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Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 3rd October 2014

Characters: Vestian, Porenne
Description: Another awkward union between the pair strains them further
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 9, day 11 of Turn 7
Notes: Mentioned: Bryvin

It didn't take her very long to check on the rest of the children and
hand Aponia off to one of the maid servants to be put to bed. She gave
instructions for breakfast and then returned to her husband.

The bags were still on the bed when she returned so she began to close
them up and buckle the straps. Vestian would have everything he needed
by way of clothing and supplies. She knew better than to close his
specially made art supply case and left it for him to inventory. The
others she began to drag off the bed one by one.

Attention focused on something else he had in mind, Vestian helped get
the bags off of the bed, putting them in a small pile by the wall.
Once the bed was cleared, he stepped up behind Porenne and laid a hand
on her shoulder. "It's time for bed."

"Yes, of course," she smiled and began to disrobe behind the screen.
She pulled the pins out of her hair and put on a sleeveless nightdress
that was easily removed and slipped into bed.

He frowned a little as she once again moved back behind that damnable
screen. Was it too much to be asked to at least look at her body? Her
lines and curves were excellent but he rarely got the opportunity to
explore them, to trace their shape or to commit them to memory. Hers
was a body made for canvas and it was bitterly ironic that he'd never
been able to even sketch her. As she undressed, so did he and by the
time she was finished, he was already in bed, lips pursed in
frustrated thought.

She turned toward him still smiling in invitation. She took her duty
to her husband very seriously and he would be gone for awhile so she
couldn't deny him this evening. She moved to lay her head on his
shoulder and tentatively kiss his cheek. "Husband?"

He turned towards her at the kiss, dark eyes watching her face. There
was need in his expression since she was offering, but there was a
glimmer of uncertain frustration there too. He hesitantly laid his
hand on her side, sliding it down to her hip before plucking at her
night gown. He took a chance. "Can you take this off?"

"Of course, " she smiled and sat up to pull the shift off over her
head and drape it across the foot of the bed. Then she laid back down
in her former position still willing to do her duty. She did love her
husband and he was never unkind to her body when he took her, yet she
never felt more than her own desire to satisfy his need. If only he
would kiss her like he had up on the podium in front of the Hall. That
kiss had left her touching her lips and wondering about the things
other women whispered when they were alone. She accepted his hands on
her and even lifted hers to his face with a soft smile. She recognized
that look.

She did have such a lovely shape to her. Vestian half sat up to
examine his wife's curves with an artist's eye. The swoop of her
collarbone to her arm, the dip of her hips left just a little wider
due to child birth and the faint tracing of stretch marks on her
abdomen all added to the over all appeal of her body. The fullness of
her breasts...he lifted a hand to lightly trace around the firm globe,
his touch light, measuring and memorizing. His hand slid to her waist
and the curve of her hip before he looked up and cleared his throat.
"Is this alright?"

At first she was a little puzzled. He was usually quick about his
business so the contemplation of her body made her blush. Then when he
lightly caressed her breast she drew a soft breath. A reaction she
hadn't expected puckered her nipples as if offering them selves like
to her children. "I, uh... of course," she said though she didn't have
a clue what he was doing.

He slid a hand along her leg, tilting his head to the side. It would
be so easy to paint her. Just like this. Of course, it wasn't a
painting he could really show anyone, but the pleasure of painting her
would still be there. At the soft breath, he sighed. Other women liked
it, why couldn't she? Then he looked down at her breasts and his brows
rose. That was a first. Maybe...No, it was too much to hope for. But
still, he lightly touched her nipple with his other hand before his
other dipped low to make sure she was ready for him.

An unexpected sensation shot through her and she blinked unsure how to
react. So, she held herself still while he touched her, uncertain of
his mood. "Vestian?"

Frustration bloomed as she held herself still and Vestian simply
unlaced his trousers before settling himself on top of her. "You could
at least pretend you like this." His voice was a mutter as he turned
his gaze to the headboard and let himself imagine the last woman he
had that had moaned and writhed beneath him.

She closed her eyes and tried to maintain calm as her mother had
taught her so long ago. But she couldn't help the tears that formed in
her eyes so she turned her head to the side. She almost held her
breath once again feeling the failure at pleasing him. She simply
endured as she had always done. It was better if she didn't reply and
make him even more angry with her.

Fantasizing as he was, it didn't take him long to finish. He
immediately rolled off of her and laid on his back, staring at the
ceiling. What was it about his marriage that made it

Porenne fixed a pleasant expression on her face and waited for his
breathing to even out, Then she would rise from their bed and clean
herself up. She kept her head turned away trying to figure out exactly
what had just happened. He'd never caressed her in that way before and
she had to admit it had been pleasant.

Vestian rolled over on his side, back facing her and saying nothing.
For a moment he had almost thought there was something more. He took a
deep breath. Perhaps Lord Bryvin would be accommodating with company
when he arrived.

Last updated on the November 16th 2014

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