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Writers: Paula, Suzee
Date Posted: 5th November 2014

Characters: Eilomar, Porenne
Description: Porenne auditions for a solo-part.
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 10, day 5 of Turn 7

Eilomar watched her enter with a scowl on his face. She was going to
audition for a solo part. He just hoped she
wasn't expecting to get the part because she was now Hallmaster's
wife. She could sing, that much he knew, she's been singing in the
choir. But was she good enough for solo? That remained to be seen.

"Master," Porenne nodded respectfully as she entered. Inwardly she was
nervous. She didn't think she'd ever sung for the Master by herself
before though she'd been in the choir on more than one occasion. She
also knew he was very dedicated to his craft and demanding of his
students. Her former teacher had been a Journeyman who was now gone
from the Hall so there'd been some time since she'd actually studied

"Porenne," Eilomar greeted with a nod. "I hope you're comfortable
singing without accompaniment."

"Yes sir," she nodded. "These are the ones I have prepared," she said,
handing him the lead sheets for the music she had already rehearsed.
Her self confidence wasn't so great not to think she was going to make
a fool of herself in front of the choir master.

"Let me see," Eilomar took the sheets and looked them thru. There were
few classics and few that he felt were too easy. He picked up one he
knew was challenging to sing and which required the singer to use
whole range. "This one," he handed her the sheet back.

"Yes sir," she said taking the sheet and scanning the first bars then
setting it aside, she began."

"The winter may go, and the spring disappear, the spring disappear,
Next summer, too, may fade, and the whole long year, the whole long year.
But you will be returning, in truth, I know, in truth, I know.
And I will wait for you as I promised long ago. I'll wait for you, at home."

Her voice turned light and ran through the next passage like a clear
brook over tumbled stones. "Ah," was the sole lyric and ended with an
octave jump high and light.

"Not bad at all," Eilomar said grudgingly, which was high praise from
him. "Over all performance was satisfactory, you have a good soprano.
There were some impurities and you need to pay closer attention to
your breathing and tempo."

"Yes sir," she said respectfully. "The runs are difficult. I'll spend
more time in rehearsal." She wasn't quite sure where she'd get the
time. But she knew if she wanted to progress as a vocalist, it was

"It's a demanding song," Eilomar said. "Which is why it's such a good
test for your talents. Now, these will be the songs choir will perform
next," Eilomar continued and picked up stack from his desk. "I've
marked the solo parts. It will also include a duet."

Porenne nodded and took the scores from the Master. "When will we
begin rehearsal," she asked. Her husband had been asked to do several
things and she wasn't quite sure when she'd be needed to go with him
and when she'd be here at the Hall to rehearse. She didn't want to
upset the Master as this was her first chance and she wanted to be
available when he expected her to show up.

"Soon. I still have the male solo's part to fill in. I'll let you
know. At first, we have rehearsals once in sevenday, then when the
performance time gets closer, more often. You don't have to be present
in every rehearsals, since most are choir only," Eilomar replied. "I
do expect you to practise those pieces on your own." He was demanding
choir master.

"Yes, of course," she nodded. "I will learn them completely before the
first rehearsal." She knew the key to performing well lay in knowing
the piece so well from repetition there was no need for words or music
to bring it to life inside her. Luckily for Porenne it just happened
that way for her. After the first few times through the piece she
would no longer need to look at the score but the music would be
ingrained in her memory. She would still remember it with all the
words included even turns later.

"There's also duet so I may need you to sing in auditions for the male
part," Eilomar continued, ignoring her words.

"Yes sir," she said contritely without further elaboration. "I'll only
need to know when to be available." Perhaps is was her relationship
with her husband that made her sensitive but she recognized when her
opinions were not needed.

"Good. As I said, I'll send you a word when your presence is needed,"
Eilomar was quite pleased with her respectable attitude.

"I will be very sure to be available," she nodded and smiled. She
might have to rearrange her schedule but this was the chance of a
lifetime and she knew Vestian would understand.

"Good, good, off you go, I still have others to hear out," Eilomar
waived her off.

She dropped a quick curtsy and left the room. She leaned against the
door for a moment after it closed and a slow grin spread across her
face. "Yes," she said with a happy clench of a fist and then hurried
off to her home. This was a personal victory she'd savor!

Last updated on the November 30th 2014

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