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Persona Profile: Z'then


Name: Z'then
Age: 20
Birthday: m10 d6
Rank: Wingrider, Sienna Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Zethen, likes his identical twin brother, is tall for a man at around 5'11" with a lean, rangy build that comes naturally from working on a farm. The lean cut of his torso, and the corded muscle of his biceps is a product of the hours spent working with the plow or driving fence posts to help keep the bovines from wandering too far. Zethen's hair is a lighter shade of honey brown which is the main feature that helps people tell him apart from his
twin brother. His eyes are a dark brown, set above an angular face with high cheekbones, a prominent nose, and a full mouth.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Zethen and his twin brother Ethzar are like night and day in some ways, and yet exactly the same in others. While he and Ethzar both share the same quick, fiery temper, Zethen is the quieter of the two boys. While he is comfortable in his own skin, he prefers to remain quiet and out of the way, preferring to observe rather than lead. Because of his quiet nature, Zethen is good at empathizing with others, and often feels the need to stand up for
those who cannot defend themselves. Despite sometimes clashing with his twin, the two have an unbreakable bond and despite being competitive with one another, they are nearly inseperable.

History of Persona:
Zethen is one in a set of twins born to a farmer and his wife
in the Amber Hills territory. Growing up Zethen had the constant
company of his twin brother Ethzar. Having been born second, Zethen was immediately forced into the position of "younger" brother by his twin and was often his brother's sidekick in any pranks or jokes played around the cothold. Zethen has one older sibling, a brother Theyvre, and then two younger sisters. Over and over again, Zethen and Ethzar heard how lucky they were to have survived birth and how taxing it had been on their mother.

However small and weak they had been at birth, the two boys quickly grew into their own and after two Turns time no one would have known that they had had a rocky start to life. Living on a small farm in Amber Hills brought a certain sense of "shelter" to their lives, but Ethzar always dreamed of more, and if he dreamed of more, then he forced Zethen to do the same (even though Zethen had been fairly satisfied with life on the farm.) When they were fifteen a blue dragon from Dragonsfall Searched Ethzar and agreed that Zethen could have "some" potential as well.

Being poor farmers, Ethzar and Zethen's parents tearfully agreed to let their children go, after all, it would be two less mouths to feed and they already had an eldest son that would inherit the farm. The Weyr was an opportunity for their two sons to make something of themselves and they could not deny them that opportunity.

At nineteen Turns of age, Ethzar and Zethen have stood at every
Hatching to come to the Sands of Dragonsfall, but neither have had any luck yet. They are both beginning to feel the pressure, however, as the Candidate age limit begins to loom closer. Fortunately they Impressed in Chioneth's first clutch at Dragonsfall.

After weyrlinghood was over, Z'then was placed into the Queen's Wing. He has just apprenticed to the dragonhealers.

Family and Friends
E'zar, 21, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Brother)
Thezvar, 51, Farmer (father)
Emathra, 49, Wife (mother)
Theyvre, 27, Farmer (brother)
Zayrela, 19, Hold resident (sister)
Eeylsa, 17, Hold resident (sister)

Dragon's Name: Juvath
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Juvath is dark auburn in color. His tail and feet looks short and stubby and he will have a tendency towards fat if his rider lets him overeat.

Unlike his rider, he has a boisterous personality. Juvath will be the class clown, interested in getting the attention of all around him - and dragging his rider into the spotlight, too.

Last updated: October 24th 2017

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