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Persona Profile: Ailda


Name: Ailda
Age: 23
Birthday: m12 d27
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Lady-in-waiting

Physical Description of Persona:
Ailda is of average height and weight: not chubby but not particularly slim either. She has light- brown hair and blue eyes with a hint of green in them. She beautiful despite her rather prominent nose.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Ailda has always been her fatherís child, taking after him in personality. She has two sides in her: the well-behaving, kind, friendly, chaste woman of Blood and the rebellious, clever witted woman with boisterous sense of humour and sharp tongue. She has a strong will and sheís quite capable of being wicked, downright cruel when offended. She tends to chafe against any restrictions. Thereís also sadness in her.

History of Persona:
Ailda was born in Coral Bay Hold as the youngest child to Captain Aillor and his wife Farida. Ailda was barely one Turn old, when her mother died in an accident: she slipped on wet floor, hit her head and died after few days in coma. She, her two older brothers and older sister were fostered with elderly holder couple who were related to Coral Bayís Blood. While they did treat the four orphans well, they were strict and demanding foster parents. The upbringing they offered was suitable for members of the Blood but offered little freedom for the children. Her father spent most of his time at the seas and only seldom saw the children. The four siblings grew up to be very close.

When Ailda reached marriageable age, her foster parents arranged a marriage to her with elderly holder. While the man was wealthy, he was also very old. Ailda didnít like the idea at all and did her best to push the wedding date forward. Lucky for her, he died before they were wed. Instead, she fell in love with man named Kenttil. He was a seacrafter, one of her fatherís crew members. This time Ailda went directly for her father. Aillor allowed her to marry him and they were wed.
Next two turns were happiest in Aildaís life. She and Kenttil were in love. Then tragedy hit again: Kenttil was killed in the sea. The shock and stressful situation made her lose the baby she was carrying. After she recovered from that, she found herself back at the marriage-market. But she was shunned now, people had started to believing she meant bad luck for any man who tried to marry her. She was actually glad of it.

When her father Aillor visited his old friend, Lord Holder Corowal of Emerald Falls Hold, for a Turnover, Ailda came with her. And decided to stay. Itís a fresh start for her.

Family and Friends
Farida, 50, Deceased (mother )
Farillor, 30, Guard (brother)
Lorida, 28, Hold resident (sister)
Ridor, 26, Journeyman seacrafter (brother)

Approved: March 21st 2016
Last updated: December 18th 2015

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