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Persona Profile: Eirock



Name: Eirock
Age: 36
Birthday: m9 d2
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold

Crayon Awards: Favorite Characters We Miss (March 2016)
Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Male Persona (June 2015)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (March 2015)

Physical Description of Persona:
Standing just above average height, Eirock boasts a well muscled form that he keeps by training regularly with the guards.  His black hair is longer on top but kept cut so that it does not grow over his ears or down onto his neck.  He generally wears a sparse mustache and very close cut beard though it's not uncommon for him to appear clean shaven either.  High cheek bones definitely help provide a handsome cast to his face which is not marred by a rather hawkish nose.  Set under heavy black brows, striking green eyes contrast with his otherwise darker features.  Upon closer inspection they have a blue rim around the iris which fades to green and then a touch of brown surrounding the pupil.  One's first impression upon seeing him is often that he looks like a dangerous man.  

Emotional Description of Persona:
Keenly intelligent with flexible morals Eirock is goal oriented and nearly always accomplishes what he sets out to do one way or another. He's learned to be patient in contrast to the quick temper of his youth, though his anger still burns under the surface once it's been ignited.  Though slow to trust he is acutely loyal, but can be unforgiving.  Generally very serious and business oriented, he is capable of great charm when he puts his mind to it.  

History of Persona:
Eirock was born at Citrus Bay Seahold to Okluuna and Eirgve, and unlike many he had a very happy childhood. His father, the First Mate on a cargo ship, seemed to provide exceptionally well for his family given his position.  Though gone often, when he was home Eirgve was a good father and loving husband.   When Eirgve died under questionable circumstances, however, rumors started to circulate and queries arose as to how he had done so well for himself.   The family moved inland to live with Eirock's maternal uncle who was a minor Holder at Echo Ridge Hold.  His uncle treated Eirock and his siblings with disdain, stating bluntly that he believed their father had been a no good pirate unworthy of association with his family.  Always making sure Eirock knew he was unworthy and far below his own heirs, the Holder settled his nephew into an apprenticeship as an under steward.  His uncle also pressed Okluuna into a marriage with his own Steward who was a cruel man.

Understandably, Eirock grew to hate both his uncle and his step father.  Once his younger siblings were safely away from the Hold, Eirock moved back to Citrus Bay.  Upon his return, he found out that his father had a half-brother of whom he had no knowledge. His Uncle Trygve was a Ship Captain and had various connections that allowed for his nephew to find work.  This was a fairly wild time in the angry young man's life and he lived very close to the edge, spending marks as soon as they came to him with no thought to the future.  One time he got a little too close to the edge and it very nearly cost him his life and would have had it not been for a stranger named Bryvin.  In addition to saving his life, Bryvin offered wise counsel and Eirock decided it was time to give some thought to his future.  This counsel led him to return to Echo Ridge and resume duties as an under steward, biding his time to gain revenge on his uncle and stepfather.

Two turns after Eirock's return, his step father got very drunk and, coming back from a rendezvous with his mistress, took a fatal fall off his runner.  The body was then set upon by wild beasts.  Eirock was promoted to Steward but the Hold struggled, with each hardship seemingly arising from a bad decision on the part of the Holder.  In another few turns, Eirock's uncle was found with an entire shipment of gemstones that had been hijacked between the mine and Sunstone Hold. Despite declaring his innocence, he took his own life rather than live with the shame a trial would bring.

Shortly after his uncle's death, Eirock accepted a position as Steward at Sawtooth Seahold. Since the Holder's advanced age had slowed him considerably, he gave Eirock a free hand and the small Hold prospered without too many questions being asked as to why.  When Eirock heard that the Steward position was open at Sunstone he saw his chance to repay his debt to Bryvin and better himself at the same time.  

Family and Friends
Eirgve, 63, First Mate (Father (deceased))
Okluuna, 54, Hold Resident (Mother)
Okeira, 32, Greenrider (Sister)
Eirluun, 27, Journeyman Smith (Brother)
Trygve, 60, Ship Captain (Uncle)


Talon, Bronze Firelizard: aged 5, hatched m5 d14
Talon is a moderately sized bronze. His hide is a deep molten blend of coppery gold and burnished umber with only a hint of underlying green. He's a very proud and proprietary firelizard. Well trained, he is very attuned to his owner and not always friendly to others.

Last updated: August 12th 2016

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