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Persona Profile: Olwinna

Writer: Paula

Name: Olwinna
Age: 39
Birthday: m2 d26
Rank: Senior Journeyman Healer
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Mindhealing

Physical Description of Persona:
Olwinna is exactly five feet tall and weighs around 120 lbs. She’s often described with words like: petite, delicate or tiny. Her hair is nondescript ashen blondish-brown and she keeps it at shoulder length. Her eyes are greyish blue. Her face is pretty in a unremarkable, ordinary way. Most people remember the kind look in her eyes or the warm smile. Her curves are modest kind although after two births, she had generous, round hips.

Emotional Description of Persona:
One of her lovers once described her as “big personality in a small package”. Olwinna is naturally kind and compassionate, curious and often witty. Her specialty requires her to be good listener and to be good at make people trust and open up to her. She’s also assertive, intelligent, self-sufficient and forthright. She is hard to fool and good at keeping secrets.
When the stress of her work gets to her, she has two ways to unwind and relax: Seeking complete solitude in nature or flight mothing. It’s not unusual to see her around the Flight cots during mating flights.
While mindhealing is her passion and specialty, she also does regular shifts at the infirmary and can patch up Thread scorings, deliver babies and treat common colds like any other journeymen. She is very content with her life: she loves her craft, she loves her children and she pretty enough to get a bed partners when she so desires.

History of Persona:
Olwinna was born in Thayan Peak Weyrhold, as a daughter of a greenrider rider. Her father’s identity was never fully determined. Let’s just say she grew up with two fathers. Both maintained a contact with her. Unlike her mother. Olwinna had rather distant and cold relationship with her. Olwinna had a loving foster mother who meant her a lot. Her foster mother died when earthquake destroyed Thayan Peak.
Olwinna was physically early bloomer and rushed into things she might not been mentally prepared for. Instead of being traumatized, it woke up her curious intelligence: what make some people abusive while others were submissive? What made people attracted to same sex...or the opposite one. What made person just that person and not someone else? It wasn't surprise she chose to become mindhealer. Her specialty within mindhealing is helping people who had been sexually abused/traumatized or otherwise have problems with sexuality.
Olwinna herself has explored the different shades of sexuality rather thoroughly.
Over the Turns, Olwinna has "allowed" herself to have two children. Her first one is son, Sh'low, with the bluerider Sh'lua. Ten Turns later she gave a brown rider E'mel a daughter, Melwina. He died at the Fall when she was five Turns old. He was closest thing for a permanent mate Olwinna ever had. Faranth only knows how many one-timers or short term relationships Olwinna has had.
Professionally, Olwinna has progressed in her career with nice, steady pace. She got bit late start with apprenticeship but made it up with hard work, passion for craft and sheer intelligence.
She managed to walk the tables to journeyman before Sh'low was born (she was sixth month pregnant during the promotion) and while Melwina was nursing, Olwinna studied for her senior journeyman knots.

Family and Friends
Sh'lua, 42, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (ex-lover and father of her son)
Melwina, 11, Weyrbrat (daughter)
Sh'low, 19, Rider of blue Kortith, DCW (son)


Havoc, Blue Firelizard: aged 14, hatched m7 d22
Dark blue coloured, large sized and surprisingly smart for a firelizard, Havoc is also quite capable to cause mischief and havoc like his name indicates. After been hit few times by flying objects taught him to stay away from infirmary unless Olwinna especially calls for him. Olwinna sometimes uses Havoc to break the ice with patients, particularly with children. Havoc loves attention and petting and is shameless beggar for treats.

Approved: May 6th 2015
Last updated: April 30th 2015

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