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Persona Profile: Ilyssia



Name: Ilyssia
Age: 17
Birthday: m11 d25
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Crayon Awards: Favorite Characters We Miss (December 2015)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (June 2015)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (December 2014)

Physical Description of Persona:
Ilyssia is average height for her age, though she has not yet achieved her full growth. Athletically tone from hard work, her figure is still very much that of a lithe young girl, but will most likely change as she matures. Striking blue green eyes once sparkled with spirited adventure and mischief, but now reflect a learned wariness. She's a firm set to her jaw which is softened by her long wavy brown tresses which fall well below her shoulders. Her lips are somewhat thin but pleasantly shaped below a straight nose which is neither big nor small. With a warm, medium skin tone she tans easily. An innate self confidence is evident in Ilyssia's carriage and she moves with the elegant grace of a well born lady. Her speech however is far from genteel and she in no way puts on airs.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Being strong in both mind and body, Ilyssia has learned to do what it takes to survive. She adapts easily to new situations and modifies her behavior and actions to fit the current need. Secrecy and subterfuge are lessons that she mastered while still very young. Though she can be strong willed and sport quite a temper, she has very good self control so one might not immediately realize these things about her. Patient and pragmatic, Ilyssia uses a keen intelligence to maneuver and manipulate things to her liking. She is slow to trust others but can be seemingly friendly if the circumstance requires.

History of Persona:
Ilyssia was a happy and precocious child in love with life and always ready for the next adventure until she was suddenly torn from her pleasant, secure existence. Tragic necessity caused her mother to flee with her daughter and seek out an old friend. By the time she and her mother reached the trading caravan for which they were heading, the girl had experienced a whole different side to life. At her mother's insistence, they did not speak of their former lives and if anyone asked about her father they were told he was dead. Dyosha, her mother's best friend from childhood, was married to a trader and took them in. Hard work was expected from everyone, including the children of the trading caravan, and Ilyssia learned to do her share.

It was not half a turn before an illness struck the caravan and Ilyssia's mother died. Having no children of her own, Dyosha treated Ilyssia like the daughter she'd never had. Life was hard but Ilyssia was well cared for. She found a true love for runners as well as a good friend in the caravan leader's youngest son. The two shared numerous fun escapades and found their share of trouble. Unfortunately, Ilyssia's spirited nature clashed with that of the ascetic caravan leader, Dukard, and many of her lessons were painful ones. His disdain for the girl grew as did his mistreatment of her, but Ilyssia persevered figuring out how to adapt and draw as little attention as possible. After Dukard's son took a bad tumble off of a runner, Ilyssia's life took a turn for the worse as her best friend was sent to stay at the Vintner Hall with his uncle while he recovered. Dukard blamed Ilyssia for his son's recklessness and her life became even more dismal.

When Dyosha's husband died, she had little choice but to accept a marriage proposal from Dukard, whose own wife was long since dead. Shortly thereafter he insisted upon arranging a profitable betrothal for the now fourteen-turn-old Ilyssia. Upon arrival at Opal Cove Hold, she was supposed to stay with the elderly parents of her betrothed, a crafter almost three times her age, until she was old enough to marry. Fortune finally smiled on the girl and there was a green dragon searching for candidates when the caravan arrived at Opal Cove. Ilyssia had never considered the Weyr, but when the dragon showed an interest in her and the offer was tendered, she readily accepted, thumbing her nose at the furious caravan leader as she flew away.

Ilyssia was further vindicated when she Impressed a green dragon from Chioneth's clutch the first time she Stood in month nine, year seven of the current pass.

**Adoption must be approved by Leigh**

Family and Friends
Dyosha, 42, Caravan Leader's Wife (Foster Mother)

Dragon's Name: Gwynnyth
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m13 d7
Description of Dragon:
Gwynnyth was moderately sized at hatching and not as delicate as some greens, though she has graceful lines which hold promise for when she matures. Her hide is a rich and vibrant shade of dark spring green which is nearly luminescent.

Somewhat bold, Gwynnyth goes after what she wants. She'd impetuous and curious though it is difficult to discern if this his more her youth or her personality.

Approved: October 20th 2014
Last updated: July 21st 2018

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