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Persona Profile: Clovente


Name: Clovente
Age: 42
Birthday: m13 d6
Rank: Master Vintner
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold
Job: Winemaker
Craft: Vintner
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Wines
Face Claim: Steve Carell

Physical Description of Persona:
At 5'9" Clovente is an average Pernese male. His work keeps him toned though he can appear soft compared to some of the field hands and apprentices. His hair is dark brown and he keeps it well groomed. He is normally clean shaven. His eyes are hazel and his lips are fairly thin. His nose is a little big for his face but has a decent shape. His skin tone is medium and he tans easily and with all his work outside, can be quite a bit darker during the summer. The overall effect is a nice looking man.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Clovente is a private person and rarely shows his emotions to others. This has a settling effect on his students and others around him. Though he can be quite silly at times.

He wears an air of bumbling inattention and a jolly good nature but behind this exterior is a keen intelligence. His full attention is normally directed at the wines he loves, his emotional life is very introverted. He covers this with humor.

History of Persona:
Clovente is the youngest of four sons born to a farmer and his wife at Amethyst Cliff Hold. He grew up as you would expect with hard work and lots of love. With his older brothers firmly committed to farming the land, he was indulged when he asked to be apprenticed at the Vintner Hall. There he found his calling in the making and blending of grape varietals into wines to rival the best of Bendenís winemakers.

Of all his extended family involved in the earthquake that destroyed Amethyst Cliff, it was his mother and his wife who perished. Since that time heís buried himself in his work.

Family and Friends
Clovis, 69, Farmer (Father)
Venniete, 66, Hold Resident (Mother - deceased)
Ventis, 49, Farmer (Brother)
Tenovis, 46, Farmer (Brother)
Netteten, 45, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Alsipa, 33, Hold Resident (Wife - deceased)

Approved: November 4th 2014
Last updated: September 30th 2019

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