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Information and Interruptions (PG-17)

Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 24th May 2016

Characters: Vestian, Porenne
Description: Vestian receives word about some very interesting information.
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 5, day 6 of Turn 8
Rating: PG-17

Vestian looked at the letter in his hand and rubbed his other over his
chin, musing. A most interesting situation and one his Harpers should
have picked up on earlier. He leaned back in his chair, then summoned
a drudge to fetch his wife.

"Yes my love," she smiled as she came through the door. She'd made
sure no one else was around before she addressed her husband in that

He greeted her with a distracted smile as he stared at the letter.
"Porenne. Come read this, dearest. Tell me what you think." He held
out the letter. "Have you heard much about this through your sources?"

She came to stand next to him and bent to read the letter. "I did hear
something about it yes," she smiled. "I had a letter from the
headwoman at Jade Harbor that said the Lord had been told by his
daughter's husband that she had gone missing in a blizzard." She
looked a bit puzzled. "But this was many months ago and but by way of
general information. Did Lord Etheris not file her death?"

Vestian nodded slowly. "Indeed he did. I double checked the hides when
I got this letter. Clearly, it's a rather touchy our
hidework and law,, the young lady is most certainly dead." He poured
cups of wine for them both. "And if she's dead, clearly she can not be
legally wed. Who ever performed this wedding didn't do the checking
they were supposed to."

"Oh," she asked surprised. "Are harpers supposed to check if a person
is alive other than by looking directly at them to see if their eyes
are open?" She wasn't trained at all but that really didn't seem

"No. Of course not." Vestian shook his head and offered her a glass.
"But she's of the Blood. A marriage to another Lord Holder,
well...Zathris may have signed off on it, but surely they would have
informed her father of the match. Something here doesn't smell right."

"I know," she said and accepted the glass. "I'll write to the
headwoman again and see if there is anything more she'll say. I
believe she knew the young Lady quite well when she was growing up.
"Quite a little mystery," she said with a glitter in her eyes that
promised she would get more information as soon as she could. "So if
she's dead by our laws does that mean she's not married to her new
husband at all? Didn't she just have a baby? That will be awkward."
She shrugged and took a sip of her wine.

"Demir can't marry someone who legally no longer exists. I fear
that draws a question of legitimacy for the marriage and the child."
He rubbed the bridge of his nose in thought. "Could cause quite the
scandal as well." He mused upon that for a moment. "I most likely
should inform Lord Zathris of the situation and Lord Etheris of course."

"Of course," she smiled. "You know, now that I think about it. Feldrid
did say the girl had run away from her first husband before but that
Lord Etheris sent her back to him. I wonder if she ran away again.
This time to her brother instead? But it seems very odd to run away in
the middle of winter with a blizzard upon you."

"Hm." He agreed. "She either was desperate or she didn't run away at
all." He leaned back in his chair. "I'll do some digging with some of
the Harpers who frequent the area. Get what knowledge I can before I
write the letters." He frowned and muttered a soft curse. "One of
those dratted firelizards would certainly be useful right now instead
of having to find an available one."

"Yes it would make lots of things easier," her eyes gleamed. "For me
too. Do you think maybe one of your friends at the Weyr..." She
couldn't deny that she would love one of her own but she knew they
were also quite expensive if and when traders had them.

His brows rose and he glanced at her for a moment. He seemed to think
about it and slowly smiled. "Are you suggesting that I use my
influence to secure a clutch for us? Hm?" He gestured to his chest.
"That would be a horrible use of my influence at the Weyr, you know."
His teeth flashed. "And a very very good idea."

She grinned down at him and then set her glass on the desk. She felt
very daring in that moment and lifted one side of her skirt to
straddle his lap facing him. "Of course, I'd have to thank you
properly for such a wonderful gift."

His brows remained raised in surprise and he sat back a little to give
her room. "Well, well..." He clutched at her hips to tug her closely
to him, his eyes showing his appreciation. "I do believe I've created
a little wanton." He bent to her ear and whispered into it. "I like
it." He nipped her lobe lightly. "Did you lock the door?"

"All your fault," she smiled. Then she flushed crimson and her eyes
widened. "," she said and started to climb off his lap.

He quickly grabbed her hips and pulled her back down. "No. Don't
move." His hands slipped under her skirts. "It's exciting."

She was scandalized and her eyes widened. "But Vestian... what if...
ohh," she couldn't reply beyond that as his fingers danced over her
and robbed her of the ability to think. She swayed and bent her head
to kiss him.

Vestian grinned against her mouth. His little wife that he had thought
for so long was frigid, was becoming quite the wanton. And he loved
it. It was almost as though he had a new wife, a more exciting wife.
"I love seeing your face like that..." He watched her as he touched
her, soaking in her expressions.

Just then there was a quick knock and the door opened, "Sir, I have
that answer from..." The voice choked off as the young man stood
transfixed in the door way.

Vestian was quick to respond. "Get out! Do not open this door unless I
bid you enter!"

The response was a small 'eep' of dismay from the young man followed
by a leap back through the door that would have done and athlete
proud. How he managed to close it without slamming it shut would make
him ponder for days.

Meanwhile Porenne's eyes were wide and her mouth worked soundlessly
while she flushed completely scarlet and began to hyperventilate.

Vestian began stroking her side with one hand and cupped the side of
her face to direct her gaze to his own. "It's okay. You're breathing
too fast. Shh... Nothing will be said about you, Porenne."

"Oh Faranth," she finally managed to get out and she began shaking.
"I'm sorry I can't." She started to climb off him.

He kept his hands on her and held on. "Wait a second." His voice was
soothing. "Relax, Porenne." He rubbed her back in slow movements, much
like settling a fractious runner. "We don't have to if you don't want,
but stay. Let me hold you."

Frankly the woman was scandalized by her own behavior and her
embarrassment was entirely directed at her own actions. But after a
moment she could at least begin to think again rather than being
panicked into something even more rash. Vestian's calm handling did
make a difference and she began to relax a little and try to calm her
breathing. Yet she still trembled and hid her forehead against his

"It's alright, sweet. He won't say a thing and he didn't see anything
but you sitting on my lap." He continued stroking her back and sides.
"And he'll not come in again without knocking."

"Are you sure," she said in a small voice not moving her head. How
strange it was to so fully trust her husband now when they'd been
little more than stranger not all that long ago.

"I'm very sure." His reply was firm. "If I want to have my wife on my
lap, then it's our concern and not anyone else's." Vestian's lips
lifted as he slid a hand back up her thigh. "Besides, I do have a very
beautiful and ..." His fingers tickled lightly over her skin. "a very
pleasurable wife."

Last updated on the May 27th 2016

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