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Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 8th December 2015

Characters: Vestian, Porenne
Description: Vestian enlists some aid for a pleasant price.
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 3, day 3 of Turn 8

It wasn't often that Vestian called her to his office and it hadn't
happened at all since he'd become Hallmaster. But she smiled when she
knocked on his door. Many things had changed in their marriage since
he'd become Hallmaster.


The door opened immediately, Vestian obviously waiting on her arrival.
His gaze flicked over her quickly before he caught her hand and tugged
her inside, closing the door behind her. Hides were piled on his desk
and his hair, usually so carefully arranged, was in a disarray. "I
want you to look at something."

"What?" She couldn't quite fathom what he'd want _her_ to look at.

He tugged her towards the desk and gestured to the plans that he had
spread out on the hide. "Look at it. It was just brought to me...the
plans for the expansion of the Hall." His face showed his pride as he
pointed to one area. "There is going to be a larger area for the
choirs to practice. Eilomar will be pleased, of course, but I thought
you might enjoy it as well." He pointed to another area. "And there
will be the Histories room. Full of items from the past that people
can learn from."

"Oh," she leaned for ward to get a better view of the choir room. "Are
these individual practice rooms?" She pointed to the row of small
rooms along one hallway. They were too small to be offices so she
couldn't think of what else they could house but a couple of chairs.

"They are indeed." He leaned back, his face full of satisfaction as he
stroked the goatee on his chin. Expanding the Hall was giving him more
enjoyment than he realized, though it gave him less time in his
studio. But his mind was occupied with the plans and with another idea
that he found enticing. "Porenne, I had a thought." He turned to her
and examined her fine features. "Things have been better with us,

"Yes," she blushed. This had been very much better between them
since... she smiled and her eyes began to twinkle.

A knowing smile flashed on his mouth and his eyes were warm before he
continued. "I've lately realized how much more you are than just a
wife or a mother." He lifted a hand to lay lightly on her jaw, his
touch gentle. "I didn't see it when I should have." He frowned a
little as he tilted his head. "I would like your help with

Porenne had always been a fervent supporter of her husband. Even when
she'd felt lost and separate from his work. "Of course," she nodded.
If she could actually help him in some way, she would jump at the

He offered her a warmer smile. "Good." He spoke quietly. "Since the
incident with that Weryling at Dolphin Cove, I've realize how
important it is for the Harper Hall to have information. We need it to
keep the Southern Continent on an even keel, so to speak." He glanced
at her. "I'm well conversant with the Harpers we have out there, but
they don't always hear everything we need to know. You know more about
the inner halls and who I would need to contact. I need your help
gathering those who could get us information that the Hall will need
to know."

"Me?" She was surprised and flattered at the same time. Her mind
started spinning with ideas for how she could do what he wanted of

“Yes.” He nodded. Though she was now in the public eye more often due
to being his wife, she was far less watched than he. And he had to be
honest, his title intimidated some.

She looked seriously into his eyes. "You really think I can help you?"
She was incredulous but at the same time flattered. "Of course I'll
help in any way I can."

"Yes, I do." Vestian reaffirmed. "Good. Now, who do you think, other
than the Harpers in a Hold, would have the most accurate information?"

She smiled a slow conspiratorial smile. "The headwoman," she said
without hesitation. "Drudges see and hear everything."

His eyes glinted. "Tell me, can you start here? Speak to the drudges
and the staff? Perhaps get to know the interim Headwoman at Emerald

"I will," she smiled again. "But can you do that thing with your
tongue?" Hey, she deserved a reward right?

The little minx had gotten bold in the past few seven days. Vestian
had to admit that he quite enjoyed it; he'd never realized how much of
his wife that still surprised him. She was like a new woman to him and
it was always exciting. He tilted his head, then moved around her. He
stepped towards his door, locked it and slowly smiled. "Gladly."

She smiled and walked into his arms placing a hand on his face. "I
love the way your mustache tickles." She sometimes surprised her self
with the boldness that had come over her. It was hard to recall the
woman she'd been just a turn ago. However this change had come to
their marriage she was a much happier woman for it. She kissed him.

With a laugh, Vestian gripped her hips as she kissed him, then
steadily moved her towards his desk. His marriage, once such a trial
for him had become a source of enjoyment. His children he was still
all thumbs with, but his wife? He was beginning to find an affection
for her that he had never thought would happen.

Last updated on the December 10th 2015

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