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Persona Profile: Jadirah

Writer: Avery

Name: Jadirah
Age: 42
Birthday: m11 d13
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Trauma

Physical Description of Persona:
Jadirah is tall and willowy, with lightly tanned skin. Her hair is dark brown with a warm undertone in the sunlight, falling past her shoulders to end around her chest. It’s kept in a practical braid during work and left to fall loose in her free time. Her eyes are a light greyish blue under dark arched eyebrows. Her features are pretty and enhanced when she smiles, though she can look pinched and severe when she needs to strike fear in patients or apprentices.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jadirah is intelligent, enthusiastic, and charming. Excellent with people, she’s able to keep people engaged in listening to her, and then turning the conversation around to hear about them. Her sharp mind is coupled with a thirst for knowledge, which has served her well in her craft. Possibly the only activity she loves more than learning something new is explaining it to others. She is known for her generosity and how she goes out of her way to help others.

As a Healer, she knows that death can strike at any time, so she wants to make the most of her days. She’s an optimist who faces every day as a new start and a new challenge, and she’s almost always in a good mood. Unfortunately, Jadirah has a tendency to be outspoken and to not tone herself down, and runs the risk of instigating conflict. She can be impulsive and a little reckless, speaking or acting first and thinking later.

History of Persona:
Jadirah was born at Far Island Weyr to a mother who fled to the Weyr when the Plagues hit and the Craftban was enacted. She and her sister were raised in the creche like most weyrbrats, causing their fair share of trouble, usually with Jadirah as the ringleader of the group. As soon as she turned 12 she apprenticed to the Healercraft, fascinated by the ways in which people could be injured and put back together.

Her rise through the ranks was steady, and her teachers heaped praise on her. When she walked the tables, a sense of wanderlust led her to transfer to River Bluff Weyr, where she spent several happy Turns.

She has two children, courtesy of when she decided she wanted them, and pursued a bronzerider named A’kades until he agreed to be the father. He never asked her to weyrmate, but he was unfailingly courteous to her and always involved with the children; the best way for a Weyr family to be, in her mind. She’s had her string of lovers, but never committed long-term to anyone.

The return of Thread was a traumatic moment for dragonriders and Healers alike, introducing terrible and novel injuries. It required the rapid rediscovery of ways for treating Threadscore. Jadirah turned out to have skill, calm, and clarity under pressure. She earned her Mastery shortly after the Pass began, specializing in trauma treatment.

Family and Friends
A'kades, 47, Wingsecond, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (father of her children)
Kadira, 17, Senior Apprentice Healer, Dragonsfall Weyr (daughter)
Jadirel, 18, Weyrbrat (son)

Approved: December 29th 2015
Last updated: November 18th 2017

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