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Persona Profile: F'dal


Name: F'dal
Age: 18
Birthday: m7 d18
Rank: Wingrider, A NP
Location: NPC Weyr
Craft: Seacrafter
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Feydal is shortish, lean young man with wiry muscles. His hair is black and scruffy looking. It always seems to stick out to every direction. His eyes are slanted, almond-shaped and dark brown, skin has a warm brown colour. He has distinct, birthmark on his left cheek that looks like lopsided heart. He has high cheekbones and sharp, straight nose. He seems to wear a permanent smile on his face. Heís excellent swimmer and diver.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Feydal is one of those always happy, always friendly and sincere people. He is always chatty and ready to defend the weak ones (as a result of this, heís apt fighter). He also has solid self-confidence. Sometimes his mouth runs ahead of his brains and he may end up inadvertently insulting people. Itís almost impossible to stay anger with him, so honest is his regret when he realizes heís hurt someone. While he has lot of friends, heís not the one you should tell your deepest secrets. For Feydal canít keep secrets, the temptation to gossip them out is too great for him. Itís impossible for Feydal to stand still or be serious longer than five minutes. Some part of his body is always moving. If it isnít his mouth, itís fingers tapping something or shuffling feet.

History of Persona:
Feydal was the first child of seacrafter Feydris and his wife Mildala. While Feydris roamed the Pernís seas, his family lived in Caldera Island Hold. His childhood was typical for a one grown up in a remote small hold: they hadnít their own harper nor healer and everyone was expected to do their share of the work. Harpers only visited the hold on irregular intervals, not that it bothered Feydal. He wasnít that interested in learning his teaching ballads. He was more interested in his fatherís craft and sailing. When he reached the correct age, he apprenticed to seacraft. He received his senior apprentice knots at the age 15. Heís now working towards walking the tables to journeyman. And then he got Searched from the Hall. He Impressed bronze Velaith from his first Standing.

Family and Friends
Milga, 16, Senior Apprentice Dolphineer, Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr (cousin)
Mildala, 37, Hold resident (mother)
Feydris, 40, Sr journeyman seacrafter (father)
Risdal, 15, Jr apprentice seacrafter (brother)
Milfrey, 11, Hold brat (sister)
Dalrisa, 9, Hold brat (sister )
Drisdal, 6, Hold brat (brother)
Mildri, 3, Hold brat (sister)

Dragon's Name: Velaith
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Velaith is medium sized bronze with barrel-chested, brawny build. His body is more thick and robust than usual for a dragon. His colour is that of burnished bronze, turning to almost copper under his wings and belly. Like his rider and sire, Velaith canít be still, heís constantly having random movements like twitching tail or claw tapping the ground.

Velaith has a quick temper, heís easily angered and as easily placated. Heís easily bored and loves attention. He has very confident and courageous, to the point of being audacious. He does not automatically respect authority, since he seems himself as authority. His respect needs to be earned.

Last updated: August 25th 2017

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