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Persona Profile: Solai


Name: Solai
Age: 37
Birthday: m4 d9
Rank: Senior Journeyman Technician
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Technician
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Solai is of middling height. Her build is slender on the top, although she has a curvy hips and rear. Her hair is dark brown and falls to her shoulders with a straight and silky texture. Her skin is medium brown and her eyes are nearly black. Her lips are full and her face pretty when she smiles, though she usually wears a serious look that causes others to describe her as severe. She has a very fast walking pace and a tendency to tap her feet.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Solai puts her considerable force of will into everything she does, which can seem overbearing to other people. Very little can sway her from a course of action once sheís come up with a goal. Sheís also ambitious, not content to stay in the Hall when thereís so much more she could do out in Pern.

Solai is smart and innovative, sharp of mind and of tongue. Unfortunately, her people skills arenít as well developed; she has little patience for people who canít keep up with her, she would rather do than talk, and she can come across as aggressive and rude. She finds it hard to make close friendships and doesn't realize how much she contributes to her own isolation.

History of Persona:
Solai was born to a Technician and his wife. As their first child together, she grew up feeling coddled and loved by her parents. They moved from location to location every few Turns as her father was reassigned, which gave Solai a chance to see a lot of different places, but it made it harder for her to form close friendships.

She was always a curious child who did well in Harper classes. She spent so much time following her father to understand what he did that it was obvious she was going to follow her father into the craft. Being sent away to Jade Harbor and the main Hall was isolating. She didn't know anyone there and she found it hard to make friends. Over the Turns her loneliness eased as she got to know some of her fellows, and her favorite sibling apprenticing didn't hurt either.

Solai easily walked the tables at 18, but despite her hopes for a journeyman assignment outside of the Hall itself, she spent several Turns still at the Hall being invited to work on projects. At first it was a boost to her ego that she was a desired research assistant, but then she began to desire to stretch her horizons and return to the traveling lifestyle of her childhood. She eventually received a two Turn stint at Rising Moons Weyr, but now she's back at the Hall waiting for another assignment to open up. Her brother has an idea, though...

Family and Friends
Solis, 56, Master Crafter, Dolphin Cove Weyr (father)
Zakaiha, 58, Mother (mother)
Z'kai, 33, Bluerider to Lakiath (brother)
Zakis, 28, Journeyman Technician (brother)
Soliha, 25, Crafter (sister)
Solaka, 21, Wife (sister)

Approved: December 29th 2015
Last updated: October 24th 2017

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