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Persona Profile: L'exan


Name: L'exan
Age: 35
Birthday: m3 d4
Rank: Wingrider, Hurricane Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Tailor
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
L'exan is six feet tall, slightly tanned, broad-chested, muscular, and quite handsome. His grin is wide, roguish, and responsible for the small wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and mouth, and his ice-blue eyes usually seem to say "I'm Up To Something." His platinum blond hair is straight, but unruly, and goes halfway down his back, partially covering a large web of scarring that goes over his entire back. L'exan usually wears snug pants to show off his thighs and backside, boots that reach over his knees, short-sleeved shirts with low collars and laces, and leather gauntlets.

Emotional Description of Persona:
L'exan is a capricious, boisterous sort who has huge appetites for sex, food, a good time, and laughter. He's also vain, has an overblown sense of schadenfreude, and will never be accused of over-thinking things, despite some evidence of wit. As he once said, "I got plenty of sense! It's just- well, if I weren't so hot-blooded, more would go up than down." He tends to hold grudges if his trust is betrayed, and he sometimes gets in one last shot if someone's down (and laughs about it).

On the other hand, L'exan is charming when he wants to be, respectful to his superiors, and loyal as a dragon to his proven friends, who will assert he doesn't suffer insult toward them. He only makes promises he can keep, and will keep them to the best of his ability. Surprisingly, he does take several things seriously, such as being on time, taking care of his dragon, and insuring the quality of his equipment.

He likes rock-climbing and swimming, card games and parties, and he's very good with children now, to the astonishment of others. He really dislikes seeing his daughter cry (and deeply regrets having missed so much of her life), tardiness, and cabbage.

History of Persona:
Arlexiyan was born in Green Valley Hold, and he was a hellion at his worst from the start. He was hyper, never minded the consequences, and generally didn't care what people thought of him. When interested in something, he could sit still for a while and pay attention, but more often than not, he got a lot of chores in both punishment and attempts to burn off his energy. This lead to him being assigned to both the Guard and the Tailorcraft, just to keep him busy.

Puberty (which hit early and hard) only made things worse: It turned out fights and foreplay had the same effect on the boy. His love of brawls and experiments with all sexes earned him a reputation, and by the time Arlexiyan was sixteen, everyone was exasperated with him. His parents finally decided they should get their son out of the Hold before he caused more trouble or impregnated some poor girl, and sent him to Thayan Peak Weyrhold. Arlexiyan took to the change like it was an adventure, especially when he was legitimately Searched, though few really believed such an impetuous boy could attract a dragon. It was a shock when Arlexiyan did Impress at nineteen. A navy blue dragonet with lightning-like, cobalt marks broke shell and instantly chose the young man, who whooped loudly in triumph.

L'exan and Larzeth graduated without problem (though the period of abstinence frustrated L'exan no end). Later, a goldflight tryst with a weyrbred Tailorcraft apprentice he had previously known, Neia, resulted in L'exanís daughter, Ashuli. At first unwilling to accept fatherhood, L'exan used the truthful excuse that he wasnít a good role model, and held off on even seeing his child.

The unexpected return of Thread was a shock, but L'exan and Larzeth rose to meet it unafraid. L'exan proved to be very reckless in the air, and when lost in battle mentality, Larzeth could be almost as unrestrained. It was a marvel the two didnít get themselves or anyone else hurt. Their luck didn't hold out, of course: One day, a cluster of Thread slapped into L'exan's back, and another, larger one started eating into Larzeth's right shoulder. They only survived thanks to as hasty betweening.

L'exan's body and ego were in a lot of pain, and he felt extremely guilty about what happened to Larzeth. For once, Larzeth didn't try to make his rider feel bad about it, since he knew he should have been more attentive himself, but that made L'exan's guilt worse. He took to drinking excessively because of it, and was demoted to ferrying firestone once he and Larzeth recovered, which bruised his pride even more. During that period, L'exan met the then nine year-old Ashuli for the first time. The girl had heard about her father's accident, and bravely approached him one evening in the dining cavern. When he drunkenly asked what she wanted, she put her hands on his arm and said "I want you to be okay so I can see you again."

Surprised by the sentiment, L'exan recognized how much Ashuli resembled his own mother, and at last accepted her. With even more incentive to clean up, he cut way down on his alcohol consumption and started making the effort to control himself in dangerous situations. The steady improvements finally brought him back into the wings, and now L'exan is settled for the most part, waiting to see if he can make it to his forties. He figures he'll throw a party or something if he lives that long. At the very least, a threesome to celebrate would be nice.

Family and Friends
Ashuli, 14, Weyrbrat (Daughter)
Amellya, 63, Seamstress (Mother)
Vinsalent, 61, Accountant (Father)

Dragon's Name: Larzeth
Dragon's Age: 16
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Larzeth is a muscular guy of average proportions, and he tends to walk with sharp movements and unsheathed claws. His base color is nothing special, but his markings draw some attention: V-shaped marks that look like lightning are on his face and feet, and two jagged bands circle his neck; one at the bottom, and one just behind his head. L'exan calls him "Lightning Lad" as a result. Thereís a large web of scarring on his right shoulder.

He's a bit sardonic, but sensible, responsible, and a steadying influence on his rider, even though the two of them do tend to mouth off to each other. He thinks fast as well, which has helped L'exan many a time, as Larzeth prefers to know what his rider is doing the majority of the time and thus listens in a lot. (You know, just to be sure L'exan isn't being a complete and embarrassing idiot.)

With other dragons, Larzeth is much more polite, and if he decides he wants to talk to Ashuli, he's also mannerly with her. He's fond of the girl because he thinks she's sweet, and will watch out for her when she goes swimming with other weyrbrats.

Larzeth admits sometimes he doesn't know what he was thinking when he chose L'exan, similar to an exasperated spouse wondering why they ever got married. But he does love the man anyway.


Demos, Blue Firelizard: aged 5, hatched m10 d10
This boy was found in a wild nest on a day trip. The rest of his clutch had been decimated, likely because of a green mother's neglect, and L'exan and Larzeth found they couldn't bring themselves to leave the egg to nature. It was a whim that made them take it home, but they were rewarded all the same when it hatched and gave them a tiny companion.

Demos is a slim, standard-sized example of his breed. His body is a medium, oddly blue-grayish shade, but his wings and the space between them on his back are so dark they're nearly black. He tends to flap said wings very fast, creating noise that's a good warning of his arrival. He's a vocal and snippy little guy who seems to sulk a lot, but he's still very devoted to L'exan and Larzeth, and proves it the human by chewing on his hair, and to the dragon by napping on his head. Also on the plus side, he doesn't act rude to the humans L'exan is closest too. Still, this is one 'lizard you don't want to pet without permission if you're a stranger: He tends to hiss and snap if L'exan isn't around to warn people against the idea.

Approved: March 2nd 2016
Last updated: September 26th 2018

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