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Persona Profile: R'haran


Name: R'haran
Age: 67
Birthday: m1 d20
Rank: Wingrider, Lightning Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
R'haran is tall with the heavy muscle that turns as a rider inevitably puts on male riders. An imposing figure made even more so now that his black hair has added silver to its dark tones, his most notable feature is icy blue eyes that can make even the most seasoned Lord Holder squirm. Despite a harper-advisor job that should've ensured enough candlemarks spent indoors to pale any complexion, R'haran's skin is a deep healthy tan no matter the season or his workload.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Quiet by nature, R'haran prefers to let others talk out the issue before adding his input, figuring that often they solve the problem without his assistance anyway. He delights in the consternation that holders and crafters find themselves in after making derogatory comments about men of his preferences. He verbally defends only when they become vehement in their prejudice, preferring to prove them wrong by example of his own competency rather than by vocal argument. His uncanny understanding of human nature and motives make him an excellent harper master, but above all, R'haran is a realist and knows that a return to the traditions of old Pern are best for life in the new Pass.

History of Persona:
The child of small seaholders, Reharan was apprenticed at a nearby Harper Hall when the roving harper journeyman discovered the boy had a perfect memory for anything he read. By age fifteen, the Hallmaster determined the boy would be better off at a Weyrhold due to his marked preference for men and assigned Reharan there. He was formally Searched shortly after his arrival and Impressed a pale green beauty who called herself Evielenth when her eyes met his on the hot Sands.

Two turns after his Impression, R'haran had just been transferred to Dragonsfall Weyrhold when the Plague struck. He was one of the ones lucky enough to endure and survive the illness, but it was turns before he regained his true strength and returned to his craft. He watched as Pern turned from a reasonably open and free society to one obsessed with procreation. He found himself either barely tolerated or outright scorned for not adding to the birth rate. The sounds of greens dying on the sands for lack of candidates to Impress haunted R'haran, and he began taking advantage of the scornful holders who overlooked him as unworthy of their notice and Searching in their holds. By implying that all the boys and young men Evielenth indicated were destined for greens or at most blues, he was able to bring in a much better selection for the dragonets.

In Turn 1190 when the Weyrhold's queen laid a spectacular clutch of 45 eggs including a queen something he had once read came back to R'haran's mind. His role as advisor to Lord Weyrholder J'drel had ended with the bronzerider's unexpected death but R'haran still began a search of the old records trying to explain the oddly large clutches that over the following Turns came more and more frequently. After consultation with the other Weyrholds the reopening of the old, decrepit Weyrs was initiated to have room for the dragons as they matured.

In early 1202, R'haran's research had utterly convinced him that Thread was returning. Worried that all his intuition was wrong, R'haran unearthed a carefully kept secret and jumped /between/ times to emerge in a Pern destroyed by Thread. He returned with Evielenth nearly fatally injured and himself barely conscious but committed to the preparations for the first Pass in more than 1200 Turns.

Late in month 2 of Turn 1203 he watched silently from the Plateau above his Weyr when the Dragonsfall Weyr wings became airborne to join those from Dolphin Cove Weyr to face the first Threadfall of the Tenth Pass.

Not long after first Fall, R'haran took a weyrmate, T'nau, who was in the later stages of completing weyrling training. Despite the difference in their ages their relationship was joy-filled but it proved to be short-lived, as the young bluerider was killed in an accident during /betweening/ training. His second weyrmating evolved from a friendship, and ended that way with T'masin's transfer to a northern Weyr.

Early in Turn 4 of the Pass R'haran's life was changed when he discovered that he had not lost all of his family in 1160 when the plague had swept through the area of his birth - there had been a child survivor, his nephew Rarwen. Sadly the discovery was made only R'haran was Willed the guardianship of Rarwen's five grandchildren who themselves had been orphaned in Turn 2.

In Turn 5 R'haran and his family moved to a coastal Weyr so that the children could grow up near the sort of tropical seas that would have been their heritage had they not been orphaned. Dolphin Cove had a vacancy for a Weyrharper and R'haran was able to find a foster parent who would take all the children.

Family and Friends
Sahna, 14, Junior Apprentice Printer, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (Great-great-niece)
T'nau, 2, Bluerider - Deceased (Weyrmate)
T'masin, 1, Bluerider (Ex-Weyrmate)
Arwey, 10, Weyr resident (Great-great-niece)
Tellen, 11, Weyr resident (Great-great-nephew)
Iselen, 14, Weyr resident (Great-great-nephew)
Tahbi, 2, Fisherman - Deceased (Great-niece's husband)
Azzie, 1, Deceased (Great-niece)
Rarwen, 2, Fisherman - Deceased (Nephew)
Rarwey, 2, Deceased (Sister)
Tibby, 7, Weyr resident (Great-great-nephew)

Dragon's Name: Evielenth
Dragon's Age: 50
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m10 d2
Description of Dragon:
Evielenth is a sleek little green, small and heavily scarred from her encounter with Thread after /betweening/ to the future to prove its return. She's recovered flight but lacks the manueverability required to fly Threadfall.

Last updated: May 10th 2017

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