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Persona Profile: Gautrek



Name: Gautrek
Age: 40
Birthday: m10 d16
Rank: Senior Journeyman Vintner
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Vintner
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Wines

Physical Description of Persona:
Gautrek is tall, just approaching 6', and lean but muscular from an extremely active lifestyle.  He has a somewhat narrow face, a high forehead, and strong masculine brows.  His eyes are blue or sometimes gray and can be quite expressive sparking with excitement one moment while showing compassion, humor, or ire the next as the situation dictates.  His patrician nose is straight and might seem a little big on another face, but is well suited to his own. Brown hair with faint mahaghony undertones is short on the sides and a little longer on top, sporting a hint of a curl when he doesn't comb it back.  Generally he keeps it trimmed above his ears, which lie very close to his head.  When he is particularly busy or involved in a project he might let it grow longer, as sometimes happens with the reddish stubble that occasionally graces his jawline, though normally he is clean-shaven.  His smile is huge, showing flashy straight white teeth and he has an easy, comfortable laugh despite the fact that he often has a very serious or thoughtful look about him.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Because of his congenial and social nature, which allows him to get along with almost anyone, many believe Gautrek missed his calling and should have been a Harper like his father.  Indeed he is well spoken and does enjoy the company of others. Whether it was his father's influence or being born the middle son, Gautrek is a natural peacekeeper and has a knack for arbitrating disputes.  Despite holding very definite opinions on many subjects he does not feel it necessary to foist them upon unwilling ears and is always amenable to listening to another's stance, though he will in no way be coerced into agreeing with a view if he doesn't concur. Quite the charmer, he has used his skills to build relationships that benefit the Vintner Hall at the numerous locations he has been placed across the southern continent.  

Passionate about his craft, he can sometimes become single minded when he is working on a project or when the wine is in a delicate stage of processing.  During these times, his excellent social skills fall away and everything becomes about the wine to the detriment of all else in his life.  This fact along with his youthful wanderlust, have made forming a long term intimate relationship elusive, though he has no difficulty attracting female companions.

He has innovative ideas for the craft and after a bout of journeying has always enjoyed returning to the Hall to share these with apprentices and peers alike, though he does understand the need for patience and diplomacy with some of the older masters.  At times he finds he must restrain his natural enthusiasm and energy because it can be perceived as brazen and lacking in decorum.

As an instructor, he loves to share his zeal for the craft and tries to make classes interesting.  He does not think that one can be too young to have a good idea and encourages apprentices to share with him their thoughts when they might be more inhibited to do so with a master.  Despite his engaging manner, he does not accept sloth or silliness in the classroom and can be quite firm.  His expectations are high and he has very little tolerance for ineptitude.

Given his slender physique, one would never guess one of his other top interests, that being gourmet food.  He thoroughly delights in pairing wine and food thus finding new ways to tantalize the taste buds and excite the palate. Not always able to find the fine cuisine to pair with his beloved wines, he learned to cook and found he rather enjoyed the pastime, though he often cannot afford the time to do so.  He was ever so pleased when his niece showed an interest in cooking that he could selfishly exploit.

History of Persona:
Born the second son of a Journeyman Harper, Gautrek enjoyed traveling to different holds and learning about new places.  As he excelled in his harper classes, all expected Gautrek to apprentice to the Harper Hall, particularly when his father achieved his Master's knots and the family settled there.  After going to visit his maternal uncle in the Vintner Hall, however, he found his true passion and never returned home.

He soared through his apprenticeship, absorbing everything there was to know about the vines, the grapes, the fermentation process, the barreling, and the bottling.  None were surprised when he walked the tables to Journeyman in record time.  Having grown up journeying with his family, he was only too happy to do so for his craft.  Despite his youth, he started building relationships with various growers and those that provided the supplies needed in crafting wine. Though he respected the longstanding traditions of the craft, he was always searching for ways to improve it, which did not always go over well with the masters in the Hall.

Some of the masters found him presumptuous and his forward progression slowed for a time.  Putting his charm and communication skills to good use, he was able to come to an accord with even the more fractious of his seniors and he walked the tables again. Still young, he enjoyed his journeying assignments immensely and spent more time away than in the Hall.  Of course such assignments were all up to the Hallmaster, but Gautrek was quite content.

By his mid thirties, Gautrek found that journeying had begun to lose its appeal.  He wanted to concentrate his efforts more on fine-tuning certain processes related to specific varietals and was encumbered by not having the full Hall at his disposal.  Additionally, he had come to think more and more about mastery in his craft and felt he would be better served to be practicing in the Hall to make progress toward that goal.  When his older brother died unexpectedly on a sea voyage and his wife succumbed to grief leading eventually to her wasting away, Gautrek accepted custody of his niece and two nephews.  More than ever, he felt it was time to settle down.  His transfer back to the Vintner Hall was granted and he is excited for this new chapter in his life to unfold.

Family and Friends
Geirlene, 17, Hall Resident, Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold (Niece )
Geirolf, 13, Hall Resident (Nephew)
Geiran, 11, Hall Resident (Nephew)
Glenarik, 79, Master Harper (Father (deceased))
Geirik, 45, Journeyman Harper (Brother (deceased))

Last updated: May 22nd 2017

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