes just slid past the look and back toward the headwoman's office. "Well, ehem," she cleared her throat. "She's right down there. Third door on the right. But if she isn't there, she's likely in the kitchens." Porenne backed up slightly to let him pass her in the hallway.

Eionen nodded to her. “Before I go, might I ask the Headwoman’s name?” He wanted to ask for directions to the kitchens as well, but if she was in a hurry to see the Hallmaster, then he shouldn’t keep her for very long. Besides, someone else was sure to be around to help out.

"Koresti," she said with a small curve of her lips. "I'm sure you can follow the smell of fresh bread." she took a nice long breath and sighed it out in appreciation. "If you have to go to the kitchens that is." She chuckled looking over his clothing. It sure looked to her like he'd been traveling for some time. "Welcome back to the Hall."

The tall redhead almost smiled. “It’s good to be here.” Well, as good as it could be, under the circumstances. “Thank you again. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.” He gave her a mannerly bow, and turned to go.

"Very nice to meet you... er, I don't believe I caught your name," she smiled. "I'm Porenne," she added. "Master Rennald's daughter." Her father was still quite active at the Hall and a Master Singer whose talent was incredible and that wasn't only her opinion.

Eionen choked on air and nearly died, and thanked the Ancients he was finally learning some restraint. Trying to woo a Master’s daughter was a great way to get castrated. And, he realized belatedly, Shastia had taught him that he truly never knew who was promised to another man, no matter how careful he tried to be. Somehow, he regained some composure and turned again, nodding to her. “Journeyman Eionen. I’m to be a teacher here.”

"Very good to meet you Eionen," she smiled. "What will you be teaching?”

“Singing, acting, dancing,” Eionen said. “I’m told you have several harpers who can teach little ones their letters and numbers, so there’s no need for me there. Personally, I’m just glad to have a chance to teach again. And a stable job. And regular meals. And a soft bed. And all the other things a journeying journeyman doesn’t always see enough of.” And an address that wouldn’t change and allow him to write to weyrwoman Genna, as he’d promised.

She trusted her husbands judgement and smiled back at him again. "Well I'm sure Vestian has you in exactly the right place." She nodded, "You'll get all of those thing here. Welcome Home."

Home. It felt like a strange word after wandering for so long. But it also felt good. "Thank you."

Last updated on the December 17th 2016

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